Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Price Increased

No no no

Bukan Chanel bag. tu you can check out kak nana blogs! hehehe

Bukan LV juga

or even Gucci

Apa yang price increased yer?


YES! 15 CENT !!

Bukan patut now musim sales ke?


fyi : stress sebab guna Ron 97! hahahahahahahha

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sakit Badan

Dah lama masuk Celebrity Fitness nie

tapi die nye free Personal Trainer 2 session tak pernah guna

so tadi guna la

NAK MATI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awal-awal tu dia tanya "ada sakit jantung ke ? low blood or high blood? "

Dengan confident cakap takda

by the time third workout

Muka dah pucat

kepala dah pening

terus lari gi toilet muntah

then balik tu the trainer tanya

your family ada history of low blood?

i pun cakap "owhs. my mom ada. why? "

then dia cakap "that means u ada low blood pressure. sebab tu you pening"

tsk T_T

malu ok siap nak muntah bagai



Sunday, November 28, 2010


Owhs gosh

Kekonon nak save duit kan

Kekonon Year End Sales nie tak nak shopping kan


What happen ??

WHat ??

WHat ??

What ???????

I bought this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Memula beli nie .. OK la ..

Pergi Gardens. X berhajat nak beli pun .

Then cam berkenan

Pastu takde size

Then cam xpe la .. xde rezeki

Then bitau Julia

Sekali dia gi KLCC and SMS "babes. ada size u warna merah . nak tak?"


time tu setan dah bisik la kan "amik la amik la "

Terus "ok babes. u beli dulu i transfer duit today! "


esok tu gi rumah dia amik peluk kasut tu

On Friday terus ma ajak gi KLCC dia nak cari kasut juga

MAsuk Ferragamo

Of coz la i dah pakai i nye VARINA kan :p

So masuk tengok warna biru and purple

Owhs.. Menikam jiwa

Hajat di hati nak sambar dua dua

Tapi masih boleh tahan kan!

So duk belek2.. Saja tanya "Ada biru in size 9"

DIa cakap ada. last piece.

Dalam hati "Saje je ko nie kan"

then cam "hmmmph"

How bout purple?

Dia cakap kt KLCC takde but ada kat pavilion

Terus bayar time tu juga tanpa fikir panjang T_T


Yang ini pula di bawa pulang

Then nak gi lunch kat chillis kene tunggu like 30mins kan

so kami turun gi marc jacob

afie dapat bags from ma


then derang cakap "Stambag ada 30% ofF"

Ohhh .. Jangan jangan

Then die tunjuk purple and brown stam bag "yang nie 40% off "

Dalam hati "owhs no .. NO NO NO .. "

tutup telinga

tutup hati

tutup nafsu

tahan je dalam tu

ikut hati

memang bawak balik warna purple tu T_T

tapi sabar ..

then gi lunch

lepas lunch masuk balik ferragamo for the shoes

yer "SHOES"

coz my mum bought 3 pairs. 2 for her 1 for my cousin

and i bought 1 !


Then time tu cam "nak amik ke biru tu eh"


terus keluar

takot digoda nafsu shaiton!

Bila bitau comet "tadi masuk Ferragamo .. "

DIe cam "then "

Me " Beli satu "

Him " APA???? "

Me " Ermmm .. Beli satu "

Him "Beli apa??"

Me " ERmmmmm "

Him " KASUT LAGI ??"

Me " Hehee.. A ahs "

Him " BAwak2 la mengucap boleh? "

Me " hehs? teruk ke? "

Him " Mana tak teruk .. 2 pasang dalam masa 3 hari. gila namanya "

then cam "Tapi kan. td masuk marc jacob tau. stam bag tu less 40% bB. ikut hati nak je amik. 40% tu. bukan senang nak dapat. tak sampai 5ribu pun. saya x beli. so saya boleh tahan lagi kan kan kan kannnn ? "

Him " ye la ye la "


Owhs.. Im loving my Varina \(^_^)/

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Monday, November 22, 2010


Do u have a medical insurance?

I know most will say "YES" to this question

But .. do ur medical insurance covered for critical illness?

I think lots will wonder

And think bout it dont you?

Most medical insurance did not cover critical illness!

yes!!! did not COVER!!

what i meant with critical illness?

- Stroke
- Cancer
- Heart attack
- Alzheimer
- etc etc

Did u know some company did not cover stroke??

I know shell did not :)

Some will depends on company insurance. Which is good.

But when the sickness fall to the category which did not covered by the insurance?

What will you do?

Then u will need to pay the hospitals bills yourself!

And i can guarantee you that its NOT CHEAP!!

