Sunday, January 08, 2012

Shell Central Sports Day

Our Central Sports Day held on 8 October 2011 at Maybank Training Centre Bangi. (thanks to Azad - julia hubby for the number of PIC)

We started the meeting around March at my office between me,my mum and our TM ariff

He said he wanted Central to become ONE

so we say "lets do some sports day and have fun"

at first we thought of doing a simple game like - netball and football

end up we came up with

Table Tennis

I remember that one particular text message from Ariff on our Pre-Honeymoon at Perhentian

He asked me "how bout the venue? dah confirm ke?"

Me and comet were about to go for a snorkeling so i just called MTC and ask.

It was end of May

Then by June we get the confirmation

and then i started busy

I was actually only an assistant project manager to my mum

but i end up became a Project Manager.

the one that making a decision and give direction

every AJK keep on BBM and call and Text me

even once i had a meeting with 3 others TM

i'm the only rep from the committee as everyone was soo tired they wanted to go home LOL

so yeah. it was hectic and hell of a ride.

but alhamdulillah everything went well and smooth :)

We consist of 4 teams

Incredible Hulk ( C01, C06, C09 and C11)

Transformers Ketot! hahahahahah (sorry cant recall C0 berapa :P )

Ironmen :D
And X- Men from Shell HQ .. *laki sapa la tuuuuuuu*

Ironmen is our committee member. so his job is to Baca Ikrar. Sumpah kelakar when he came out to baca ikrar. nasib baik x pakai topeng tuhs

The night before we the committee member busy putting in the doorgift .. we slept at the training centre

i slept at 2am and woke up at 530 am

then i was running here and there

go here and there

to make sure everything fall to places

then the game start

i play netball for my team and we got third

macam x percaya coz time training kiteorg selalu kalah teruk. hahahahahahah

for football laks our RRM also play represent XMen

See how cool our RRM Looks?? :D

Then after all the game done .. we headed to the indoor stadium for tele-match

it was really fun coz we had Sathiya as our Emcee

Funny gile looking at everyone trying to kalahkan each others

TM Retailer all as one

Me ? i started to had migrain so i just became the judge.


then the closing ceremony and prize giving

i was standing behind a banner to make sure everything went well

once everything settled after my RRM lead our boss to me and our boss went back

i just sat down

and cried

everyone .. all the committee was cheering say "wanie congrats!! it was a success.. everyone very happy"

and everyone say "BOSS say it was very professional and looks like a Olympic"

and i cried

not because i was relieved

but i had a migrain

what a day

i go to the room called comet and cried like a baby

wash up have a 10minutes sleep then headed home

my mum also keep on saying how all the bosses was sooo happy with everything

how well everything went

how happy all the retailer are

all i know and i want to do is to be home and to rest


but yeah.. it was fun although it was a stressful day to me

it was fun :) i love to be incharge :p


i wanted to thanks to MMU Cyber Bowling club for letting me be the Vice Pres for a year and a President for another year. And also became the penasihat for the next year :)

HAhahahhahahahaha .. it was a good experience to handle 278 retailers and 52 HQ :) owhs including 12 TM and 1 RRM and 1 boss - Mr Leslie ;)

A good day and a good experience indeed :)


Aziati Wan Haron said...

Apa logicnya Xmen pakai kuning itu? HAHAHAHAHA
Baik jadi yellow man digi

waNny said...

hahahahahahhahahahaha.... derang xnak tuka nama sapa suruh.. patut digi maxis celcom .. merah ape eh? LOL

anyway tgk laki xmen tu keluar urat2 menjerit! hahahahha