Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Up By Wanny Rohim


My 2012 azam dah ditunaikan

Belajar make up ;) 

And now i do take make up service ya! :D

anyone want my service can email me at

Thank you ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jangan Benci Sangat

Pernah tak korang macam benci gila gila gila gila punya kat something 

But end up korang suka ???

Pernah tak pernah tak ???

Happen to me now :((


But why my stuff is now all pink ??? Whyyyyy whyyyyyyy !!!!

And i want the Nikon 1 Camera in PINK :'( 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dream Came True

A dream came true

All the hard work paid off


Monday, October 29, 2012

My bestfriend wedding

Berkampung at my bestfriend house since Thursday. She's getting married on Saturday. So that Thursday we went here and there to settle all the tiny things that she keep on postponed"in! 

Sambil buat sambil mak tiri bebel. And sambil dia gelak gelak. What to do. She is opposite of me in everything. A good student. Smart and nice. Petite and gorgeous. But in term of other thing. She's the type that like to "nanti lah" .. Its not important to compare to this. Why should you think that way, tak semestinya it will happen. Short term thinker i can say! hahahahahhaha . She's the Doctor while me the Businesswomen. LOL

Then on Friday after makan raya with family and sent the food to my staff at station i went home to change and straight at her house. She has Malam Berinai on that day. I settle her room. which turn out hideous coz my sis and she ikat the kain. and on the solemnization day x sempat nak buat (which i will tell what happen later) . And orang berinai supposed to come and 4 but end up reach her house at 520 (what to do its raya eve). and i supposed to do her make up at 6pm but end up i start at 730 coz the inai take a long time to do. at the same time i hairdry her hand so that inai cepat kering which kinda funny coz bila panas je dia jerit. hahahahahah

She wore Lengga Saree for her malam berinai! its was beautiful. Picture attach is her make up that i did for her. She was soo happy with it Alhamdulillah. The event done at 1030pm and i went home to do her hand bouquet for her solemnization and reception. but i secretly do one handbouquet for her husband side :)  The handbouquet done at 230am. and i slept at 330 and woke up at 9am. She sms'ed me at 745am and another one at 905 asking me "when are you coming? aku dah cuak!" 

Handbouquet for her reception

Handbouquet for her Solemnization and Hubby side reception

Anyway the henna that the lady did for her tak lekat and look HIDEOUS! and i was soo pissed of!!! but then we thought its her hand that was sooo cold. so sebab tu inai x lekat. but we were wrong.

The next morning i went out as early as 10am. pergi hantar barang at her house. the handbouquet and etc and shoot to seksyen 7 for her wedding cake with hubby. tak pasal2 hubby jadi driver! hahahahahaha. then there's the cake accident. nasib baik cake maker to my friends wife. so i call her back to adjust the cake at the dewan! and she came around 3pm and adjust til 5pm. hahahahaha

then there's the henna emergency. i thought nak je adjustkan balik means i do for her but it make the HIDEOUS job looks bloody ugly. so i say "how i wish we had more time so i can bring u to Bangsar to do the henna" and she say "owhs. why bangsar. there's a shop Bombay Dream at USJ 9" so i ask her "nak pergi?" and she say "sempat ke?" i just like "if we go now sempat. another hour til MUA sampai" hahahahahahhaa. So she call the shop and they are open off we go. 105pm keluar. 236 keluar from the kedai and 242 sampai her house back. MUA reach her house at 230pm. 

Henna emergency turn out well! :) 

So then everything went completely well. Her akad nikah settle with in 5minutes coz the pihak lelaki supposed to fetch the tok kadi at 4pm arrived late coz Jammed. and end up it was at 530pm. then ada sesi makan susu with pisang and family picture and preparing her for Reception.

