Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's been three days .. time pegi umah nicol for her so not open house pun dah start demam .. but bila balik from her house its getting worst ..

I start to have running nose and watery eyes .. tiap kali selsema mesti mata pun berair .. coz sinus .. then start batuk and start to rasa sakit2 badan ..

now after three days ..

batuk dah kurang sikit but still selsema and sakit2 badan .. ikut hati memang tak nak bangun .. tapi kene paksa pergi kerja *thats the suckiest part kerja with family .. they just dont care* ..

haihs .. tadi tido from 5pm to 9pm .. nie nak tido balik .. its 12.35 already .. rasa loya tekak pun ade .. tak makan heavy food pun .. takde selera :((

Monday, October 27, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru Amri + Emilia

Amri & Emilia * Makan beradab*

Wanie & Mie *makan kurang beradab* heheheheh

the crowd .. there's a lot more outside .. ramai yang datang ..

I know Amri when i was in alpha .. we had our days .. and now im happy that he had found the one and happy with her :)

My wish for him is that to take care of his wife while in a good+bad and to love his wife forever ..
Hope he had a nice year ahead of him with his soulmate ..

And yes .. thanks for inviting me :) your wife is a beauty :)

Congratulation again from me to you ..

p/s: something happen actually that made me wonder .. but it kinda sensitive to wrote here .. so i guess i just keep it with me ..

pp/s : i hope i can woke up and jog tomorrow .. will jog every single day now *hopefully*

ppp/s: Amri mum said i gained weight *well to compare 6 years ago .. i will say aLOT*

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kainnnnnn .. hohohoho

My mum just back from Vietnam .. ehehhehe .. bought a few kain utk buat baju .. which *im not into fashion* i dont know what type of baju kurung nak buat .. thought of macam buat baju kurung modern with kain stock kembang *ok ke??*

hahahahahha .. konpius ok .. tapi sangat suke the third kain .. sangat santekkkkk

My 3rd favv :p

My 2nd favvv !! :p

My favvvvv !! :D

Last but not the least la ;) santek jugaa ..

well .. i think im sucks in all this baju kurung stuff .. the only style i know is baju kurung*of coz*, baju kurung modern,baju kebaya, kebaya pendek and baju kurung kedah ..

hahahahaha .. yang style lain .. tak reti la eden :p

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tagged !! By Irwan

macam first time je kene tagged ngan Wan .. then bile pikir balik .. Dyna tag pun tak buat2 ag .. heheheh .. tp coz this one simple .. do this one first la :)

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that pcture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

So this is the most recent pic of me :) heheheheh

im tagging

1. Dyna
2. Shy
3. Kak Sue
4. Anis
5. Kak Sha
6. Azie
7. Alia
8. Nic
9. You
10. You

Metrojaya Warehouse Sales !!

Kunon nak pegi kul 10 pagi .. siap alarm jam kul 7 .. coz nak gi shell buat kerje sme .. but end up .. kul 930 baru bangun .. gi shell pun lewat .. so amik keputusan tak nak pergi la warehouse sales .. mesti ramai orang

lily pegi .. die cakap beratur jer dah berjam-jam .. and cari parking pun susah .. so lagi la macam tak nak pegi .. tapi bile check .. derang cakap "50ml perfume around RM 50 - 80 .. while 100ml RM 100-120 .. " mesti kene pergi la macam nie ..

although alia dah bagi perfume .. theres another perfume that i really want .. Ralph Lauren Romance .. huhuhuhuh .. so target that perfume

Around 1.30 comet sampai Tiraz .. kiteorag pergi makan kat Old Town .. semalam dah gi makan kat Insaf .. he love the beriyani :p and baru faham nape quite expensive :p

So today kunon die ajak gi insaf lagi "cukup2 la skali sminggu makan nasik .. xnak la hari2 .. " so we all gi old town .. :) after gi oldtown terus closing shift and pegi jumpa ayn .. lepas jumpe ayn baru gerak gi Stadium Melawati ..

We are lucky .. time kiteorg sampai .. takda orang sangat .. so we can take our own sweet time la .. Ralph takde .. ade CK, Bvlgari, Prada, Stella Cartney, MANGO, Guerlain, YSL, Davidoff and lots more ..

So agak frustrated .. so saja2 pegi amik every smell and cari mana the best .. end up i bought 2 !! hahahaha ..

