Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update :)

This raya aku buat 3 biscuit .. only the on demand one *which is will be eat by afie or abang or ma or abah* .. everyear i will do atleast one biskut raya but this year i made 3 .. so this year instead of 2 adunan .. i make 3 adunan for Biskut Asam Manis and 4 adunan for Biskut Jering and 3 adunan for Cornflakes Ranggup *sangat lakuuu ini biskut .. i bet will be finish by 3 days .. hahahaha .. afie and abang hantu makan ini biskut* ..

Comet was kinda pelik when i said i want to make biskut asam manis .. this is the first time he tried it .. he make a weird face when he looks at the ingredient .. i put Haw Flakes *syiling asam warna merah tuhs diblend* .. seriously he made a really weird face .. coz cam pelik katanyaaa .. hahaha .. but then when he tried .. he became deep silence ... hehehhe .. sedap katanyaa .. die cakap best tuhs coz the last part masam skit .. its different .. *see .. i told u i like baking and not cooking dear :P *

So at first afie help .. last2 die letih .. so left me and comet and bibik .. kerja bibik is to kuarkan and masukkan biskut dalam oven .. while mie tekap adunan and i put on the yellow egg and choc rice *i will put up the pic* ..

biskut asam manis

On 28th Sept .. We made another biskut .. Biskut Jering *dont judge it by the name .. kami tidak menggunakan jering yeahh * .. Biskut nie buat "atas darat" *if in kelantan words* which means .. the tepung gandum,tepung jagung and gula prai kiteorang sebatikan guna tangan/senduk .. then we use yellow egg yang dah direbus .. and kacaukan sekali .. then put some vanilla and butter pun gune tangan jerr .. xde gune mixed .. and put into two which is one yellow and another one choc *i will put up the pic tooo later* .. yang nie everyyear we made .. hahaha .. sebab tuhs 4 adunan .. so that comet leh bawak balik to Dungun for his family .. with biskut Asam Manis tooo ..

Biskut Jering

Then today i made the Cornflakes Ranggup *similiar to cornflakes madu* .. butter with honey and milo plus cornflakes then masukkan je dalam peti ais .. done it by 2 hours .. and terus siap2 mandi and buka puasa with comet as he's going home tonite ..

Konon nak pegi endah parade makan .. but then dah lewat .. so pegi JJ equine .. then nak bukak kat PIzza Hut .. tapi FULL HOUSE !!! 2 days to raya punn ramai lagi kat KL rupernyeee .. so end up we made a decision to beli air and straight to Endah Parade *dua-dua kempunan nasi goreng kat bowling alley tuhs* .. and we buka puasa dalam kereta .. hehehe *sooo sweet kannn ?? :P *

So after dah buka puasa .. sent him home for packing and terus gerak to Putra .. Naik bus balik Dungun *which is better than naik moto macam last year :p dah la 2 orang 1 motor .. tak ke sakai ??* ..


As raya is in a day .. i want to take this opportunity untuk


Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday AINA !!!

Happy Birthday Lalingsss .. :D

Happy Birthday Aina !!!

Okie .. so today agak rushing .. coz kene tunggu afie balik sekolah coz die nak pegi shopping raya *im not coz xde duit and saved for pergi UK :) * and wait for comet balik kerja .. so by the time comet sampai .. we just wait for afie .. afie balik je terus took a shower and siap2 ..

kiteorg terus gerak to Mid Valey used the NPE Highway .. so laju la skit .. park at Valet and called fadh tanye where to meet up .. She said Kenny's .. so sambil2 tuhs afie nak beli baju at MNG .. so terus masuk MNG and pick terus baju tuhs ..

Sampai Kennys dah ramai ade .. 2 table dah .. so time duduk tuhs .. tetibe yusz and abang and Kidai sampai .. terpikir cam x muat table .. then Nat n Joe pun sampai .. so Nat and Joe pegi Teppayanki .. kiteorg maintain at Kenny's sebab dah full house ..

So suruh mereka semua bawak Aina to Starbucks .. pegi Starbucks Gardens *as orang x ramai and boleh buat surprise disitu* .. We all tunggu Nic,Kam,Azie n her bf .. bayar and straight to Starbucks .. heheheh

Sampai jer Gardens .. Terus nak setting .. as a MAMA .. i'll be the one holding the cake .. tapi yang sengalnyaa .. ade 4 lelaki with us .. NONE of them A SMOKER .. so pening cari Lighter .. Last2 Kam mintak kat satu brader nie .. when i saw that guy .. dapat agak die security .. brader tuhs pun mcm nak tak nak bagi .. so we all ckp nk bawak to starbucks .. bukan nak celebrate tengah lalu lalang :p hahahahah ..

Aina x perasan time cake tuhs ade .. bile sme nyanyi baru die perasan .. ahhahaha .. MALU Plus TERHARU *kot* ..

All in all .. this Buka Puasa sangat FUN .. meet all the chikas and their love ones :)

See picture ;)

The Guys

The Girls

ME with half of the girls :)

All of US :)


I saw this one at the Garden today .. gosh its soooooooooo beautiful .. RM 1900 .. how i wish i can bought it there and then :(( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~` love the one in greyish silver in color .. haihs ..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lucky !!

