Saturday, March 31, 2007

sandals n moreeee sandals

huhuhuh ..

last week i bought a Stuart Weitzman Sandals ..

Cost me around 1k ..

today i bought 3 !!

Ok Ok ..

1 sandals and 2 open toe shoes ..


the sandals is from lewre while the open toe shoe is from Chairman n .. i cant recall :)

im lovinggggggggggggg it :)

i want that Channel Sunglass ..

but the cost is rm 2040 ..

gilaaaa ~

Friday, March 30, 2007

aloooohaa :D

huhuhuh ..

went to aloha last nite ..

with alya, yusz, aina, ena, mie, zul & man ..

nic, neppy, shel, fida n pet supposed to joined ..

but then they decide to go karaoke @ ampang ..

so all of us split to two and have fun on our own ..

we dooooo have fun :)

niceeeeeeeeeeeee :D

im loving it ..

the DJ played sweet escape for 2nd song .. and we all dancing and singing like hell :p

nice nite .. a nite to remember :) definitely

Thursday, March 29, 2007

kak kinah wedding

240307 @ bukit antarabangsa

Selamat pegantin baru Sakinah & Azad

Since wanie alpha lagi i see u guys together ..

And u guys still hanging on ..

Im proud of u two :)

I love u kak kinah ..

thankz for always be my big sis :)

rindu the way u laugh and all :)

ingat lagi time birthday abang azad

kak kinah saving all her money to buy 21 present for 21st birthday

how cool is that

to abang azad ..

jaga kak kinah saye elok2 ..


i just want to be like before ..

thats all

is that hard to do

i hurt so bad

and i keep hurting

and i hate it

aku bisa

entah apa yang kurasakan

memandang perih

menyimpan luka

sampai pada saat ini

aku memulihkan rasa di hatiku

baru aku bisa

bisa bicara

dan aku yang terluka oleh hatimu

mencoba mengobati perihku sendiri

aku yakin bisa

aku bisa mengubati luka .. aku bisa membiasakan diri .. aku bisa ...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

aku berfikir

"Ingin sekali

Aku ungkapi

Isyarat jiwa

Dengan sempurna

Biarkan kau mengerti

Biarkan kau sedari

Keadaanku yang memujamu"

"Kadang aku berpikir

Dapatkah kita terus coba

Mendayung perahu kita

Menyatukan ingin kita

Sedang selalu saja

Khilaf yang kecil mengusik

Bagai angin berhembus kencang

Goyahkan kaki kita"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

banana pie

i am addicted to mCd banana pie :(
damn damn damn !!!
im gonna make myself fat !!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i fell in love with you all over again

hey you ..
yes you ..
i fell in love with you all over again ..
and its true ..
i love you dear :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i put a big smile on my face

no one knows what im thinking ..
well yeahs ..
i do love to keep it to myself ..
i think deep about everything ..
but once im with others ..
i just put a big smile on my face
and pretend nothing had happen
and people wouldnt know how much i hurt
no one will know

yeahs .. i am .
so what ??
i hate it when people feel sorry for me..
i hate it when people stare ..
thats why i just
put a big smile on my face ..

Saturday, March 17, 2007


"so they choose somethings else than you . so what . they are the fool . life is to short to be giving up. so fight . fight for what is yours"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Practical !!

syukur alhamdulillah ..
aku dah dapat tempat untuk practical ..
rezeki betol ..
coz baru siapkan resume semalam ..
and hantar resume semalam thru email ..
and petang nie dah dapat jawapan ..
im happy .. yes im happy ..
aku syukur :)

harap kawan-kawanku yang lain pun mendapat tempat pilihan ..
i hope u guys will do well ..
come and have some experiences in auditing :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Terengganu Trips

ok now let me tell day by day at terengganu :D

first bertolak on thursday nite around 11.45pm .. wait for iky to pick me up kat umah .. iky, jannah n yana .. yana driving .. :) sampai kemaman around 3.30 am .. and it was like a long journey coz x pernah pegi sane .. sampai jer .. derang bawak pegi shell mak zafril to refuel .. then gi makan nasi air .. coz me n jannah x pernah try it .. so i had to makan nasi around 3am which i couldnt finish it :)owhs .. kiteorg gi tgk cherating jugak :)

