Sunday, February 10, 2013

Off to Paka

Im on the way to my MIL house

Bringing Kookie with me and to only realized tak bawak pasir dia!

Then i told comet "alamak x bawak pasir la !! Takpe la singgah rumah mummy mintak pasir sikit"

Then comet angkat kening.. And i waskme "ehhh buat apa nak pasir. Rumah Mak depan belakang kiri kanan pasir kan! Hahahahah"

I totally forgot my MIL house is at the beach. Hahahahahahhahaha.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Im sick but still need to work

Manage to take leave only a day from my mum

Supposed to head back to Paka tomorrow but plan cancel.

To head on Sunday after my make up job.

Hope everything went well.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Went to Giant for some grocery shopping

Bila nak bayar cashier tu angkat kening

Then sengih2

I ask him "why ??"

He say "xde pape"

Then sengih2 lagi. So i lak angkat kening

Then he say "bukan akak kalau datang beli banyak ke?? Sampai 2 trolley?? Kan??? Saya ingat akak.. Akak slalu dtg beli banyak kan?? Asal hari nie sikit???"

Watafak!!!! Mcm mana dia recogniZe weiiiii *______*

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love at first sight

While reading my old blog i managed to find a post the day i met my husband

So i ask him "B, when did we first met?"

And he confidently say "25 July 2005"

I was shocked. "how can u remember?"

Him "Ntah"

Padahal xnak mengaku love at first sight coz dulu dulu kantoi dekat handphone dia ada alarm 25July2005.

Seriously if ask him "bb. Our nikad date?"

He will say "14May2011" padahal tu reception date *facepalm* ~___~

My Husband

This is my Husband

Before (2005) year we know each other and haven't been together and After (2012)


Monday, January 21, 2013

Funny hubby

I was trying a new style of Hijab this morning when he came in the closet

Him "buat apa?"

Me "try style baru mcm dlm utube tu"

Him "oooo. So lepas mcm nie mcm mana?"

I goes "mcm nie " sambil lilit shawl

Secara automatically dia angkat kening

"pakai Turban je la. X serabut tgk"


Laki i suka tgk i pakai turban sebab ala ala arabian gurl gitu ... ^_^v

Move On

I cried again today talking to him

And he say "sometime u just need to let go and dont hold grudges. I know its hurt but u need to do so"

Its hard to keep positive when all the negativity surround me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Padang Friends

Zarina was so excited to meet up "i even call Aneesa to come"

And the best part its at 8am! 8 bloody am!

Im not a morning person! Hahahahahaha

It was nice tho catching up and talk and talk

I think im the one that change the most i could say

Went to Padang and have picture taken

Cute memories

"mcm mana boleh main bola sepak kt court badminton nie? Dah la kecik"

Hahahahahaha. "situ tempat kita duduk cuci mata tgk org main bola"

"bukit nie tempat luahan perasaan"

Hahahahaah. Love u guys to bits

New Blog Address

Hai. Do support my new blog

Thanks love

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wisteria Lane

I've been living in Putra Heights since 13 May 2011 (yes first day of my married life)

I know no one at that time. Just my left and right neighbours until one night

Someone tried to break in my house. So the next day i call ADT and ask them to Quote on alarm system

Then what happen to me spread all over Lily Housing area

Coz Wadie (one of ADT client) call ADT and tell them about the break in trial and the ADT say "we know from someone. she ask us for a Quote. her house yang kena"

So Wadie ask for my number and ADT call ask for permission and i say OK

Wadie directly call me and talk about everything that happen in Lily.

We talk about everything and it goes up to 40mins or so. 

Then a few days before raya she call me again and said "Wanie i will ask the ladies to add u in our whatsapp group" And i was like "OK"

Just to find out that they all very cool people~ hahahahaha

And when i heard of all the stories. The neighbourhood is soo like Wisteria Lane

Ada one week tu .. from break ins to maid lari to hantar muffin to other houses

and we even celebrate the kids birthday at the Park!!!!

siap buat games and all

Then one day i saw a banner stated that there will be a netball tournament and i ask the group

"there's a netball tourney this Sat. nape we x buat a team eh? "

And it was actually Tuesday night! hahahaha

SO we have a team that night. Manage to register that night and do a Tshirt that night

And sempat training only 3 days!!!! best part ada yg x pernah main netball

Saturday morning dah ada kat padang with our PINK TSHIRT 

PArdon the muka muka baru bangun tidur tu!

And we manage to masuk Semi Finals!!! how cool is that


yang dapat 1st  and 2nd is the team yg mmg slalu main and practice

3rd adalah team surau budak budak sekolah menengah!!

we all by the 4th game dah couldnt be bothered to play anymore sebab letih

And everyone was like "apa la dosa aku main netball pagi buta sampai tengah arie nie"

"legam dah wei legam dah wei"

"Wanie punya pasal la nie!!!!"

ahahahahaha. it was fun!!!

we even have MAnager and Assitant MAnager siap Gatorade Girl!! 

Cool tak?

Orang lain warm up our team makan makan breakfast! hahahahah

saiko gila

dapat No 4 pun manager belanja makan ketam

So we eat fatty crab!!! wooohooooo

Thank you Ms Manager! hhehehehhehehe