Jason Mraz:
Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying

Colbie Caillat:
Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Jason Mraz:
And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

Colbie Caillat:
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

This song remind me of comet .. we start of as bestfriend .. and now we are a lover :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tagged by fadh again !!

Dah lame fadh tagged .. tp i just dont know what to write .. so i keep it first and baru tulis sekarang

Tagged again by

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Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

1) "Garang" is my last name .. "Sombong" is my middle name .. i remember how aina said thats she really scared of me .. siap tak berani datang bilik *time duduk with nicol and farah* coz she scared of me .. she said she come once .. tapi aku buat bodoh gune headphone tgk lappie .. and she really scared nak gi futsal .. coz first time datang aku sound "nak main bebetul .. datang .. nak main saje2 . baik x payah" .. heheheheh .. tapi bile dah kenal *mcm mane aku nie ainaaaa ?? :p*

2) Im a bowler .. yess .. i play bowling since i was in Form 2 and i represent my school when i was form 3 .. time tuhs abang president bowling club .. but i do enjoy football *playing not watching* in form 3 after i just recovered from the accident .. i pegi rumah aneesa and play football *i actually fractured my ankle and just recovered* and aneesa accidently kick my fractured ankle instead of the ball .. can u guys imagine the pain ? :p owh yeah .. and me and my friend actually kick the guys ass time we all cam berebut court .. we won !! hahaha .. and i remember hilang rantai and sandal terputus coz main bola sepak kat padang :p

3) When i want to go shopping .. i know what i want to buy or at least i already had my option .. im not the kind of person who will pusing2 one whole shopping complex just to buy a dress .. i already had which shop to go to .. only if i didnt find it i will go round and round but to a familiar shop .. kalau pegi uptown pun ... im not the kind who tend to look and touch on everything .. i can settled the place within half and hour .. even gi bazaar only took me 15min :) *zhar n hanifi said my shopping is the type of the guys will do* i guess its true .. i only spent a few hours at shopping mall for movie .. not for shopping ..

4) I am a hot temper person .. tapi only to someone that close jer nampak .. selalu pun cover marah .. and selalu jugak simpan dalam kalu kecik atie or nak marah :) so yang jadi mangsa comet la :p

5) Im not a talkative to somone that i dont know *thats why i got my last and my middle name* .. i just dont know how to approach people and talk like i know them for years .. thats just not me .. but kalu boleh masuk kepala .. i can be a talkative monster :p

6) I had a panic attack .. seriously .. i cant handle the facts that im going to meet someone i dont know or i had done something that make me look stupid .. thats why i dont know how to handle a baby *with doing all the stupid face.. it will make me feel stupid then i will be trembling all over* .. i even will be trembling when it come for me to meet someone new .. like when azrai ask me out to meet Amy .. i was trembling like hell .. hehehe .. or im stuck in a place that im not comfort with .. comet use to see me like this .. i cant even look at him when this thing happen *and that time he done nothing and i do nothing* the attack just came there and then

7) Comet said i can cook and he really love my mee goreng .. but im pretty lazy *the facts that my baju smell minyak just make me sick* .. so i guess if we are married .. he will be the one to cook + wash the dishes :p .. i will love to baki cake and cookies.. i guess i only will cook twice a year which is Hari Raya + Raya Haji .. i do cook nasi dagang + Kari Ayam + Udang Masak Lemak + Ikan Tongkol .. heheheheh :) its just that im lazy :p

8) Im in love with handbag .. since i was young .. i like bags n handbag .. hehehe .. so i have like 1 almari full of it .. dari Non-Designer to Designer :D

9) AND YES .. I REALLY HAD A GOOD INSTINCT @ SIXTH SENSE :) .. such as if comet nak tipu tak boleh .. coz end up i know something wrong .. and i can tell people by looking at them :p *if i really want to* and thats why i can tell if someone what the other person .. or that guy was into me or not :p hehehehe
Facts about me by comet :

1) Im very punctual .. people dont really know that he said ..

2) He said that i dont really like to "mencuba" food .. such as time pergi William .. i will stick to the menu that i like :)

3) He said that Im pretty but i will always said that Im not *coz im really not* .. and he said that im humble *ye ke?*

4) Although nampak tough .. wanie actually a very sensitive women .. hehehehe

5) He said that im an observer .. i like to observe people .. in term of height and looks and the way they are ..

6) He said that im a crazy driver coz my time limit from Bukit Jalil to USJ is only 10min and it works everytime ..

7) He said that "Jenis pantang dicabar" .. silap besar sapa cabar i .. mesti menjadi punya ..

8) He said im not just an accountant in study .. im an accountant in real life .. i can manage my money really well *adakah itu dengan kata lain sy nie kedekut?? :p*

now im tagging my friends:-
Kak Sue

Break Fast with Afie & Comet

Sebelum puasa ag dah janji with afie nak bawak die pegi makan buffet .. so bile pikir balik .. nak bawak die pegi Shogun coz kalu die pegi Sushi King die mesti amik the Ebi Tempura and it cost a lot :p hahahahaha .. So semalam me, afie n comet pegi Sunway untuk Break Fast

Sampai straight to Shugun and reserved dulu .. takut tak sempat :p .. after that terus gi jalan2 survey suar jeans for afie ;) tapi end up beli baju for anak kak ala dulu then after dah makan baru beli suar jeans ..

