Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon

So on Thursday comet bring me and afie for New Moon..

He bought the Ticket at GSC Premier :D



but i still LOVE IT :D

Semalam pun tengok lagi sekali :D hehehehehe

Crazy yeah !!

And on thursday after watching new moon

Fly Fm ada buat cam competition to impress the judges on knowledge of Twilight

so .. after the first call i just try my luck and gave them a call

and guess what ??


hahahahahahah :D

yeay !! :D

Damai Laut

So on tuesday .. Me, Afie and Lily went to Damai Laut for Shell FuelSave champion.

The competition is when we actually decorated our station for the fuel save launch last month.

And 100% of central retailer did it and all of us get the opportunity to join the Damai Laut trip.

Arrived around 2.30pm and we checked in.

Bilik macam bawah tanah! not a nice view :(

around 4.30pm meet all the group member to discuss on performance for the night.

I need to sing lagenda and dance for dancing queen.

Me and Kak Hani do a duet on Lagenda. :)

So after Lagenda we straight singing and Dancing for Dancing Queen.

Sangat la STAGE FRIGHT !!!

gosh .. i love singing YES !!

but only karaoke and infront of my friend!!


or IN MY ROOM !!

sib baik orang cakap OK

if not ..



hahahahahha ..

so for performance .. we actually got the HIGHEST MARK !! yeay !!

then .. we have a karaoke

kak hani ajak menyanyi

and she pick zombie .. hahahahaha

my favorite :D

masuk bilik around 11plus .. nearly 12midnite

i was soo exhausted and tired

so me and afie layan OTH, criminal mind

lily layan lepak with others at lounge

the next day it start as early as 7am ..

kul 830 dah ready for team building

waktu indoor it was fun ..

then bila sampai outdoor tepi pantai

it was tiring !!!

we got last !! hahahahahha

tapi coz our team sangat ikut displin ..

so kami still won first for overall eventho last in team building

coz team lain banyak kene tolak markah

kami complain!! :p hahahahahaha

so .. lepas dah settle .. and dapat hadiah and all ..

ape lagi ..

picca time la :p

Mr Fong suka nak amik pic with our team ..

seronok coz Lagenda was dedicated to him :p

and our performance agak kelakar :p

overall .. it was nice !! :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fong Farewell By Team C06

So .. on Thursday our Team C06 ada buat farewell for Mr Fong ..

The venue is Holiday VIlla for the Hi-Tea :D

It was nice ..

Mr fong nye speech make my mum cried ..

Sampai mr fong xle nk tgk my mum ..

coz ada la cerita between this two people ..

when he actually our first TM *Territory Manager*

so .. when dia cakap pasal my mum ..

my mum dah nangis2 ..

aiyosh .. i pun kene tahan la ..


but overall ..

a nice event

kami bagi kayu driver R9 to him ..

*as a pro ask us to bought that one :P *

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watch This


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Entry :p

Its Been A While :)


Although ada exam .. i still had to attend event here and there ..

First .. Cik Dah Daughter nye Akad's

On 1 Nov 2009

Cik Dah nye wedding planner MIA ~~ !! CAN U BELIEVE IT ??

1 week before wedding .. Auntie keep on calling ..

No answer and no reply ~~!!!

So .. she do everything herself ..

Last minute tukar wedding planner ..

Amik Wan Huzairil ..

So the Pelamin is Wan Huzairil + Huzaidi punya ..

Nasib baik LAWA ~~!!!

Gosh .. gila siot the wedding planner ..

We were soooo PISSED OFF !!

Patut after the akads i need to attend Faisha wedding ..

Sakit gigi punya pasal x dapat pergi :(

And the reception is on Saturday the next week ..

That day i had two wedding to attend ..

On the day before ( Friday )

Me and Comet need to Attend Petroleum Dealer Association Malaysia Dinner with TPM

The artiste is Saiful Apek + Noryn

Apek did his homework WELL !!! *clap clap*

Noryn Aziz vocal is da bomb !!!

Then the next day we woke up quite late for Ozals wedding @ Kota Kemuning

Then at night kena tolong Cik Dah for her daughter Reception at PKPS ..

The theme for all of us is RED+BLACK

So .. i yang xde kene ngena pun kene paksa tolong .. hahahahah

Berlari haku !!~~~

from drive for bunga corsaj


fotostat list of table

till tolong menyelit and check table number

bila masuk dewan sangat tergamam ~~ !!

LAWA OKE the PELAMIN and the decoration

get the chance to talk to Pak Engku

His food are the BOMB !!!!

The Pelamin


The dayang2 PiNTU :p

So .. after the event i can relex a little :p

Monday Corporate Finance Paper, Tuesday Ecommerce & Info System paper *sucks!!* then lastly Paper Economy ..