She wore a Maroon Gold Lengga for her reception. it was GORGEUOUS! like seriously! macam dalam hindi movie. Bollywood movies mcm tu. like Kajol wore in Khabhi Kushi Khabi Gham! hahahahahaha. but the beaded is bloody heavy. i donno how she can handle the weight for hours! 

kalau I mesti dah jatuh kt situ gak. Sakit kepala nangis2! Hahahahahahha. The wedding reception end at 9pm. and after that is sesi bergambar. Im wearing my green lengga that i custome made do for her wedding:) 

And today i went to the husband side reception. It was all soo new to me. There's event a bacaan doa in Tamil language whice led to a jaw dropping event from me and my dad. 

Nevertheless. it was a beautiful wedding. :) 

Congratulations Yazmin Ansari and Saifuddin :) 

Monday, October 08, 2012


What is PCOS?

 Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known by the name Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is a hormonal problem that causes women to have a variety of symptoms. It should be noted that most women with the condition have a number of small cysts in the ovaries. However, women may have cysts in the ovaries for a number of reasons, and it is the characteristic constellation of symptoms, rather than the presence of the cysts themselves, that is important in establishing the diagnosis of PCOS. PCOS occurs in 5% to 10% of women and is the most common cause of infertility in women.

The symptoms of PCOS may begin in adolescence with menstrual irregularities, or a woman may not know she has PCOS until later in life when symptoms and/or infertility occur. Women of all ethnicities may be affected.

 What are the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?

 The principal signs and symptoms of PCOS are related to menstrual disturbances and elevated levels of male hormones (androgens). Menstrual disturbances can include delay of normal menstruation (primary amenorrhea), the presence of fewer than normal menstrual periods (oligomenorrhea), or the absence of menstruation for more than three months (secondary amenorrhea). Menstrual cycles may not be associated with ovulation (anovulatory cycles) and may result in heavy bleeding.

 Symptoms related to elevated androgen levels include acne, excess hair growth on the body (hirsutism), and male-pattern hair loss.

 Other signs and symptoms of PCOS include:
 - obesity and weight gain,
- elevated insulin levels and insulin resistance
 - oily skin, - dandruff, - infertility,
- skin discolorations,
- high cholesterol levels,
 - elevated blood pressure, and
 - multiple, small cysts in the ovaries.
 - mood Swing
- Depression

 Any of the above symptoms and signs may be absent in PCOS, with the exception of irregular or no menstrual periods. All women with PCOS will have irregular or no menstrual periods. Women who have PCOS do not regularly ovulate; that is, they do not release an egg every month. This is why they do not have regular periods and typically have difficulty conceiving.

 Talk to a friend of mine. 2 Dr to be exact and tell them on my problem. Both diagnose me with PCOS. Well. Let me settle everything and went for Gynae.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Apabila Vitamin M dan Vitamin B bercampur. ni la jadinya. (B is Busy) Ya Allah. Memang sangat lah busy. Lepas meeting. Ada meeting lagi. Sampai tahap lupa apa yang dah buat satu hari. Letih Tuhan je tahu. Abis tu nak buat macam mana? bila TM cakap "Wanie u jadi focal point for this event" terus cakap "Tak nak la please" Then bila dealer lain minta pendapat idea mencurah-curah end up masuk jugak jadi Focal Point Dari team bonding-MTV-HSSE HSSE???? Owh god. I hate do serious job wei! Team bonding jadi Treasury. Pening nak muntah tgk duit masuk dalam account sampai 80k!! tak pernah account Maybank aku sampai 80k! hahahahahhahahaa Lepas tu nak balance kan everything. nak muntah lagi plis! hahahahahaha Anyway hari tu ada Pervert duk intai rumah. tak tau la die pervert or dia nak pecah rumah tapi yang penting dia x pakai baju! so kita kata la pervert lepas raya dia intai rumah belakang pulak wearing only underwear. so PERVERT la kan? Masih dalam proses utk menangkap durjana itu Hormone skrg haywire. Sehari happy. Sehari moody. Sehari badmood. Sehari marah. Kesian Comet menjadi tempat disembur. Birthday is coming up. Planning a BBQ with friends Owhs ya i start my make up services. first client is Ain Nyan (thank you darling) Anyone nak make up service can email me ;)
Anyway this is Ain after Make Up Sorry first time nervous so tak amik before and after i should do a make up blog kan? hehehehehe Thats all for now Tomorrow heading to Perak for Team Bonding! At LAst!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Its been long


Lama betul x sentuh kat blog

too busy la

masuk bulan puasa lagi la super duper busy

with my new make up class and buka puasa with police to handle

the new event for central committee which meeting held every week

TM change.