The pic is like a few of what we actually eat .. afie makan sangat banyak sampai after that nak gi jalan dah tak larat .. siap die sound ag "kakak .. slow sikit jalan .. afie tak larat" .. hahahahah .. Sumpah kelakar oke !!!

So bile beli suar jeans and die punye keychain .. we straight home .. and even though kat Shogun charge is RM 63.25 per pax .. it do worth every penny :)

Afie n Me

My 1st plate

Afie 1st plate *jangan tertipu .. die makan banyak .. serius *

Comet plate


Sesungguhnya steamboat tuhs comet je makan .. we all tak makan .. i will absolutely go there again .. the teppayanki *without all the sayur n taugeh of coz* sangat sedapppp .. ngeee :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is another one that we all been doing .. Kiteorg jual tudung juga .. if u guys realize .. tudung nie i wear on my graduation .. but plain .. fyi .. this one yang ade corak kinda costly sikit .. wait for our material to arrive by end of next month .. insyallah i will put it up and tell u guys how much it cost ..

- we have the plain material now .. around 21 colours .. i will upload the pic later ..
- The plain will cost u guys RM 70 .. we will make it fix ur face .. :)
- Ada juga tambah diamond at the owning to make it look more expensive .. just add another RM 50 .. and i will sure u it wont come out :) we had tried ours *will put up the pic later tooo*

Anything .. just email me at w4n1311@gmail.com

Kain belum di jahit

~ After ~

Manik / Sequine / Labuci

Okie .. as kak sue sangat2 nak tengok manik yang me n my mum amik order .. this is some of it .. how it looks like :) aku tak ingat sangat harga .. but will update again later .. ade lagi new yang from Ma punya baju .. cantik2 .. that one tak jumpa tadi baju :p hehehehehe .. so cuci2 kan mata anda .. if u guys interested .. email me at w4n1311@gmail.com

anyway .. manik nie ikut kaler baju anda yeah .. if katakan baju plain .. die akan ikut kaler kain :D so tak lari kaler .. so if nak .. u guys need to send me kain juga :D

- And yes .. the price depends berapa banyak manik digunakan :)

- If u guys nak different style .. i can ask them to use their creativity and make ur cloths looks fabs ! :D

One more time if u guys interested .. do email me at w4n1311@gmail.com

RM 150

RM 150

RM 150

RM 150

RM 150

RM 150

RM 200

Friday, September 19, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11

Yeay .. New Cycle for ANTM .. dah three episode dah pun .. this two is my favorite



Hope both of them do well and dont mess it up :D


Semalam time kerja dah rasa sangat tak larat and plus the boring .. so buat keputusan siap2 je kerja terus gerak pegi Jaring and Bazaar to buy food for berbuka .. Sampai jaring boleh tak macam2 tak siap ag and its already 4pm .. haihs .. so beli je ape yang ade .. then straight to bazaar ..

bazaar pun ramai macam tak bukak lagi .. ayam tandoori tuhs baru nak dibakar .. so straight to kueh and air dulu .. then stop by gerai kebab .. terlampau blur time that guy bagi my change i dont even check it .. so bile duk lepak kt gerai ayam tandoori tuhs .. brother kebab tuhs datang cakap "kak .. saya bagi kak baki x cukup ek? " i was like .. huhs ??? .. "saya bagi akak 14 kan ?? " and seriusly i cakap i dont know .. so just kuarkan duit from my back pocket .. and yup .. only 14 when i should have 44 :p ..nasib baik die baik kan .. boleh bagi balik baki duit :) kalu tak .. mau melinau je aku cari another rm 30 :p heheehehe

And guess what people .. hari nie pulak .. my leher sakit which aku xleh nak pusing ke kanan and tunduk ke bawah :(( .. how hard is it to drive when kite slalu kene pandang kanan if nak kuar simpang ?? haihs :( bad bad day already .. :(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Along Nazli the ex player for Selangor PKNS FC called last week .. die cakap that he need a few girls untuk represent Selangor PKNS FC futsal team .. he ask me whether im still active .. semestinya tidak la kan .. so die cakap .. if i want do come for selection .. or i can see derang training on monday .. i said i will try to be there la ..

tapi of coz la last week tuhs aku lupe nak gi tgk .. so end up semalam aku msg die tanye tonite ade training ke ? what time ? die cakap "come around 915pm .. there will be a selection for the ladies" .. memang la aku tak nak .. gilo hape .. dah la berbulan tak tendang bola .. stamina pun dah takde .. nak terus selection .. huahuahua

so today die sms lagi "tonite ade lagi selection .. datang la.." aku cam berpikir la .. "nak suh wanie datang tengok or tryout?" .. jawab die "22 pun boleh kan? :p " .. haihs .. i dont think i can la for the tryout .. dah lame sangat .. lain la dulu .. everyweek training ..

so dah alang2 pegi shah alam anta barang to kak nor .. aku ajak comet stop by PKNS Sport Complex kat KJ .. ramai gax yang tryout tadi at the same time PKNS FC ade friendly .. comet gi tgk friendly .. aku lepak borak with along and aloi .. aloi pun suruh tryout .. dah kenapeeee .. aku pun datang ngn selipar jepun,slack n baju keje :)) ..