Kenzo Amour 100ml *RM 110* and Britney Midnight Fantasy 50ml *RM 90* serius menyesal amik britney tuhs only 50ml .. huhuhuhuh .. for me the Kenzo Amour smell quite strong in the same time it make me feel very tough .. erm .. boleh ke eks? hehehhe .. while the britney's smell is very sweet and it make me feel fruity :p hahahahhaha

And 2 lipgloss from Loreal *RM 5 each* and 2 Elianto eye shadow *RM 5 each juge*

Actually i thought i only had RM 250 dalam pocket .. rupernye i had RM 300 .. so frustrated bila sampai kat counter .. nak tukar dah ramai orang dahs .. haihs

Comet unlucky day today .. die draw duit RM 150 .. tapi card keluar .. duit n resit taks .. so he thought the transaction is unsuccessful .. so die try check .. duit dah kene deduct .. stress jer member ..

Actually cam nak beli another perfume for him .. i already had Gucci Rush 2, Anna Sui Light of Fancy, Emporio Armani Glam, Ralph Cool, Ralph Ralph Lauren and latest is the M by Mariah Carey ... gosh .. when i wrote it down .. i know i shouldn't bought two perfume today .. now i had 8 perfume ????? erkkkk

Now i feel like i had lotsa perfumeeee .. heheheheh .. from left to right .. Emporio Armani Glam, Anna Sui FLight of Fancy, Ralph Ralph Lauren, M by Mariah Carey, Britney Midnight Fantasy, Ralph Cool, Gucci Rush 2. Kenzo Amour ..

This is the list of my all time favorite ..

1. Anna Sui Flight of Fancy
2. M by Mariah Carey
3. Gucci Rush 2
4. Emporio Armani Glam
5. Ralph Cool
6. Ralph Ralph Lauren

tak include the new coz x try ag mcm mane kan :p hehehehe .. tapi i think i would like the Kenzo Armour best :p

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I guess .. i just need to play bowling .. ermmm .. tomorrow will be good ..

Monday, October 20, 2008


I really need a freaking therapy .. GOSH !! if Alya around .. we will absolutely went shopping !! i need a therapy ..

Or maybe we will go for body + foot massage *although i can hear alya whining* it just relaxing ..

I really need a therapy .. but i just cant !!!

I want to go for a shopping spree .. but i need to save money for my trip ..

but then .. i did buy another make up today .. an eyeliner from Christian Dior .. but it didnt help me !!!! i still in my moody mood ..

I need to spend money .. Buy a tee's *really into AX back!!!* or a Jeans ??

but then i guess .......................... i will bake some cookies .. or maybe try to do Cake Batek ? .. yeahs .. i do that .. but when ??

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Wish

I wish that i can smile genuinely .. i can have fun extremely .. and i can free my mind widely ..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Edit Jeans

Time duk melepak tengok ma buat tudung aku .. it just hit me .. ade 3 of my jeans with crystal .. tapi dah terkeluar2 .. so macam .. thought nak edit balik .. coz we had some crystal yang extra .. but then .. takot Guess punya crystal Sarvowski *did i spell it correctly?* .. tapi macam .. wth .. try je tengok mcm mane ..

rupernya Guess pun pakai crystal biasa je .. yang takde la satu batu cost RM 3-5 ..but then only because of the crystal .. they charge us RM 600 per piece of jeans .. WTH .. hahahahha.. so tengok2 kaler .. memang matching .. except for the pink .. haihs .. but then its ok .. still cantik .. tengok pic for more info .. ade gax yang terpaksa aku edit and adjust sendiri coz Guess guna crystal besar and we only had the medium one ..

Nie yang dah adjust balik the stones ..

yang dalam bulat tuhs yang actually di adjust .. if u see .. the butterfly supposed to be like like below .. but ada more large stones ..

This is at the back pocket .. huhuhuh .. if u see the arrow .. thats the large stones .. huhuhuhu .. tapi banyak yang hilang .. Guess did not put the stones correctly .. senang jatuh oke !! tapi if u see correctly .. the pink stones is slightly different .. ehehehhe

this is my another Guess Premium .. bought in Aussie .. ade dalam 10 stones jugak jatuhs .. not as worst as atas punya laaa .. heheheh ..

dalam bulat is the stones that i replace .. tak nampak beza kan ???

now now .. this is my MNG .. yang nie paling letih nak buat .. coz they used the Medium and Small stone .. haihs ... letihs jugak nak buat .. coz yang hilang pun banyakkk ..

if korang perhatikan .. memang senget benget .. wahhahahah .. tapi xpe .. asalkan the colour match each other ;)


Well .. i was busy trying to remember when i done my MUET and the freaking "angka giliran" .. semua pasal nak apply for the MBA .. then i remember .. there's a book .. which i will glue all my exam slips and timetable when i was in the first year ..

so i search for it and found it .. i put it as a scrap book .. and i found my MUET EXAM SLIP !! and i got my MUET "angka giliran" .. YEAY !!!

but then .. not only i found the MUET exam slip .. i also found my exam slips, timetable and also old love email .. *Wahssss*

Read it through while thinking hard what actually happen when those email been sent to me .. but i only remember one particular email ..

