Sunday, February 24, 2008

after 7 years

after seven years .. at last i found my really long lost friend ..

if last year after 10 years i found my best friend in Primary School - Shahida ..
This year after 7 years i found one of my Primary and Secondary School bestfriend - Iema ..

I remember when we was in form four .. every morning i will pick Iema for school .. i will drive my motor back then and park under the flyover in USJ 3 and walk to SS 18 .. every day ..

I remember one day .. time balik we were happy talking and I didnt realize that dahan pokok tuhs agak rendah so coz tinggi terlanggar dahan while Iema jalan relex jer .. and i do remember what she said to me "ini lah bagusnya jadi orang pendek .. x payah nak bongkok-bongkok and x terlanggar benda yang tinggi" ..

I remember one day we were walking and its raining heavily .. i had to drop he first at home so time bawak motor tak nampak ape coz tak pakai helmet .. and die kat belakang dah menjerit2 siap tolong sapukan muka aku .. coz aku duk bising cakap tak nampak ape .. ehehhehehe

I remember all the best moment until she had to go for MRSM .. she do send me a letter once in a while then one day she just dissapeared .. her family also dissapear .. and that make me think for a while ..

Last two years me and Adi keep on searching for her .. i even post bulletin at friendster .. but then she was no where to be found until last friday ..

Last friday Adi called me .. and he said that he had a good news and he was sooo happy .. i asked sarcastically "nape .. ko dah jumpe Iema ke ?? " and he said "YESSS" .. I didnt believe him at first .. but then he keep on saying he already found her .. through facebook ..

I quickly check facebook and search for the person that Adi told me .. and yes .. SHE IS IEMA .. after 7 years .. we found her .. and i got her number .. we do chat on the phone that day .. for nearly 20 minutes .. catching up .. she will be back next week .. im waiting to meet her :) we promised to meet and do more catching up .. I do missed her :) hope she still as petite as before :)

I'm glad to meet you again Iema .. We sure had lots of fun when we was in Form Four ain't we ?? :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

9 Pin Tap


MMU Bowling Club organize a 9 Pin Tap today .. did get involved here and there :D

Bobby,typo,comet,alia,nicol n neppy joined tooo .. Neppy bf also joined us :) it was hell of a fun

my first game was 190 .. then 2nd game was 141 .. and 3rd game was 222 .. the best part is in the third game .. only 2 strike for 9 pin and the rest is 10 pin .. I'm happy with my performance :D

Got third :) hehehehhe .. love the trophy (memuji diri sendiri coz gi tempah sendiri :p )

Saturday, February 16, 2008

V-Day ??


Everyone was crazy to celebrate Valentine Day .. Nope .. I didnt Celebrate Valentine Day .. I just wish him Anniversary :) hahahaha

So what did i do ?? I went for my HR and CA2 class .. then after class.. Me, Nicol and bobby went for early lunch ..

Went back .. lepaking for a while and sleep till 4.30 PM !! hahahahahha ..

Then chat with alia and neppi .. and we decided to celebrate it with all of our friend .. we went to hartmaas :)Fira,aina and Lana joining toooo

After having our dinner .. and talk and Shisha'in.. We decided to have a best nite with heading to Plaza Yong Chuan for KAraoke .. Neppy called her BF and we called Nicol And KAmarul .. SO end up 9 people singing for 2 hours .. quite expensive to compared with E-Box ..

If at E-box .. for 9 people is RM 160 for 6 DAMN HOURS .. and 2 bottle of sparkling with 4 Jug of soft-drinks !! and there's tid-bits ..

But then .. we still have fun :) hehehehhe

Thats the best way to celebrate Valentine :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i've been tagged

Been tagged by Shane .. so here goes :)


This linky love trail rules:-
When you got tagged, you have to add your name to people who had done the tag and and let the list grow!