Along : wanie .. baju putih tuhs head coach
me : owhhh .. ok ok .. *xnampak pun .. ok kan jer*
Along : Aloi jadi manager .. 2 2 team .. laki pempuan :p heheheheh
Aloi : Yang pilih aloi nie bute tauuuuu .. hehehehe
Me : hahahahah .. marveles .. ok laa kannn *Aloi pun muke cam gangster .. mesti ramai takot (dlm hati je la ckp)*

Me : ehhhh .. along .. baju putih nie coach ? ape name die ??
Along : Yazid
Me : Owhs shit .. along .. saya nak balikkkkkk
Along : Ehhh .. naper ?? ?
Me : NIe la coach bola sepak padang selangor .. gile hape .. dah la aku gi tryout .. dapat pastu xnak .. pastu die ajak juga .. tapi still x boleh .. commitment banyak.. pastu die suruh call .. tapi serba salah .. hehehehehe .. nak balik ahh .. segan
Along : gi la jumpe die dulu
Me : x mo .. takot die dh x knal .. tp nak balik :p

well well well .. now Coach Yazid is the head coach for girls futsal for PKNS Sgor .. im impressed .. i remember his word time aku gi tryout .. i thought he was talking about someone else .. tapi Paan and Denan and Pak Wan said that he really want me to play FOOTBALL for Selangor .. he said give me 3 month .. i can be good .. he really want me to play for them ..

i said .. give me some time to think about it .. i was depressed for a few days .. yes i admit .. it really get to me .. coz i had the passion in football since i was a kid .. i want to play professional football .. tapi time tuhs football utk perempuan takde lagi at mesia .. tak kuat lagi .. terbelah bagi time tuhs ..

actually want to call Coach Yazid and said that "ok .. im in .." tp before that i had a talk with Comet *which time tuhs we all belum couple ag* and ask his opinion .. die tak kisah .. die kate now ape laki buat pempuan dah leh buat .. i ask Jang .. die pun bagi semangat to go for it .. i ask aypul .. die cakap tak berkenan .. coz im a girl .. if futsal thats a different story .. then i ask another person and he said .. its ok if i really want it .. i really love football .. go for it .. tapi untuk suka2 .. jangan .. coz letih training .. and i had a lot of others commitment ..

so with that .. i called them and said i cant .. coz commitment sangat banyak .. if only i got this when i was in form 4 .. i will absolutely play for them .. the day i got the offer i was the president of bowling club. MMU bowler and also the team captain of Chikas .. I had afie to take care and family business to handle .. im full already .. and my study summore ..

so today .. there's a bit of me that really want to be in there and try my best for it .. and want kick the ball and play my best .. but .. the commitment and responsibilities stop me there and then .. so thats why i hang around only for 20min..

gosh .. if only im still menanam anggur .. i guess i will absolutely go for it .. coz as along said .. "Main utk PKNS dapat gaji .. its under the FC " .. if let say main futsal dapat around 1200 permonth .. sape taknak ? u just need to come for training and join the tournament ..

I wish i was younger :p

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My body need to be pampered .. huhuhuh .. seriously .. bile dipikir balik .. dah sebulan tak pegi massage *yes thats how i actually pampered my body* ..

I try Spa once .. not really into it .. my body want massage more than do all those thing is Spa .. pegi Spa for pampering my brain ok la ;P

Haihs .. its either full body massage or foot massage .. i think today i will go for foot massage .. dah lame x buat .. lagipun they give some shoulder massage *i really need that too* .. so i guess im heading there before settle my chores :) or .. comet can go and buy all the stuff that we need for buka puasa >:) let me pampered my body for an hour .. thats all i need and thats all i ask ;) hehe

Monday, September 15, 2008


Haihs .. dah more than 5 days lampu my ungu violet belah kanan not working .. nasib baik tak guna kereta at night .. so for the time being xpe la .. but today i think i really need to fix it .. MALASNYEEEE .. nak tunggu derang pasang pun dah bosan .. or maybe pegi pasang kat Tisa je la ;p ngeee .. haihs ..

but of coz need to buy the bulb dulu .. i always use white light :) haihs .. berape ek ?? lupe dah .. every year kene tuka lampu nie .. ya Ampunnn .. buhsan gwee

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Aku rase, puasa tahun nie yang memang mencabar .. im sooo tired .. i dont know why .. lepas kerja kene pegi Jaring then straight to bazaar .. im just tired .. no one is helping .. everything on me ..

My health pun not that good this puasa .. i dont know why too .. it seems like i get tired easily and headache .. im just lazy this time around .. and my emotional not even at its best .. at first i thought its only because of the hormones .. but then i can see its actually me ..

