Friday, January 20, 2012

Down Under

Pernah tak bangun2 terus rasa depressed?

Pernah tak pernah tak??

Well semalam i did

woah.gile ah serabut tahap ape ntah

tak tau apa punca kot

so mangsa confirm la si Comet

dia dah malas nak layan sampai x reply pun BBM wtf

so end up duk la sorang2 kat office melayan diri

so macam xle jadi

BBM a friends ask him for a tips

sebab nampak sangat saiko x tau kata apa kan

so he say "Control your mind set.. tu jer"

and i like "whatttttt??"

he say "libra mmg ada mood swing. jum we go for a bowling and a talk"

and my other BFF say "Dont put too high of expectation to the star if you do not want to crumble to the tar"

Yes. i think my expectation in life is too high

SO bila x dapat and tak achieve apa lagi terus la stress. hahahaha

so malam tadi jumpe la my friend tu. dia pun explain and explain why i feel that way. most thing is betul la. which make me think

so alhamdulillah today bangun dengan rasa gembira dan semangat berkobar :)

i also dont know what he say. but most of it make sense tho


Aziati Wan Haron said...

Whenever I feel down or depressed I will give myself a timeframe that I will allow myself to swallow myself in darkness.
Once that time frame is up I slap myself and snap out of it and try of the best solution to move forward.
If there is no possible solution at that time I will screw it and don't give a damn about it until that thing bugs me again.
And repeat the process.

(sambil depress dengar lagu depress. Layan)

Wawa Tasliman said...

somehow, sebab terlebih tidur.. :)