Monday, November 30, 2009

Damai Laut

So on tuesday .. Me, Afie and Lily went to Damai Laut for Shell FuelSave champion.

The competition is when we actually decorated our station for the fuel save launch last month.

And 100% of central retailer did it and all of us get the opportunity to join the Damai Laut trip.

Arrived around 2.30pm and we checked in.

Bilik macam bawah tanah! not a nice view :(

around 4.30pm meet all the group member to discuss on performance for the night.

I need to sing lagenda and dance for dancing queen.

Me and Kak Hani do a duet on Lagenda. :)

So after Lagenda we straight singing and Dancing for Dancing Queen.

Sangat la STAGE FRIGHT !!!

gosh .. i love singing YES !!

but only karaoke and infront of my friend!!


or IN MY ROOM !!

sib baik orang cakap OK

if not ..



hahahahahha ..

so for performance .. we actually got the HIGHEST MARK !! yeay !!

then .. we have a karaoke

kak hani ajak menyanyi

and she pick zombie .. hahahahaha

my favorite :D

masuk bilik around 11plus .. nearly 12midnite

i was soo exhausted and tired

so me and afie layan OTH, criminal mind

lily layan lepak with others at lounge

the next day it start as early as 7am ..

kul 830 dah ready for team building

waktu indoor it was fun ..

then bila sampai outdoor tepi pantai

it was tiring !!!

we got last !! hahahahahha

tapi coz our team sangat ikut displin ..

so kami still won first for overall eventho last in team building

coz team lain banyak kene tolak markah

kami complain!! :p hahahahahaha

so .. lepas dah settle .. and dapat hadiah and all ..

ape lagi ..

picca time la :p

Mr Fong suka nak amik pic with our team ..

seronok coz Lagenda was dedicated to him :p

and our performance agak kelakar :p

overall .. it was nice !! :D

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