Gosh .. nie pun nak kene pegi Jaring, then bazaar then Tisa pulak .. im seriusly tired!! im freaking tired ..

Saturday, September 13, 2008


If i did not have any plan by end of this year *eg: tak pergi UK* i guess i will absolutely bought one of this Marc By Marc Jacobs by next month .. this month did save around 1500 .. so by next month i absolutely can bought it .. Im not a Marc Jacobs fans especially since i saw the advert at KLCC the pic of Vic B with one of the handbag make me go *whattttt????* .. just terase gambar tuhs sangat HIDEOUS!! hehehehhe .. sorry to all Vic B fans :p

*the one that make me go ~gaga~*

Marc By Marc Jacobs Women's Dr Q Groovee Satchel

*and this one too .. simple yet nice .. just me :) *

Marc By Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Lady L Satchel

*you guys should check this in pink .. but of coz i wont buy the one in pink laa .. just soo not me :) this color is cool :) *

Marc By Marc Jacobs Women's Totally Turnlock "Faridah" Metallic Leather Hobo

*this one also not bad .. hehehe .. mcm comel jer kannn*

Marc By Marc Jacobs Women's Totally Turnlock "Quinn" Leather Tote

owhs i really hope they sold this in the UK and time pergi tuhs ade discount kan .. i will absolutely buy one !! yess .. im serius :) im target to simpan around RM 6500 just for my own shopping .. i really want this !! but then kalu Prada sales kat sane ?? macam mane ?? then i will be torn between two :( or Gucci sales .. haihs .. better stop now .. tido dalam keciwa .. bleh ? :(

p/s : any early present for this year ?? hahahahah .. can i ask for this one ?? :p ngeee ~

pp/s : in my dream la kannnnn :p

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wedding Plan

1.How old are you?

24 this october

2. are you single?

Happy with my comet

3. in what age do you think you’ll get married?

i guess around 26 :) hehehe .. lame x ?? x kot . pejam celik pejam celik dh 2 tahun :p

4. do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??

Heheheh .. harap2 :) hehehe .. hoping for the best :D

5. if not, who do you want to marry?

erm .. Ogiru Shun *did i spell his name correctly ?? * hanazawa rui in Hana Dori :)

6. do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?

ermm .. mixed of traditional and garden .. wahs .. boleh ? :p

7. your ideal motif?

Bayangkan .. the room is fill with white roses .. and it will depends on my baju .. kalu baju ku ade kaler light green .. i will combine with green .. kalu ade a few light purple .. the roses will be mixed of white n purple .. then kat atas meja pun ade jugak .. wahs .. simple la tapi .. niceee :) hehe

8. where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?

my all time dream is of coz hawaii ;) tp comet nak bawak pegi Pangkor Laut ;) hakhakhak .. pastu aku bawak die pegi Krabi ? ntoh .. yang penting memang ke laut :p

9. how many guests do you think you’ll invite?

haihs .. susahnyee .. cousin ag .. my friend pun dah ramai .. my mum friend ag .. ramai jugak .. then kawan future husband ag .. then family die ag .. ermm .. mau belah aku jer 2 kali ? wahs :p

10. do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?

simple yet memorable la kot :) hehe .. and full of friends to gather

11. do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??

No need vow la kot :p hahaha

12. how many layers of cake do you want to have?

erm .. surprisingly yg nie la aku x terpk .. but to think about it .. cake nie yg slalu makan pun we all je .. xbagi guest kan .. so no need to be soo high kot :p

13. do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?

Dewan pliss .. at least bleh gune caterer yang bebetul sedap .. kat hotel x semestinya sedap + mahal summore :)

14. when do you want to get married, evening or morning?

Akad Nikah ? Malam laa .. and reception pun malam :D

15. you’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?

Indoor pliss :) heheheheh

16. do you like a grand entrance for your groom?

yes yes :D

18. name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??

Sungguh banyak oke .. Of course our song Dealova, Because you love me, Aku Dan Dirimu, Cinta antara kita, ermm :-? ntah .. dah confius :p aaa .. how do i live :D

19. are you a morning person or a night person?

NIGHT !! all the wayyyyy

20. do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?

Mix of both la :) hehe

21. what age do you want to get married?

before 27 plis :) *comet take note*

22. describe your ideal husband/wife.

Penyabar ngan wife die yang panas baran, very sporting, understanding, love me for me, sweet, know how to make me laugh :)

23. do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?

Spoon & fork ler :D

24. champagne or red wine?

Sirap bandung oke ?? :p wahhahahahaha

25. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

after reception belah laki terus challo gi honeymoon .. x kesah la yang die belanja or yang i banje .. hakhakhak

26. money or hosusehold item?

erm .. BOTH .. hahaha .. household item .. sila bagi yang besar2 oke :p especially peti sejuk and washing machine :p wahhahaha .. DEMAND oke !!

27. who will pay for the bills?

Memandangkan suka sama suka .. now pun dah simpan duit sama2 .. so share la :) hehe

28. are you ready for married life?

haihs .. dah kottt .. :p

29. do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?