Buka puasa with anak yatim

lots and lots more

Well my buka puasa with Police is a success.

Even the OCPD came by. :)

Talk to the ketua balai SS 17, USJ 8 and also Putra Heights

Surprisingly these people are friendly and talkative

Hahahahahhaha :)

Well thats all for now.


Monday, May 21, 2012

What to expect when your expecting

Semalam watch this movie

So hubby cakap "ada 3 seat dari depan pun tak apa .. amik jer "

Ok lah kan. So start movie tu ok lagi

Within 10 minutes pandang sebelah hubby dah tidur

So kejut die ... die bukak mata 10 saat tidur balik

kejut balik bukak mata balik 10 saat tidur balik

so end up biar je la die tidur

then bile duk tengok citer nampak kepala die terhuyung hayang

tarik kepala die ke bahu

nanti die stretkan kepala balik terhuyung hayang lagi

problem is die duk nak jatuh ke belah kanan

dah la belah kanan die laki

nak kene tampor mcm will smith tampor wartawan tu gamaknye

so tarik balik kepala dia

die jatuh ke kanan lagi

haihs. time tu pikir susah betul kalau ada faktor2 gay nie


last2 lantak la. dah letih nak menarik

so seminit nak abis kejut die cakap "habis dah"

boleh tak dia bangun terus "wahsss .. best cite nie" sambil tepuk tangan


memang kene carut kat situ jugak

die gelak je



tgk takat 10mins best ape nye?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its been ages

Woah. Its been ages

Too many things happen

Too many things to tell

Let me start with

Down with Dengue!!

I guess thats the most suckiest thing you ever can get lah!

Like seriously

In the morning i had a area meeting at the office

Still ok siap plan gi Lunch with our team at Citta Mall lagi

So on the way to Citta Mall dah start seram sejuk

Then kat chillis dah diam coz i feel weird

Seram sejuk and sakit sangat tulang

then after lunch back to office. Call my dad ask him to do the closing coz i wanted to go home early

On the way back home crying like a lil child and call comet telling him im not feeling well

By 7pm my temperature is 37celcius

then 8pm it goes up to 38celcius

9pm 39.6 celcius

thats when i say to comet "lets go to the clinic"

at clinic the Dr say "suspected dengue as i didnt had any flu. only high fever"

but he say "lets try a pain killer just in case. would u like to take a pill or injection?"

i say "just give me the injection. so i can sleep tonight"

after the injection went back home. was talking to comet and i started to feel something going to be wrong somewhere

in 30minutes i realized both mata bengkak

comet was like a little kid donno what to do. so we were thinking of headed to hospital when i call my mum and she ask me to go to the clinic again coz the Dr know what he gave me

went back to the clinic and yes "ALlergic Reaction" to the pain killer. Volton

Ya Allah. Macam-macam dugaan betul

Then the next day dah cool off sikit. but the day after my temperature naik to 39 balik

So straight to KPJ Selangor. *comet ask me to go to sunway medical. but my mum ask me to go to KPJ Selangor*

It was a not a good choice.

I think because i used insurance, they ask me to take the RM 550 per night room. Because there's no room available in the range of my card limit.

Then the room have no hot water!

Can u imagine a sick person with high temperature and cold room to have her bath with a bloody cold water!

everytime mandi nak nangis sebab sejuk sangat. i even told them but nothing been done. wtf kan?

but nevertheless the nurse is very nice

i only ate their food the first day i was there. then i didnt ate at all

i couldnt swallow any food apa lagi bau

vomit jer kerje

comet paksa minum 100plus.

when u had an empty stomach mana leh masuk 100plus

then he ask my maid to cook soup ketam and paksa makan sampai abis

everytime nak makan i will ask him to "can u put the hospital food outside the room? i feel dizzy"

what i want is only sleep

then i ask from my Dr to check out

my Platelet count drop till 39 if im not mistaken.