So .. What do you guys waiting for?

Still nak berfikir ker?

Its not a Business. Its for your own pre-cautions

Even there's an article in THE STAR about the importance of insurance

SO.. Still need to think twice? :)

Contact Mie - 019-9800014 or zuraimirahman@yahoo.com for more info :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya

Lets do some review for Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya

The cafe is located opposite of SDMC (formerly known as SJMC)

Above Bawang Merah restaurant

first thing you will notice is the ambience of the cafe

Sangat cool and best!!

then you will notice the 'cook'

All MALE !!

Yup tempat paling best utk bachelorette party

Then the food!

Yes. They have limited menu!

Ala-ala starbucks mcm tu ;)

but the food is marvelous!

I means. i can see my friends start to complaint before the food came

then when we start to eat

all of us start to keep quiet

semua macam "damn. sedap gile food!"

i have a Spaghetti Ariabiatta betul ke ejaan nie

Memang marveles!

i gave 4/5 star !!!!!

How much??

RM 9 !!

YES .. ONLY RM 9 !!!

their seafood Oglio Aglio ntah ape nama ah is Only RM 12 !!

And a chocolate drink!

Heaven !!

Sedap sangat.

hehehee ..

And can u see the chef nye muka?

FYI .. he's only 25 !! yes .. 25 !! and owned a restaurant .. and a good cook !

Well .. a catch right?

If he got a girlfriend .. she will be lucky as tak payah masak!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Aina K bridal Shower

the bride to be ^_^
I always love the number 13 which i dont know why

and Aina's bridal shower i purposely wanted it to be held on 13 Nov 2010

As Aina promise to 'belanja' me for a dinner/lunch for my birthday

And i never GOT IT :p muahahahaha

So i told her "how bout u belanja me this 13/11 .. cukup 1month from my birthday"

But it was actually her bridal shower

Planning with friends to know who wanted to come and celebrate and who dont

And i got 12 of my frens to join.

14 people in total

us. taken by the cafe chef himself -_-

it was supposedly to be a surprised when Aina called me on 12 nov saying "can we postponed to other date as i need to go back to my hometown"

How can i cancelled the plan last minute?

I even booked a placa at Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya for the event *which i totally forgot to tell the owner that we're doing a bridal shower*

I say "NO .. NO .. NO "

She keep on insisting to postponed

end up i have to tell her dont i?

"its your bridal shower la bengong!"

hahahahah .. gosh .. there goes the supposedly to be a surprised bridal shower

I just ruined my own surprised


well .. last week was a hectic week for me

on tuesday i need to record some video for the flying superstar

wednesday a team meeting at shell area office

and on thursday is region meeting at bukit jalil golf

the stuff for aina bridal shower is 0% complete

i only have the invitation and participant and place to eat

other that that??


so on friday i make some calls

i call up for cupcakes booking. thank god she still accept my last minute orders!
the last minute cupcakes and rose bouquet! :p

i edit and print out the Name card with Vector picture

i find a good label and edit names and print them out too
me the shopaholic! :p

all of us!! ^_^

i cut all of the card

so the thing is DONE!

then on Saturday

i went to Balloon buzz to order the balloons

went to pick up the cupcakes at Shell Tasek Selatan

do some editing to the chacky black choc cake by ain

and start to do a diamante jobs on the special edition "The Bride" tee's
the limited edition 'the bride' tee's made by me with the help of Afie ;)

I actually asked all my friend to NOT WEAR ANY PINK

will prefer black and the theme is Rock Chic

which was a SUCCESS !!

i sooo love all of you Chikas !! ;)

by 6pm i went to take all the balloons ( 19 pcs all together ) with alya

have my late lunch at mcd as im freaking hungry!

and went home and get ready

pick up alia. arrive at Cafe Upstairs by 730 pm and start decorating

THANK GOD the Chef is ok and quite good looking *lets talk about that in later post*

ahh .. the cute chef with the bride to be! hahaaaa

And the event went out smoothly and with success

Alhamdulillah ;)

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Reception Dress

Went to Karnival Pengantin at SACC just now

And I already booked for my reception dress!

What I need to do now is????

KURUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahs. Wish me luck!!
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Happy birthday Julia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA LZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now u dah xle call i KAKAK no more no more no more!! ;)

Love ya to bits dahling !!! ;)

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Duk tengok portfolio camera man for the wedding

yes. saya dah booked photographer and video ok!

the best part. photographer to senior saya kat sekolah menengah.

senior time saya nak apply for librarian gile nerd dia la orang yang interview

yer. dulu nak jadi librarian ada interview ok!

so cam tetiba abang nie jadi photographer

dari dulu duk bagi card and suruh support dia

cam segan2 la kan.

first time nampak dia kat futsal . king of futsal time tu

time tu dia belum buat bisnes

baru tau dia MMU gak

then cam "senior kat MMU gak?xde tempat lain ke ko nak pergi?"

ahahahhahahaha. kurang ajar adik junior yang sorang nie

then jumpa time dia duk amik picture khai ngan rosma nye reception

pastu jumpa kat kenduri kahwin and pameran pengantin

cam "ok la. amik dia"

so bayar deposit and all laaa

nak dijadikan cerita

dah close ngan wife dia

senior MMU jugak .. gile ulang alik mmu jugak wei

so cam close la. chat2 and all

tapi bukan benda tu nak cerita pun

lari topic tahap x tau nak cakap ape nie

nak cerita pasal cam

tetiba nervous


cam "alaaa.risau nye"

cam "kalau tak kurus macam mana?"

cam "kalau masih gemok atau makin gemok macam mana?"

cam "kalau muka masih teruk macam mana"

cam "kalau tetiba time nak sampai tu tak ready mcm mana" padahal dah gatai

cam "kalau tetiba cincin yang tempah x cantik camne?"

cam "kang make up buruk.baju buruk.pelamin buruk camne?"


kira macam-macam la

sebab saya nie tak tahu apa saya nak

kejap nak make up nie

kejap nak pelamin nie

kejap nak dress nie

pastu nanti nak yang nie


ma dah beli kasut utk reception

dia tanya nak color apa

ngan confiden jawab gold kan

pastu cam tetiba "bangang celah mana masuk warna gold ngan baju aku?"

pastu cam padahal nak kasut lain kna

siap comet marah asal bagi ma beli kasut kan dah membazir

pastu cam cakap "alaaa.xpe leh pakai utk akad nikah" gila kaver

pastu cam nak kasut lain kan. pastu ma cam "abis kasut ma beli??"

then cam nak cover line kan "ooo.pakai time akad nikah.kan sesuai"



wei stress wei

padahal lagi 7 bulan

like waddahel!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Comel ke?

Comet now dah start kerja kan

So hari tu cam borak2 ngan dia

Coz dia tengah push himself nak dapatkan target gi Egypt tu

And i say "Slow2 la. Coz ada lagi 2 bulan je macam mana nak dapat"

Dia cakap nak try cuba jugak

So dengan itu I pun cakap

ME : wahs. kalau capai target best la. Commission pun masyuk. Boleh la saya demand.

Him: Hahahhaha. Demand la nak apa pun. Tak kesah.

Me : Yer ke? tengok2 nanti semua tak boleh

Him: Saya kerja ni pun untuk kamu jugak. Kesenangan kamu gak. Boleh belikan kamu macam2 nanti. Tak kesah.

Me : Ehh ??

Him: Kalau saya. Duit utk makan and isi minyak je. Lain tak kesah. Utk kamu

Me : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ~~ \(^_^}/

~ Romantic lak comet tetibe. Tsk. jadi saya doakan dapat duit banyak2 and dapat client banyak2. utk saya jugak. Muahahahahhahahahah :p

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Datang Bulan

After we had our quick lunch at Hot&Roll Empire

He of coz by eating one piece of Beef BBQ is not enough and went for the 1901 next stall

Tell him that i need to go to the toilet

Back from toilet saw he was busy laughing with the 1901 seller

then i told him

Me: B. Saya dah period.


Me: Hahs?? Why ??

Him : Ehh. Xde pape

Me: Ooo. Aman dunia la saya x PMS?

Him : Eh xde la. Sy tak suka kamu marah2. X elok untuk badan kamu. Kesihatan kamu.

Me: Hahs?? T_T tsk

- Apa kene mengena PMS ngan badan eh? Macam aku nie pregnant laks. Tsk..

Then back at home

Ma : Dik. Makan?

Me : Nope. Sakit perut. Menstrual pain

Ma : Ooo ..

The she come back upstairs

Ma : Period pain?

Me : Yup sikit

Ma : Ok.

Me : More to rasa panas

Ma : hahs? Panas apa?

Me : Temper

Ma : with who?

Me : Hmmph . ntah. Serabut jer. Biasa la. PMS kan

Ma : Ngan comet ke ? "no she did not call him comet. she call him by name of coz"

Me : Haa. tu semalam

Ma : Then?

Me : today rasa panas nak marah jer

Ma : Macam ma jugak rupenye.

Me : Abuden?

Aiyoyoyoyo .. Thats why i want someone like my dad lorrrr