Of course la :)

30. will u always be true to your wife/husband?

hehe .. yes .. tapi kadang2 flirting jangan marah .. :p

31. how many kids do u like?

3 cukup .. wahahhahahah :p

32. a new house for a newly wed or an old one?

new house :) hehehe .. have one already .. tapi penting he need to dapatkan a maid .. im gonna be a businesswomen .. xde mase nak masak ari2 :p

33. will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?

Platinum terus .. boleh ?

34. what kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?

Nasi Minyak + Ayam Masak Merah/Pedas + Daging hahaha .. dengan erti kata lain .. masakan melayuuuuuuu

35. will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?

honeymoon ? ermmm .. boleh kot .. tp penting reception kot :p

36. whose wedding plans would you like to know next??? choose 5 person as Your friend?

1. Fadh

2. Nicol * perlu nie :p *

3. Shy

4. Dyna

5. Anyone

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged !

erm .. lamenyee tak buat tag .. huahuahua .. ok .. i need to stay awake kan .. so lets do this :p been tagged by fadh :)

:What were you doing 5 years ago?
2003 ehh .. erm .. that would be this is the 1st sem of my Beta year in MMU which means 1st sem of doing my degree in accountancy .. and it means that i am now struggling to pass my Financial Of Account sebab kiteorg tersakai dengan assignment :p hahahah .. and having fun and fun and fun

:What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1) Settle this upgrading
2) Pick up mine and alia convo potrait
3) Top Up tiraz touch n go
4) Pergi Jaring & Bazaar
5) Try the new iron tuhs .. for the new business

:What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
2)Strawberry Choc
3)Big Apple - Moonracker
4) Twisties :p
5) Mamee

:What are 5 jobs you've had?
1) Tax Consultant
2) Accountant
3) Sales Exec
4) Cashier
5) Manager

:5 ppl I want to tag.
1) Alia
2) Anis
3) Arni

Upgrading Part 1

Well .. supposed Tiraz kene upgrading system dulu .. but then .. coz on the same day Maxis Upgrading their system and our system using Maxis.. so we need to postponed ours .. Tiraz supposed to upgrade on the 5th Sept been postponed to 4th Oct .. 4 day after raya ya all :p

So now im at Tisa .. its 3.30am and Comet is here with me .. he was busy watching Constantine .. i ask him to sleep .. but then I the one that fell a sleep while he was busy watching the movie .. he need to work later .. but i guess because of nothing to do at the office .. he will probably sleep at Surau or the Library :p

The upgrading process is still on .. latest by 5am to finish everything .. im now craving for Big Breakfast McD .. while Comet already full with 2 double beef burger :p hahahahah

Im sleepy .. well i actually slept a lot today .. coz of the damn Diarrhea .. 2 days in a row toilet is ACTUALLY MY BEST FRIEND :p hahaha .. thank god i got my off tomoro .. if let say i need to work after went home at 5am in the morning .. i will absolutely kill myself :p hehehehe

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Have u guys heard of Peter Answer ? Well .. its actually a virtual tarot .. i didn't believe at first .. but then feel like why dont i try ..

Abang get to know about this website .. he told lily .. and of coz lily told ma .. so ma inform me .. message him so that i can surf the web .. when he said it was Peter Answer .. its sound familiar .. hmm ..

There's one time when i was playing like this Magic Card which been forward by a friend .. i ask afie to play it too .. i know the trick .. so i wouldnt say it actually a Magic .. :) so afie said 'ooo .. dulu afie main peter answer' .. thats why it rings a bell

called afie .. ask her bout this web .. she said sometime betul .. sometime not .. kadang2 die taknak jawab .. so i tried .. and he just wont answer me ..

Abang call .. he said becareful .. coz when he told his friend to ask his girlfriend name "lily" name came out .. and when he ask where will he work .. "Air Asia" came out .. so i said ok ..

then he called back .. now with video call .. he said ..

Him : Adik .. tengok nie .. gila .. die tau number plat aku
Me : Hahs ?? Mane ??
Him : Jappp ..tgk .. nampak ??
Me : tak clear .. bawah skit
Him : Aaaa .. OKok . nampak ??
Me : HOLY SHIT .. NAMPAKKKKKKK .. eii .. scary
Him : Aku rase nie setan ..
Me : Huhs ?? ermm

pastu bile pikir balik .. POse2 nie .. ade ke ? :-?

So abang balik On sunday .. so time melepak die suh alihkan keta .. but bile die nampak aku duk gune lappie .. die terus ..

Him : Ehh .. die dah jawab aku .. ko tau ??
Me : Mcm mane leh jawab ko ??
Him : Ntah .. die just jawab .. kene try .. meh kite try .. hehehehe
Me : ok .. jummm

So he wrote "Peter, please answer: What do i always tease afie with?
Peter Answer : Afie Beyak

time tuhs i was like "HAhsss ??? " *memang abang suke ejek afie mcm tuhs pun*

then he was like laughing like hell .. then die tulis lagi

Peter, please answer: What my sister car plate number?

