Monday, November 22, 2010


Do u have a medical insurance?

I know most will say "YES" to this question

But .. do ur medical insurance covered for critical illness?

I think lots will wonder

And think bout it dont you?

Most medical insurance did not cover critical illness!

yes!!! did not COVER!!

what i meant with critical illness?

- Stroke
- Cancer
- Heart attack
- Alzheimer
- etc etc

Did u know some company did not cover stroke??

I know shell did not :)

Some will depends on company insurance. Which is good.

But when the sickness fall to the category which did not covered by the insurance?

What will you do?

Then u will need to pay the hospitals bills yourself!

And i can guarantee you that its NOT CHEAP!!

So .. What do you guys waiting for?

Still nak berfikir ker?

Its not a Business. Its for your own pre-cautions

Even there's an article in THE STAR about the importance of insurance

SO.. Still need to think twice? :)

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