Thats the day i ask from my Dr "Can i checked out?"

He was shocked. i told him "the longer i stay in the hospital. the more i feel sick. i need to get out"

then he say "OK.but tomorrow morning u need to come back and do the blood test. if it still decreased. u need to be warded again"

i couldnt be more happy lah! ;)

Alhamdulillah the next day my platelet increased and by 2 days back to normal :)

When i was warded. hari-hari kene cucuk ngan jarum. ada 2 days i kene 2x sehari. and one particular day the nurse couldnt find my vein! wtf

i saw comet was looking at them like a bowling ball where he can throw them and get a strike. hahahahahaha

Seriously. take a precautions now. beli lah ridsect electric tu. i put both at my room and my office now. just in case :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mulut tak da insurans

Well yeah our team won Number 1 in Malaysia


RM 20,000 tu bahagi pada 21 Station yer bukan 1 station rm 20,000

if 1 station rm 20k .. i dah buat downpayment beemer jual my ungu violet hokeh! LOL *x perlu business cari orang utk downpayment beemer* LOL LOL

so anyway .. ada la prize giving ceremony time CNY Celebration tu

but bukan nak cakap pasal tu pun

nak cakap pasal mulut orang xde insurans nie

datang2 "ko nie dah berisi ke belum??"

then of coz la cakap "belum"

then "Asal lambat sangat??"

then i answer la "dah xde rezeki nak buat macam mana"

then she say "alaa ko nie saja je nie xnak baby nie nak jaga body"

fulamak.. nak kene tampar agaknye

dah la aku tgh red flag

time tu memang muke dah merah nak mengamok

tp tak nak la make a scene at event kan

i just sound "kak oii .. jaga badan celah mana kalau besar cam nie.. xde maknenye kannnnnnn"

then i think she realized I'm mad dia lari

pu***k betul.

some people are soo bloody narrow minded

nuff said!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That Awkward Moments

In a rush pagi Jumaat

Pergi Parade nak beli ink printer

Nampak kedai lappie baru bukak

Senyum to the seller and think to myself "budak SU nie"

then he smiles back and terus "ehh .. wanie kan??"

and i go "yeah" tapi dalam hati "SHITTTT"

so start borak "ehh . kerja sini?? " walhal dalam hati duk pikir "apa nama budak nie?"

then he goes "yeah"

me "Dah lama ke?" dalam hati "what the heck is the name of this guy la weiii"

he "boleh la.setahun lebih"

then i say "haa .. hari tu i nampak u.then i came to buy lappie. but u xde. so i chow pg kt lain" which is mmg betul but still dalam hati "name name namee"

he goes " laaa ye ke? i cuti kot .. anyway i dont know if u remember me?"

then i go "ehh .. kenal la. u kan SU gak" tp dalam hati "fuck! im dead"

then i go "but sorry i cant recall ur name. name u ape eh?"

then he goes "owhs its ok.i tak famous pun time sekolah"

and i was like "hahsss????"

then dia cakap "well .. u kan sports girl. so orang kenal lah. and you can kelas pandai.. account right?"

and i go "yeahhh"

he "i class belakang2"

dalam hati "wtf im dead meat :( "

then he say "anyway nama i H"

i "ooo .. yeahhh .. hahaha .. sorry. i duk pk F"

then i say "ehh .. serious i park tepi jalan takut kene saman. i nak beli barang kejap then head back to office. later ok?"

and run to the shop.

pernah tak kene moment macam tu? like shit right?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Down Under

Pernah tak bangun2 terus rasa depressed?

Pernah tak pernah tak??