Peter, please answer: What my sister boyfriend name?
Peter answer: Mie

Peter, please answer: Where will i work after graduate?
Peter answer: AirAsia

Crazy kannn ?? and scary at the same time .. but then abang gelak je .. haihs ..

Jahat tak kalu nak suruh abang tanye mane moonlight and Luna ? hehe

Monday, September 08, 2008

I love Blog

Thanks Dyna for loving my blog :)

Well for me .. all the blog that had been linked is the one I LOVE to READ :)

heheheheh :D


Lost Cat :(

Moonlight :(

Moonlight and Luna .. u will always be missed :(( .. Where are you ?? haihs .. Anyone nampak this two little kitty .. do email me .. they will be at kawasan Puncak Jalil :(

I actually cried when comet said that 2 of the kitten is missing .. i means .. bile die cakap one of it is Moonlight .. coz sme pun tahu moonlight is mine .. kalu pegi rumah comet mesti cari moonlight .. mesti kiss moonlight dulu baru kiss lain .. dari die newborn ag memang dah sayang die .. suke pegang die .. :( time drive tuhs cam terdiam and dah ternangis .. i want my moonlight back .. and also Luna *coz die sangat pemalas and suke tido time petang*

Sian tinggal Kula and Star jer ..

Kula and Star

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Breaking Fast with Comet & Bobby,typo,ganu

Look at the scenery .. soooo relaxing :) ME LOVE ! hehee

Went to Abdul & Charlie at The Mines Palace Beach & Spa .. of coz its not actually a beach but a man made "tasik" .. but the environment is really cool .. make u feel like u at an Island ;)

So many embarrassing thing happen to us .. hahahaha .. susah bawak orang x biase makan buffet pegi makan buffet .. such as " Udang Goreng Tepung" which is actually "Durian Goreng Tepung" .. Lepas tuhs makan durian goreng tepung terus kenyang xleh makan benda lain dah .. hahahahahah ..

Gosh banyak lagi la .. i dont know what to write dah .. but a lot of thing happen .. and walaupun cuma 5 orang .. kiteorg punya kecoh dah macam 10 orang ;) hehehe .. so when dah together, everyone making plan for a holiday .. we said its between Krabi or Perhentian Island .. Typo want to go for Perhentian .. he said "Cuti2 Malaysia" .. I request for Redang but bobby tak mau .. die cakap "too expensive" .. heheeh

Bobby ajak pegi singapore on christmas .. gilo hape aku kat UK time tuhs :D ngeee~ terus kene maki :p ..

Owh yeah .. we will survey another buffet for another get together break fasting ;) im hoping for Marche' to be next ;) YEAY !!

Abah Abah

Semalam .. sampai je Tiraz tetibe ma cakap "tau tak abah cakap ape kat ma ?? " aku cam . "huhs ?? ape ?" pastu ma sambung die cakap abah cakap "Abah bosan la duk tgk ma jahit manik je .. sibuk ngan new business .. abah pun nak buat projek baru la .. abah nak buat Jala la "

Aku dah cam "uiks .. Jala ?? bukan Ayah je ke reti buat Jala?? *i called my granddad Ayah*" .. ma dah gelak2 .. ma kata "Abah ko tau gax buat .. ma suruh buat kat balkoni ..die cakap x cukup panjang .. nak kene buat kat bawah"

So aku gelak je la kan .. i thought cam .. mesti hangat2 taik ayam nye .. tapi bile dah pegi beli lauk and gi bazaar time sampai rumah elok je aku nak masukkan keta tetibe abah cam nampak abah kat luar .. memang je la pelik .. and GUess what .. Jala tuh dah cam 1/3 siap .. Sumpah terkejut and takup muka time tuhs x tahan gelak okeee .. ye la .. selalunye buat Jala nie orang kat rumah kayu .. nie tetibe rumah batu die buat Jala kan .. mane aku x gelak .. hehehehe

Abah ade complaint .. die cakap "Abah boring la .. lepas tengok tv .. naik atas .. then turun balik tengok TV .. " aku ngan ma gelak je .. dulu time suruh gi shell awal xnak .. bile aku dah jaga .. boring pulak ? hehehehehe .. tuhs buang tebiat buat jala tuhs .. but then xpe la .. abah memang suka masuk Hutan .. tak tau la Jala tuhs die nak jual ke nak pakai sendiri .. heheh .. dulu kalu die nak JAla selalu die mintak Ayah je buat ;) Ayah memang pandai buat Jala ;) hehehehehe

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hectic Hectic

how i wish i can be there in the picture .. the place are so relaxing and peaceful :) how i missed Perhentian Island :)

Gosh .. it's hard to handle 2 business at a time .. especially when early of the month .. thats the busy part of my life i guess .. yesterday .. rush to Subang Parade to buy the printer ink .. i thought the color ink had run out .. rupernye .. kaler merah je abis .. haihs .. coz bile dah beli rupenye berat lagi the ink .. bongok .. ini namanye x check dulu before rushing gi Subang PArade ..