After my Economy Paper terus shoot amik Afie and drop by MMU to send my CD for my Project Paper and straight to Melia Hotel .. I booked at Melia so that tak kelam kabut in Times Sq Hotel.

The theme is Arabian Nite :p

Yup .. we had FUN !!

and .. it was the last for Dato' Mokhzani and Fong Lai Pong..

Sad tho ..


Me and Afie adalah PALING SIMPLE !! :D

The event end at 12 midnite .. dah la sangat mengantok coz i only slept for 2 hour before pergi exam tu .. pastu push myself till midnite pulak .. sangat letih + ZOMBIE MODE :p

On Friday pulak ..

Me, comet, Alya, Bobby, Shah and Typo head to PD for our long awaited Vaccay

Semua macam x layan phone and sms and apa2 ..

Coz we really need the Vaccay :p

But .. Me, Alya and Comet arrive later as i need to ikut my Ma ke sana-sini

anak dia 2 weeks x kesah pasal dia .. so need to repay before heading for Vaccay :p

Bawak dia pergi Anya Hindmarch VIP Sales Preview at KLCC @ 10.30am

Alya follow kami :p

Then to Jalan TAR for her usual shopping for ribbons n stuff

Ma bought 2 bags at Anya Hindmarch.

1 handbag and 1 clutch ..

while i ??

me bought this 3 pocket bag in HIGH SHINE IN GREEN ...

then as Nik Nat wedding will be held this December .. So kami perlu cari ribbons for the doorgift

lepas drop off ma kat Tiraz baru kami head to PD ..

Sampai PD around 5pm ..

Lepak2 .. around 8.30 pm start our BBQ

So lepas BBQ .. dah abis makan .. balik Bilik .. we booked at Corus Resort and Paradise .. Supposed to head to Pangkor Laut .. Tapi cancel ..then we choose Damai Laut .. Cancel jugak .. then Kami choose pulau pangkor . cancel jugak ..

Last minute amik hotel nie .. sib baik ada room :p

SO .. lpas dah lepak2 .. me and alya macam nak main game .. ajak all the guys .. end up x main game .. tapi terus gi supper dekat Bangi Kopitiam *in PD ok :p *

Balik dari bangi kopitiam .. kami start to play card and end with Truth or Dare till 6.30 AM ~!!!

Typo dah peluk bantal and mata merah ..

Me and Alya lepas tu dah x tahan lapar as both Naga * alya on her menstrual while me will be in a week time* pergi breakfast ..

Angin sepoi2 jer pukul 8pagi breakfast dekat hotel restaurant which mengadap laut and sangat relaxing ..

Lepas breakfast .. kami terbongkang tidur till 1pm !! hahahahaha

bangun2 .. HUJAN !!! :(

HUjan till 6pm ..

Before that kami pergi lunch and all ..

After lunch layan karaoke Jamban and Game :p

Then semua kene paksa turun dengan gwe HUjan x Hujan i DONT CARE

nak jugak main air laut :p

so .. Me, alya, comet and bobby turun dulu

Shah lari naik bilik simpan HP coz hujan dah makin lebat

shah sampai jer kena paksa naik banana boat

Bobby x nak join as he had the phobia ..

kami naik banana boat kene humban kat tengah laut .. and nak naik boat balik sangat la susah :p

then .. alya ntah macam mana loss balance terus jatuh and heret me together while comet thot the need to lepas tangan ..

abang boat tu cam confius

alya dengan confident marah abang tu "apa nie bang ..cakap sekali je jatuh "

abang tu jawab balik "abang nak balance kan pelampong yg ko lepas tangan sapa suruh"

memang sumpah kiteorg gelak2 terus dalam air ..

shah pulak muka konfius kenapa kite 3 orang jatoh .. walhal dia relek jer

pastu comet mintak jatuh lagi skali .. dah syok ..

abang tu jatuhkan we all AGAIN dekat ngan pantai ..

kali nie agak sakit coz ..

Kepala alya hantuk kepala Shah

Kaki aku hantuk belakang badan Shah

hahahahahahah .. memang kene maki free :p

so .. malam tu we all lepak and have dinner at a seafood restaurant..

and play card sambil tunggu shah abis phone call ..

end up sme surrender and tido ..

by 3 hours baru shah abis and ajak we all play card etc ..

semua maki .. hahahahahha

its a nice weekend ..

love it love it :)

planning for either Sempoerna or Koh Lipe for our next trip :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Which one are you?

Specific Phobias List and Descriptions
A complete phobias list would be impossible, as it is possible to have a specific phobia of virtually anything in the world. Nonetheless, some specific phobias are more common than others. Look here for a detailed phobias list with in-depth descriptions.

Aquaphobia, or fear of water, can be devastating. Without treatment, it could lead to numerous other fears, isolation and even depression.

Hemophobia, or fear of blood, is a common specific phobia. Unlike most specific phobias, it can lead to low blood pressure and even fainting.