Well semalam i did

woah.gile ah serabut tahap ape ntah

tak tau apa punca kot

so mangsa confirm la si Comet

dia dah malas nak layan sampai x reply pun BBM wtf

so end up duk la sorang2 kat office melayan diri

so macam xle jadi

BBM a friends ask him for a tips

sebab nampak sangat saiko x tau kata apa kan

so he say "Control your mind set.. tu jer"

and i like "whatttttt??"

he say "libra mmg ada mood swing. jum we go for a bowling and a talk"

and my other BFF say "Dont put too high of expectation to the star if you do not want to crumble to the tar"

Yes. i think my expectation in life is too high

SO bila x dapat and tak achieve apa lagi terus la stress. hahahaha

so malam tadi jumpe la my friend tu. dia pun explain and explain why i feel that way. most thing is betul la. which make me think

so alhamdulillah today bangun dengan rasa gembira dan semangat berkobar :)

i also dont know what he say. but most of it make sense tho

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Old?

Tak pernah rasa diri nie dah tua

or dah berumur

coz sentiasa rasa macam dulu

macam dulu dulu

having fun and so on

dah kahwin pun

kawan laki nak angkut aku gi dinner

memang di izinkan

apa lagi malam khamis sebab Comet meeting

jadi lagi die happy ada orang teman aku

but sekarang

aku rasa memang dah berumur

dulu nak gi mana-mana tak fikir 3-4 kali

rasa nak gi melaka. start engine sampai lah melaka

pukul 2pg pun sampai

rasa nak pergi Genting

start engine heret member naik la genting

padahal lepak minum starbucks je



padahal Comet kat Genting

konon nak gi buat surprise la kat dia

nak buat surprise "can u have coffee with me?"

bile die tanye "bile?"

"now at starbucks"

pastu lepak minum turun la balik kan

tapi berfikir

menganggu ke?

weh kalau dulu

tak fikie ok!

naik je. xde nye ganggu


frust wei


kt dalam bilik menaip and kelaparan

konon nak surprise ajak member pergi supper kan

padan muke ape pun tak makan lagi :(

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cant Wait

Y: Wanie nak belajar kick-boxing tak?

me : haihs. Y wanie mmg nak tapi takde masa nak gi gym

Y: Meh ah Y ajar

me : Nak gi gym tu tak de masa

Y: Haaa.. Y ajar x payah masuk gym. Tiap ahad malam and isnin petang :) nak?

me : hahs? x yah masuk gym? so kat rumah? BOLEH!

dia bukan xde masa nak gi gym. malas nak bayar gym tu sebab tau end up tak pergi pun kan. hahahah

yup. cant wait for the class to start :)


Duk dengar lagu and terasa sayu


Problematic sungguh

Suka sangat menghayati lagu tahap melebih-lebih

jadi nanti tetibe sedu sedan menangis sebab lagu tu sedih sangat

first lagu yang boleh membuatkan aku nangis dengar is

Ning Baizura - Bebaskan dan Breath Again ( dari album erti pertemuan)

that was one of the best album


lagu dan lirik dari jiwa bukan sekadar untuk jual album

lagu sekarang yang boleh merentuh jiwa?

Gio - Bila Cinta

weh. semua lagu heartbreaking kan


boleh tak guna ayat seseorang "hormon!"

hahahahahahha wtf

bila moody and tetibe nak menyinga nanti terus "sorry tu bukan i.. tu hormon"


lepas nie semua tak nak kawan and dekat ngan aku

sebab "hormon" juga cashier kfc dah nak kene maki semalam

kalau kena maki lepas tu cakap "Sorry tu bukan i .. tu hormon"



Kekadang cuba untuk menjadi terbaik

tetapi masih gagal

cuba untuk bahagia

tetapi masih gagal

cuba untuk berubah

tetapi gagal

gagal ke?

atau malas?

cuba atau tak .. persoalannye kan

rasa macam cuba tapi sebenarnya tak mencuba

rasa dah terbaik tetapi tak pernah mencuba untuk jadi yang terbaik

so what should we do?

have faith? letih dah kot

sabar? dah lama bersabar jer

depression sucks dont you know that?

jadi macam mana nak stop depression nie?