Some people might think "nape nak kene beli kat parade when u in Jalan Klang Lama .. people .. kalau nak cari cable wire from printer to computer pun aku amik masa sejam and last2 jumpe at a DIY shop .. how many hours for me to take to buy a God Damn Ink yang "kinda" mahallll .. wahahahha .. walaupun HP .. tapi come on .. Kat tiraz tuhs the best place to eat is Oldtown White Coffee :p itu pun dah takat tekak dah .. telankan je time lapo :p nak McD ?? bolehhh .. delivery laa :p and let me tell u .. dulu ade one time nak order pizza .. boleh tak pizza x sampai kawasan tuhs :( sian kannnn :p

so after dah settle with work as usual la .. keje aku time puasa .. pegi Jaring n Bazaar .. wait for comet and pegi dengan die .. And guess what ... semalam cought a Flu .. dah lame x kena .. most on Sinus la .. coz i been sneezing non-stop .. took Zyrtec, Sara and the spray all in one .. Result = tak boleh bangun for sahur HL :( huhuhuhuhu .. and pergi keje lambat :p

so today before pegi tiraz . stop by tisa dulu .. pick ma's lappie nak settlekan credit .. so bila ma dah balik Tisa .. aku settlekan credit dulu .. nasib baik dah biasa kan .. i means .. i start doing this job since like i was in Form 1 .. so dah tau kalu short or lebih kat mana .. settle all account in 30mins ..
Order Lubes, then email to the HQ .. luper navigator dah 3 hari tak email .. email that too to James ..

then rushing to Taipan coz maybank dah call semalam kata dah boleh deposit duit dalam new current account for the new business ;)
so bawak my buku ASD and check brape ade plus the bonus .. not bad .. so draw all "not all laa .. make it to genap figure .. ;) " and masukkan to the new account .. Ma suruh check afie nye ASD jugak .. shit .. double than mine :P hahaha .. but then its ok .. coz i got my ASB ;) n die punya maybe nak bukak by next week latest la :) amik duit ASD and full kan by umur 12 nie .. then nanti by 18 try to full kan lagi sekali insyallah kalu ade rezeki ;)

then balik to Tiraz and abah datang .. *its been a while since abah datang Tiraz time petang nie .. ingat ngigau :P i means .. sleepwalking ke kannnn :p * rupenya datang nak ajar how to calculate and pay to supplier .. cara abah nie pelik sikit .. not like normal account nye .. so kene dengar la .. kalu tak .. 2 tahun pun die duk cakap pasal salah kita buat :p hahahahaha ..

So .. lepas dah settle hal tiraz straight pegi Tisa and print all the credit and straight to SS 15 .. i got something for Comet .. hehehe :) i bought him our 2nd year anniversary present .. i know its nearly 2 month late .. tapi im quite busy and tied on budget .. ape lagi nak pegi UK .. nie baru dapat simpan 1k .. insyallah by next week i top up another 500 and next month another few thousand for my spending money ;)

anyway .. Comet .. I hope you like my present :) and thaks for always be there for me .. :) Happy Belated 2nd Year Anniversary :">

Monday, September 01, 2008

How to consume Herbalife ( Ramadhan )

(click to enlarge)

Time duk jump from one blog to another .. i found this info .. as i am new to Herbalife .. aku pun duk pikir macam mane nak consume .. so pikir took it for sahur (i never ate sahur before .. stakat bangun n minum air ) .. So semalam try la for sahur and alhamdulillah ok .. hari nie buka puasa makan sikit je dah kenyang .. so after makan terus amik tea :)

We see out it goes .. but this is for u guys out there :)

First Day Puasa

Balik dari Tiraz hujan selebat2 nye la kan .. so aku thought nak tengok je bazaar ade tak .. and bile sampai bawah flyover 14 tuhs .. aku perati ke mamat nie .. sian die ..naik motor nak delivery pizza time hujan2 nie .. nak masuk simpang nie aku nampak cam jalan tuhs pelik je .. air ke ?? macam x banyak .. so ok la .. aku pun lalu .. slow je sebab ujan lebat .. tapi akibatnyaaa ....

AIR TUHS DAH JADI CAM AIR TERJUNNNNNN .. aku cam dah "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. alamakkkk .. SORRYYYYY " terus pandang mamat pizza tadi .. muke die memang menyampah la kan.. mesti dalam hati "dah la kene delivery time ujan .. free pulak air terjun sampai 1 badan " ..

tapi kannn .. keta aku pun air tuh tutup abis windscreen woo .. aku pun pelik .. dalam sangat ke ?? tapi setahu aku ade satu agi mamat nie naik moto kat belah kanan .. baru nak kuar simpang .. x cek pulak die kene ke tak .. hehehehe

kalu la mamat 2 orang tuhs bace blog nie .. saya mintak ampun bebanyak .. sesungguhnya x expect air tuhs boleh naik macam tuhs sekali .. maafin ya :(


Thankz to Kak Sue for this Award .. actually tak tahu pun award nie untuk ape .. boleh tak ?? hahahahah .. so cam dah diberi .. saya menerima dengan sepenuh hati .. hehe :D

So here goes .. i will pass this awards to :


1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you

3. Nominate at least 7 other blog

4. Add link to those blog on yours

5. Leave a message for your nominees in their blog.