Cynophobia, or fear of dogs, is extremely common.

Roller Coaster Phobia
Roller coaster phobia is surprisingly common, a fact that may seem unlikely these days, as theme parks compete to build "bigger, faster, and more extreme" coasters.

Claustrophobia and Medical Procedures
Claustrophobia can be life-limiting in many ways, but perhaps the most dangerous is the possible impact on necessary health care. Here is a look at the risks and ways of coping with claustrophobia and medical procedures.

Siderodromophobia, or fear of trains, is relatively uncommon. However, some believe that it is simply underreported. The 2009 crashes of the DC Metro and the Walt Disney World monorail may cause reported siderodromophobia cases to escalate. Learn more about this unique phobia.

Aerophobia, or fear of flying, is a relatively common but potentially devastating phobia. Learn some causes of aerophobia and how it is generally treated.

Mageirocophobia, or fear of cooking, can be divided into many types. Suffering from one or more types is relatively common, although a more severe phobia may encompass virtually all types.

Cibophobia, or fear of food, is a relatively common but highly devastating phobia.

Dentophobia, or fear of dentists, is incredibly common. It can become problematic, though, when it leads you to avoid needed dental treatments.

Kleptophobia, or fear of theft, actually describes two distinct phobias. One is the fear of stealing, while the other is the fear of being stolen from. Read on for more on these often overlapping phobias.

Emetophobia, or fear of vomiting, is surprisingly common, though little discussed. The fear may be caused by many different factors, and can have devastating consequences for sufferers.

Climacophobia, or fear of climbing, can be complicated to diagnose. It may be linked to several other phobias, including acrophobia and bathmophobia.

Bathmophobia, or fear of stairs and slopes, can be tricky to diagnose. Symptoms are shared with a range of other disorders, such as fear of heights, fear of climbing and medical vertigo.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, or fear of the number 666, is surprisingly common. Shrouded in religious belief, the fear can be quite pervasive.

Bromidrophobia, or fear of body odors, can be largely traced to the current obsession with cleanliness.

Ornithophobia, or fear of birds, is relatively common. However, the symptoms and severity can vary widely.

Illyngophobia, or fear of vertigo, may be related to acrophobia, or fear of heights. However, those with illyngophobia do not fear the height itself.

Lilapsophobia, or fear of tornadoes and hurricanes, is related to astraphobia, or fear of storms. However, those with lilapsophobia worry that the storm will turn severe.

Pediophobia, or fear of dolls, may take many forms. Some people are afraid of all dolls, while others fear only specific types.

Although full blown automatonophobia, or fear of humanoid figures, is rare, a certain level of nervousness is common.

Stage Fright
Stage fright is a subset of glossophobia, or fear of public speaking. It affects performers of all walks of life, from kids in school to professional actors.

Maskaphobia, or fear of masks, can take several different forms. Some people are afraid only of horror masks, while others fear even costumed characters.

The fear of death is ancient and primal. However, not all thanatophobia is the same.

It is normal and prudent to take precautions against germs. However, mysophobia, or the fear of germs, takes normal caution to an extreme.

Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is surprisingly common. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely life-limiting. H

Although relatively uncommon, the fear of bathing can have devastating consequences. Social isolation and trouble at work or school are not uncommon in those with ablutophobia.

Astraphobia, or the fear of thunder and lightning, is especially common in children; however, it can affect people of any age.

The fear of snakes is relatively common, and over time it can become life-limiting.

Phasmaphobia, or the fear of ghosts, is a somewhat controversial phobia. Possibly related to the fear of death and shrouded in religious belief, this fear is thought by some to be symptomatic of disordered thinking.

The fear of doctors is surprisingly common. However, it is sometimes hard to distinguish a full-blown phobia from normal anxiety.

Doomsday Phobias
Doomsday phobias are a relatively broad category that can encompass a wide range of more specific phobias. Any phobia that involves fear of the end of the world could be classified as a doomsday phobia.

Who can forget Robin Williams as John Keating, encouraging his students to rip out the textbook pages on grading poetry? The film Dead Poets Society illustrated one of the main reasons that many fear poetry.

Megalophobia can be generally defined as the fear of large objects. This fear may be specific to large animals, ships or other items, or may be more generalized. Megalophobia is often exploited in Halloween events such as Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2008.

Bibliophobia is a relatively uncommon phobia that involves the fear of books. You may be afraid of all books or only those of a certain style or genre.

Herpetophobia, or fear of reptiles, is relatively common around the world. As such, it is often exploited by Halloween events such as Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2008.

Fear of the dark is common in children, and often passes as they mature. If it persists for more than six months, fear of the dark should be professionally treated, as it can become crippling in older children and adults.

Triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number 13, is an ancient phobia. Yet some experts believe that is should not be considered a phobia at all.