Those Who Dunnit
Farah (me)
Bani gundu
hana ni mo nai
~Scarlet Kiss
Zahrin Zakaria
Zawani Rohim


First Name - Nur Zawani
Nickname - Wanie
Name you wish you had - erm .. NONE
What do people normally mistake your name as - Zawawi.. Zamani .. got that always
Birthday - 13th October
Birthplace - Hospital Daerah Kajang
Time of Birth - 7.45 am
Single or taken - Taken
Zodiac sign - Libra

-Your Appearance-

How tall are you - 169cm
Wish you were taller - Sometime :">
Eye color - Dark Brown
Eye color you want - Green :)
Natural Hair color - Dark Brown
Current Hair color - As above
Short or long hair - Medium :p
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Highlite it once .. hate it
Curly,Straight,Wavy - Curly
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - Hilite it
Glasses or contacts - Both
Do you wear make-up - Yups
Ever had hair extensions - Nope
Paint your nails - Sumtime

-In the opposite gender-

What color eyes - Lite brown :)
What color hair - Natural color
Shy or Outgoing - Both
Looks or personality - Personality
Sexy or Cute - CUte
Serious or Fun - Both .. depends on the situation
Older or Younger than you - dunt care
A turn on - Height
A turn off - POYO ppl

-This or that-

Flowers or Chocolate - Flower
Pepsi or Coke - Coke
Rap or Rock - Rock
Relationship or One night stand - Relationship
School or Work - School the best
Love or Money - Love
Movies or Music - Movies
Country or City - Country house
Sunny or Rainy days - Sunny ..
Friends or Family - Family

-Have you ever-

Lied - YUP
Stole something - Nope
Smoked - huhuhu
Hurt someone close to you - Yup
Broke someones heart - Yup
Had you heart broken - Yup
Wondered what was wrong with you - Yup ..
Wish you were a prince/princess - Yup .. hahaha
Liked someone who was taken - Nope
Shaved your head - Nope
Been in love - YES
Used chopsticks - Yup
Sang in the mirror to yourself - YUp :p


Flower - Roses
Candy - CHocolate can ?? Malteser n Daim
Song - All rounder
Scent - Gucci Rush 2 and FCUK for Men
Color - too many
Movie - too many tooo
Singer - Gwen Stefani
Word - Sengal
Junk food - Twisties
Website - lots
Lotion - OPI
Animal - Cat

Ever cried over someone - hmmm
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - my temper
Do you think you're attractive - a big NO
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - Snow White ? haha
Do you play any sports - Bowling, futsal


The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules.- List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

-Im a tall girl
-A hot temper person
-Hate to be judge
- Easier to be friend with guys than girls
-Tryinng to reduce some weight
-Trying to save some money on my own
-Hoping this will be my last year in MMU
- Trying to be someone better

8 ppl I'm tagging:

1. Nicol
2. Abby
3. Arni
4. Lana
5. YUsz
6. Irwan
7. Bobo
8. You

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3rd Feb 2008

Happy Birthday to Ahmad Zuraimi Bin Abdul Rahman .. Happy 23rd Birthday !!!

So start the day with attended Abang HElmi wedding at Sri Damansara. Did asked my Comet to prepare some extra shirt coz i'll be kidnapping him to somewhere.. And he need to wear smart !! heheheheh ;)

So after attending the wedding, we went home for a while and im getting ready.. first we headed to ma's shell and settel the account and all the monthly work.. then at 630 pm we went to Putra Height to take a look at my new home as my mum said has 99% finished .. So my comet still thinking what I want to do to him ..

Then at 730 pm .. We went to Victoria Station .. both of us ordered steak and have our dinner .. and I gave his present there and then :) .. but he opened it in the car "takot melompat" katanya :p

Then .. sms Iky .. die cakap .. die x sampai ag rumah mie and asked me to lambatkan masa .. the problem with us is .. bile kiteorg makan .. kiteorg mmg hayati makanan and did not talk .. so mmg makan cepat je siap ..

So coz nak lambatkan masa .. i drove to the curve to bought some dougnouts :p kempunan katenyee .. so bile dapat je sms iky said die dh sampai .. aku bawak kete pun laju .. bile ditegur "letih and dh x larat "

so sampai je kawasan umah mie .. die mcm pelik "asal si syed nie park kt depan umah adie ?? " .... "ehhh . asal kete Iky ade nie " ... then time tuhs aku dh bawak mmg laju and terus park depan umah .. so die leh nampak semua orang dh standby kat depan pintu umah !! heheheheh ..


a surprise BBQ party for my Comet !! Thankz to Syed, Preek, KingKong, Ira ,Alia and Iky that help me here and there ..

Thanks to Nicol, Aina, Neppi, Fitri, Lana, Arep, Fira, Ain, Yusze, Faiz, Yuha, Adie, Shuman, Jawa, Sinar, Nyah and Puyau for coming !!

Happy 23rd Birthday Comet .. and Hope you have the greatest this year :)