happy kan diri lah

tapi macam mana nak happy bile depression asyik datang

weh.. aku nak happy happy tak nak depressed

so jangan la fikirkan

tapi kepala otak nie automatic bukan manual

how i wish it is manual so boleh selective nak mana

tapi automatic

bangun tidur je fikir

so bangun pagi sudah depressed ke toilet

jadi duduk dalam toilet lama dari kebiasaan

why automatic?

kalau orang buat lawak kotor kepala otak aku automatic membayangkan part2 tertentu

and akan menjerit sorang sorang. dan terlebih gelinye

sebab tu la automatic. cuba manual. x la macam tu kan !

apa lagi kalau kelajuan rendah

lagi la x terfikir. mungkin lepas sejam dua baru dapat and terus "Wtf"

rindu zaman kepala otak sentiasa lagging

sebab hidup dalam dunia yang nampak cerah je


sekarang nie macam berkabur je dunia. asap ekzos banyak dol!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Shell Central Sports Day

Our Central Sports Day held on 8 October 2011 at Maybank Training Centre Bangi. (thanks to Azad - julia hubby for the number of PIC)

We started the meeting around March at my office between me,my mum and our TM ariff

He said he wanted Central to become ONE

so we say "lets do some sports day and have fun"

at first we thought of doing a simple game like - netball and football

end up we came up with

Table Tennis

I remember that one particular text message from Ariff on our Pre-Honeymoon at Perhentian

He asked me "how bout the venue? dah confirm ke?"

Me and comet were about to go for a snorkeling so i just called MTC and ask.

It was end of May

Then by June we get the confirmation

and then i started busy

I was actually only an assistant project manager to my mum

but i end up became a Project Manager.

the one that making a decision and give direction

every AJK keep on BBM and call and Text me

even once i had a meeting with 3 others TM

i'm the only rep from the committee as everyone was soo tired they wanted to go home LOL

so yeah. it was hectic and hell of a ride.

but alhamdulillah everything went well and smooth :)

We consist of 4 teams

Incredible Hulk ( C01, C06, C09 and C11)

Transformers Ketot! hahahahahah (sorry cant recall C0 berapa :P )

Ironmen :D
And X- Men from Shell HQ .. *laki sapa la tuuuuuuu*

Ironmen is our committee member. so his job is to Baca Ikrar. Sumpah kelakar when he came out to baca ikrar. nasib baik x pakai topeng tuhs

The night before we the committee member busy putting in the doorgift .. we slept at the training centre

i slept at 2am and woke up at 530 am

then i was running here and there

go here and there

to make sure everything fall to places

then the game start

i play netball for my team and we got third

macam x percaya coz time training kiteorg selalu kalah teruk. hahahahahahah

for football laks our RRM also play represent XMen

See how cool our RRM Looks?? :D

Then after all the game done .. we headed to the indoor stadium for tele-match

it was really fun coz we had Sathiya as our Emcee

Funny gile looking at everyone trying to kalahkan each others

TM Retailer all as one

Me ? i started to had migrain so i just became the judge.


then the closing ceremony and prize giving

i was standing behind a banner to make sure everything went well

once everything settled after my RRM lead our boss to me and our boss went back

i just sat down

and cried

everyone .. all the committee was cheering say "wanie congrats!! it was a success.. everyone very happy"

and everyone say "BOSS say it was very professional and looks like a Olympic"

and i cried

not because i was relieved

but i had a migrain

what a day

i go to the room called comet and cried like a baby

wash up have a 10minutes sleep then headed home

my mum also keep on saying how all the bosses was sooo happy with everything

how well everything went

how happy all the retailer are

all i know and i want to do is to be home and to rest


but yeah.. it was fun although it was a stressful day to me

it was fun :) i love to be incharge :p


i wanted to thanks to MMU Cyber Bowling club for letting me be the Vice Pres for a year and a President for another year. And also became the penasihat for the next year :)

HAhahahhahahahaha .. it was a good experience to handle 278 retailers and 52 HQ :) owhs including 12 TM and 1 RRM and 1 boss - Mr Leslie ;)

A good day and a good experience indeed :)