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. It is more general than aerophobia (fear of flying), and is not the same thing as vertigo.

Arachnophobia is one of the most common specific phobias. Experts are not yet sure what causes this phobia, but many feel that it may have evolved as an ancient survival mechanism.

Placophobia, or fear of cemetery tombstones, is generally related to necrophobia, or fear of death. It is not unusual to become nervous in cemeteries, funeral homes or other places related to the dead. However, when a fear of cemetery tombstones or other hallmarks of death becomes unmanageable, it can turn into a phobia.

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces. This disorder can be quite life-limiting, leading sufferers to avoid activities from MRIs to roller coasters.

Clown Phobia
Coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, seems pervasive in our society. Yet very little scientific research has been performed. How can something that seems so innocent be a source of such terror?

Fear of Space
Astrophobia, or fear of space, is a relatively common phobia. It may take different forms, from fear of aliens to fear of space exploration.

Fears of Failure and Success
Fear of failure and success are related conditions that can prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Hyponchondriasis, or hypochondria, is an often-misunderstood disorder. It is not technically a phobia, but shares many of the same symptoms.

Mythophobia, or fear of folklore legends and stories, is a fairly common specific phobia. The phobia is often used in horror films and Halloween events, generally in a stylized manner.

Trypanophobia, or fear of needles, is a relatively common phobia. It affects an estimated 10% of Americans. The phobia is unusual, as it can cause low blood pressure and fainting rather than fast heart rate and panic.


Storms are natural phenomena that tend to inspire strong emotions in both humans and animals. Some love to watch them, sitting in the doorway or by the window as the thunder and lightning crash all around. Some even choose to go outside, taking what many would consider an unhealthy risk in order to play in the rain. At the opposite extreme, both humans and animals may develop astraphobia, or a fear of thunder and lightning.

Symptoms of Astraphobia

Astraphobia can cause some symptoms that are similar to those of other phobias, as well as some that are unique. Sweating, shaking and crying may occur during a thunderstorm or even just before one begins. You may seek constant reassurance during the storm. Symptoms are often heightened when you are alone.

Additionally, many people with astraphobia seek shelter beyond normal protection from the storm. For example, you may hide under the covers or even under the bed. You may go to the basement, an inside room (such as a bathroom) or even a closet. You may close the curtains and attempt to block out the sounds of the storm.

Another fairly common symptom is obsession with weather forecasts. You may find yourself glued to the Weather Channel during the rainy season or tracking storms online. You may develop an inability to go about activities outside your home without first checking the weather reports. In extreme cases, astraphobia can eventually lead to agoraphobia, or fear of leaving your home.

Astraphobia in Children

Astraphobia is extremely common in children and should not be immediately recognized as a phobia. Since fears are a normal part of development, phobias are not diagnosed in children unless they persist for six months or more.

Try to soothe your child’s fears by remaining calm yourself. If you are scared of storms, your child will pick up on your nervousness. Use a combination of reassurance and distraction to help your child cope. Some parents find that a planned rainy day routine, such as popcorn and movies or board games, can help by giving the child something to look forward to.

Of course, if the fear is severe and inconsolable, or if it lasts longer than six months, it is important to seek treatment. Over time, a child’s fear of storms could become a full-blown, difficult-to-treat phobia in adulthood.

Treatment of Astraphobia

Cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques are often used in astraphobia treatment. You may be taught soothing messages to repeat during storms, replacing your negative self-talk. You may be taught visualization exercises that you can use to calm your fears.

courtesy of : HERE

Yup .. Something to ponder upon as now memang MUSIM HUJAN and sentiasa ada kilat.

What i will do is that .. Masuk bilik .. tarik selimut and tidur ..

Or .. if worse .. pergi kat kawasan TV and sleep coz kawasan TV x ada tingkap ..

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Exam Exam

So .. next week my exam started ..

9/11 - Corporate Finance
10/11 - E Commerce
11/11 - Economy

Just read 2 chap of economy and dah pening2 :p hahahahahahha

anyway ..

11/11 will be a national retailer convention for shell .. meaning all shell dealer from Malaysia will be in Times Sq hotel ..

Start at 1pm and end at 12am .. the dinner theme would be Arabian NIght ..

had my constume already .. thanks to Mummy *auntie murni* ..

She live in Dubai for 3 years if im not mistaken and had 10 set of arabian night costume :D

No worries .. xde la pakai macam the "Harem Dancer" @ " Belly Dancer" ..

Just thinking of the way to make up ..

Comet cakap pakai eyeliner tebal and pakai contacts colour :p

will do that .. hehehehehehe

owh .. tomorrow maybe pergi lunch with Alya and Syaz :D

and friday next week 13/11 will be heading to Lumut for our VACCAY !!! yeay !!! :D

cant wait ....