My ex was so mad that i took a guys YM ID .. just because i was afraid to be in cyber and took accountancy alone .. so i took that guy email from Farah .. he was so damn mad he put it all in the email .. it was kinda funny .. who is the guy that make him mad ?? Mohd Kamarul Azrai B Ainuddin .. wahahhahahahahahah .. *azrai i can give u the email to read .. but it's in the book*

it was funny to read that one back ... gosh .. how stupid and immature both of us :) luckily he's getting married to his love one .. and its has been long ended :)

owhs .. maybe some of u guys may be thinking .. did comet know about this ?? SURELY NO ... its hard to talk to him nowadays anyway ... enuff said ..

ermm .. and some of u guys might be thinking about my YM status this afternoon .. to those who worry .. thank you .. nothing much .. just emotional breakdown now and then .. no one to talk to for the time being .. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mimpi yang Meroyan

Mimpi yang meroyan .. sungguh meroyan ..

Starting with tengah ade open house .. then tetibe nicol announce she's getting engage this tuesday *katanya .. * the best part .. kamarul pun terpinga-pinga .. hahahah .. pastu on that tuesday itself .. semua ada including Alia balik dari London.. coz nak attend the ceremony .. so bile call nicol .. die tak angkat .. then call lagi sekali .. die cakap "ehhh .. mane ade .. aku main2 je laa " .. wahs .. so end up semua pun pegi tengok movie .. *cartoon mcm the Simpson tapi cam ntah hape2 .. siap ade Joker oke !! **mesti kes tengok paper semalam derang tulis mulut meg ryan mcm mulut joker** *

Then tetibe dapat call .. derang cakap jum pergi rumah nicol .. farah *butt* dah blur .. so we all pergi .. sampai rumah nicol ramai gile ada .. nicol pakai baju kurung .. dia cakap " dah keco laks pasal die tipu bertunang .. ramai gila datang rumah" .. hahahahah .. sumpah kelakar .. so end up die buat open house yang cam sangat last minute coz semua auntie and uncle ade .. hahahahah ..

then ntah macam mana .. tetibe aku kuar gi jejalan .. and dah sampai Besut .. hahha .. boleh tak jiwa kacau so bawak afie pergi Pulau Perhentian *rindu sangat dah nie ngan perhentian tuhs* .. boleh tak dua orang je pergi .. and abah n ma tak tau we all pergi mana .. *betul jiwa kacau dalam mimpi nieeee..*

so time duk mandi2 dengan afie tetibe cam teringat "ehh . orang facial cakap tak boleh berjemur .. " so aku and afie nak balik bilik .. tapi time tuhs cam tengok orang duk main sukan air tuhs .. and nampak Farah Hanifi, hanifi, iqbal, shy, zarith .. even Ayam n Ayu pun ade .. dalam hati dah pelik "aiks .. derang buat ape sini?" .. nampak derang main the water sport which .. ade cam kerusi derang ikat2 guna tali and panjang .. and yang tarik kat depan is Jeep .. so jeep tuhs bawak laju la kat atas tanah *bayangkan tengah2 laut tetibe ade tanah kt tengah2 tuhs .. * then die terus terjun masuk dalam air .... kerusi depan sekali farah .. time tuhs die duduk relex jer .. sekali bile jatuhs dalam air semua terkapai2 .. coz terkejut n tak expect air tuhs terus dalam .. *tapi peliknya .. jeep tuhs boleh terapung .. nie mesti kes tgk James Bond clip yang zaman dolo2 keta boleh tuka jadi boat dalam air nieee .. *

so dah bosan and ingat pesanan orang facial .. both of us naik bilik .. sampai bilik tgk2 ade laptop and my maxis broadband *boleh tahan kat sana pun nak online :P * then nampak ade celcom broadband gax .. so datang pelik la .. dah selamber gune broadband tengok2 kat luar tingkap bahagian belakang bilik ade rimau bintang .. *sumpah banyak .. ade la dalam 20 ekor .. tapi orang pelihara* .. so cam pelik and time tuhs duk pikir "aku nie kat Senja Bay ke kat Bubu LOng Beach nie?? " ..