sampai umah iky around 4am .. sampai-sampai tgk tv kejap .. then baru naik atas ready to sleep .. but then tunggu azan subuh baru tido.. and still talking and laughing until 7.30 am baru tido .. and we all woke up around 12pm .. memang malu coz umah orang n bangun lambat .. but then .. we all tido pun lewat gax .. so after lunch n tgk desperate housewives .. gwe tido jap kat bilik yana .. coz had a major headache .. around 6pm .. iky n janah nak g joggin .. so they all gi jog kat pantai near INTAN .. and im just taking picture .. if u open click the pic below .. the first one .. u can see ade kapal2 .. i dont know kapal for what .. but as yana said .. ade pelabuhan near the pantai we all sit .. then after iky n janah finish jog .. we all balik and getting ready for dinner outside ..

2nd day .. woke up around 9.30 am .. and bergegas siap to durian mentagau which is nazmizan wed will took place .. sebelum sampai durian mentagau,dungun .. kiteorang lalu kerteh and Paka,DUngun .. paka is comet nye house .. and i was all excited .. theres this jambatan dekat paka that we can see pelabuhan .. and kerteh is a beauty .. sampai je kawasan durian mentagau .. we all stop at a Inn to meet nazmizan .. then derang cakap yang bersanding will be a little late .. so kiteorg tido dulu at one house yang derang booked for us to sleep earlier .. kak sue dad's is a nice man .. i like him very much .. remind me of abah ..

then after nazmizan wed .. we went to comet mum's shop and i took pic of it :D and we went to his house .. thought of going inside.. but then tgk sme tutup .. so ingat his mum were sleeping .. and i didnt dare to knock we went to the pantai instead .. and have a keropok lekor and a drink .. its nice .. the pantai is nice .. i love the place .. membawa ketenangan .. i need a house near the sea .. it bring me peace :D after eat .. we went back to kemaman which took around 45 minute to reach .. then pg makan kat DCni kopitiam .. i didnt eat coz of full .. and went back and sleep ..

woke up at 5.30 am.. took my bath .. getting ready for KL .. we stop at tai peng kopitiam and then straight home to KL .. bertolak dari Kemaman around 7 pluss and reach KL at 10.30 am .. Yana is a crazy driver !!!!!

so thats all what i do at terengganu .. i do wish i stayed at comet house and his house area .. then i will get to know of his town aite ? but maybe next time which i dont know when :)

Practical Thingy

erghh ... seperti malas untuk practical pun ada .. ntah .. x tau naper .. tapi rase mcm sangat tidak boleh pegi practical .. :(

tadi menunton result american idol .. aku sukak bangat antonella kuar .. she's a bitch !!! hakhakhak >:) tapi bile antara haley and sabrina .. aku ingat kan haley kuar .. but sabrina kuar .. its a shock !!! i means .. sabrina is great !!!

laki-laki pun sama .. mcm mane sanjaya still in there ?? adehhhh .. i means .. between sundance and sanjaya .. sundance is much more better .. n that jared pun ok ..

entah la .. at least LaKisha still there .. kalau tak .. american idol dah jadi macam akademi fantasia .. yang masuk sme based on rupe and not voice ..

im at home .. supposed to do settle my resume and my assignment .. but im not in the mood .. i know i need to done it as soon as possible .. i guess i do it tomoro

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


watch dreamgirls last nite .. the movie is great !! walaupun banyak bangat nyanyian nya .. tapi menarik .. lagu-lagu nya simple tapi meaning nya banyak .. suka bangat ..

semalam nampak perfume FCUK nie .. less 50% .. hendak beli buat comet .. tapi die tak mau :( i hate .. its freaking cheap n bau nya pun besh .. its 100ml for rm 110 .. x ke murah tuhs ? 1ml = rm 1.10 huhuhuhuh .. dh macam air pulaks :p

where can u get a perfume that less till 50% ??? guess pun ade sales .. less 30% .. aku berminat pada seluar nya aje .. esprit pun ade sales .. tapi jaket yang aku nak normal price .. hampeh !!

tapi apa-apa pun .. dreamgirls rocks !!!