pastu dah lepak lama2 dalam bilik tuhs ade orang masuk .. rupe-rupe salah bilik .. hahahahah .. then time duk lepak2 ngan afie .. harimau tuhs cam kejar la .. so lari tetibe dah sampai kat Garaj mane ntah pulak .. and rase ade benda gigit2 kat kaki .. rupe2nye si Coco duk gigit kaki suruh bangun .. dammit .. and aku still atas katil n dalam bilik sendiri .. memang mimpi yang meroyan

paling tak boleh blah .. si nicol main2 bertunang .. tak ke konpius si kamarul yang x tau pape tuhs .. wahahhahahaha ..

p/s: nicol kalu nak bertunang sila buat preparation .. xmo main2 .. karang penuh orang kat rumah with false hope :p heheheheh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

24th Birthday

hehehe .. yesterday is my 24th Birthday .. nothing much to celebrate .. as we reached this age .. for me its nothing special anymore .. just another year where i'll be a year older :) but it's ok for me :)

so yesterday after an appointment .. i had to attend Shell Meeting at Glenmarie .. we will be launching a "Project Q" ..get at ur nearest Shell .. it will be cute and very out of the box "we never done this before.. collabration with something other than ferari :) " ..

So after meeting .. straight home and by 730 pm .. me and my family + comet and lily getting ready for a family dinner *excluding abang* .. as usual .. our spot .. Sri Ayuthaya ..

U see .. i actually craving for a cake .. but then when ma ask me "Nak kek ke esok?? kalau nak kek .. esok pegi la beli @ order " .. i had no appetite for cake anymore *whats the point?? im buying for myself :P * .. so after the dinner i told comet "my birthday this year there is no cake" .. and he replied "Insyallah .. "

i was confused *tp tau .. yeay .. die nak belikan cake :P * .. so .. he ajak pergi dinner tonight .. i was OK ..

so jumpa die tadi around 845pm .. janji kul 8 actually tapi last minute i need to send my worker brother to the airport *datang atas urusan business and at the same time tengok adik die yang lari dr rumah :P .. u see .. the Bangladeshi that came to Malaysia .. tak semuanya bodoh .. some of them ade degree .. but kerja as a cleaner .. kesian kan ?? and some of them parent siap ade factory textiles .. just because they dont feel like thats their life .. they ran away .. * supposed bertolak dr Shell pukul 7ptg .. tp derang sampai pun kul 730 .. and barang derang *ampun makk banyak sampai lowered keta oke !!! *

tapi coz dah extreme lambat .. aku drive pun extreme laa .. hahahahah .. from Subang to KLIA in 20min :) lenjan 130 - 140 km/j *doa-doa la tak dapat saman* .. so sampai jer kawan abang staff tuhs cakap "u are a very good driver .. in Australia *die keje sane kottt* .. not many girl drive like u .." *sila baca dengan mengunakan cara derang cakap* .. aku cume senyum .. coz dah super lambat .. salam2 derang and wish a safe trip terus to fetch comet ..

sampai jer rumah comet .. die turun and said "nak tunjuk something before kita pegi makan .. but kene tutup mata dulu " .. so kene tutup mata and when i open my eyes .. this is what i saw ..

"Happy Birthday ~~!! tahun nie nak buat special .. only kamu and saya " ..

Wahs terharu oke .. then i get this ..

BLUE ROSES !!!!! *me likeyyyyy*

then i got this

The meaningful WORDS !!

then i got this ...

Dont Touch .. This is my Girlfriend / Boyfriend * Couple Tee's *

lastly i got this ...


well .. it is a simple dinner but very meaningful .. no need to bring me to all the fancy restaurant .. the way he made it means a lot where he put all his time to make it perfect :) the food ?? *my favorite* and everything is PERFECT :)

heheheheh .. and also i got this from afie and alya .. :D

from afie :)

from alya *thanks dearr .. there goes my wishlist :D *

owhs .. and maybe some of u guys will be thinking .. what did my parent gave me aite ?? well .. i got nothing .. coz abah said "i already gave u the ticket to UK .." and ma said "im gonna give u the extra money for ur trip" so i got nothing right now :p hahahahaha ..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Okok .. i never do any facial .. yup . i hate to do all of those thing .. coz for me .. if terlampau manjakan kulit .. it will be 'degil' .. just like kita manusia .. bile terlampau manja .. jadi degil .. betul tak ??

so on MOnday .. my mum went to BB Plaza and do something on her face .. nonono .. NOT BOTOX nor PLastic Surgery or VIT C or COllagen .. just something laa .. so die macam sangat suke dengan what they did .. and die cakap situ macam2 boleh buat .. u can do permanent hair removal .. hilangkan dark spot ..

so time she was excited talking .. she look at my face and said "jum .. adik gi buang all this small2 jerawat and this eyebag and biar nampak very clean" .. and i was like .. "ermm .. ok " *serius i never said no to my mum .. hahahah .. * and of coz my thought was like gune this some kind of laser and hilangkan all at once la kan .. without all the pain *a lil pain la kot* .. so macam im ON laaa .. hehehe .. or maybe die pakaikan MASK .. and bile bukak will be pretty clean ..

BUT ............................................................

HELLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOO ...........................................

Sampai jer die duk perhati ke muke .. pastu dh tunjuk all the selection .. aku mmg je la blur .. so my mum stop talking on the phone and told her "tengok muke die and u do what u want to do" .. aku lak cakap "i nak buat ilangkan eyebag " hahahahahha .. die cakap muke aku banyak deadcell .. die nak picit .. n tengok kulit mcm mane ..

by that time i know im in a deep shit .. so takkan nak merasa sesorang kan .. terus tunjuk muka afie as die pun ikut and ma pun terus suruh die sekali kena .. wahhahaha .. memang sakai .. so cam awal2 xde hal lagi ..die kuarkan all the deadcell .. so time die picit the blackhead and pimple tuhs .. kalu ade la sape2 kat kaki .. mmg boleh kene tendang .. and surprisingly die lagi nak offer manicure n pedicure *hang nak mampos ngan aku boleh laaaa* .. memang aku said NO NO NO thank you .. hahahah .. kang x pasal2 pengsan anak orang .. Kojol situ ..

so time die picit tuhs .. tetibe aku dengar bunyi "ganggggg" .. afie kat katil sebelah je .. so aku yang x tau citer sebab mate ditutup kapas nie gelak laa .. then bile aku panggil "afiee .. ok kee?? " tetibe aku dengar yang jawab "hukhukhuk huuuuuu .. huuuuuuu .. waaaaaaa " serius pekerja situ semua dah mengelabah .. yang buat kat aku cakap afie dah nangis .. terus derang stop there and then coz afie tak dapat tahan the pain .. and boss die suruh pakai cream which boleh hilangkan all the blackhead *Afie nye blackhead lagi banyak dari aku * ..

time tuhs nak gelak pun ade .. nk sedih pun ade + tahan sakit diri sendiri .. facial yang patut tak lame end up 3 jam baru abis .. haihs .. kalu ikut hati dah tak nak pegi .. tapi Ma insist .. katanya nak anak2 die lawa .. aiyoooo .. xpe laa .. we go laa next week another dreadful + painful dayyyy ...

so we bought die nye cleanser+lotion+sunblock+ all yang perlu and hope dapat la lawa .. hahahhahahahah .. habis RM 1000 oke !! plus the barang2 laa which is 5 facial stuff .. so Buhbyee SKII *u sucks anyway* ..

p/s : Alia .. time die picit muke aku tuhs .. aku all the time teringat ko .. coz i remember time ko balik dari facial jumpe aku .. aku tgk muke ko bengkak2 n merah2 .. and now i know the pain .. i can feeelll the painn .. *emotional kejap* .. hehehehe..

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wishlist Done !

Yeay .. at last beli juga foundation and corrector Bobbi Brown .. heheheh ..

Ma call ajak pergi subang parade .. coz i told her i want to buy some makeup .. sebab dah abis .. *foundation jer:P * .. so terus siap2 pegi Tisa dengan afie .. sampai jer parade tetibe mulut nie gatal cakap kat ma "Afie suke pakai baju Mooks tuhs "

Ma pun tanye "Mooks beli kat ner?? " Aku jawab "Gardens" .. die pun "Jum la pegi sane"

Wahss .. dah parking niee .. dah nak naik lif .. kiteorg pusing balik masuk keta kuar parade straight to Mid Valley :p hahahahahha ..

Sampai jer .. straight to Gardens .. huhuhuhuh .. Pegi Isetan and Robinson dulu .. ma dah spot one Burbery .. die suruh cari kat UK .. ok la :) then tengok-tengok Marc Jacobs .. die pun suka .. cantik .. tapi tak mo beli .. coz nak gi UK :p kejam !!

Then gi Mooks .. afie beli 3 baju !!! abis RM 400 .. hahahaha .. after that we all pegi Coach .. saje cuci2 mate :p ..

Abis cuci mata masuk MidValley .. straight to Bobbi Brown .. Actually target nak foundation n corrector jer .. then tetibe tangan gatal nak lipstick .. pastu tambah gatal bile die tunjuk lipliner cam cantik lak pakai skali .. hahaha .. amik terus beli 4 barang and spend nearly RM 400 .. wawawa .. tapi yang bestnyee .. my MAMA Belanjeeeeeeeeee .. huahuahuahua .. boleh simpan duit :p hehehe ..