Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Exam Exam

So .. next week my exam started ..

9/11 - Corporate Finance
10/11 - E Commerce
11/11 - Economy

Just read 2 chap of economy and dah pening2 :p hahahahahahha

anyway ..

11/11 will be a national retailer convention for shell .. meaning all shell dealer from Malaysia will be in Times Sq hotel ..

Start at 1pm and end at 12am .. the dinner theme would be Arabian NIght ..

had my constume already .. thanks to Mummy *auntie murni* ..

She live in Dubai for 3 years if im not mistaken and had 10 set of arabian night costume :D

No worries .. xde la pakai macam the "Harem Dancer" @ " Belly Dancer" ..

Just thinking of the way to make up ..

Comet cakap pakai eyeliner tebal and pakai contacts colour :p

will do that .. hehehehehehe

owh .. tomorrow maybe pergi lunch with Alya and Syaz :D

and friday next week 13/11 will be heading to Lumut for our VACCAY !!! yeay !!! :D

cant wait ....




Shaira said...

Hahhaha, good luck and enjoy!

blackrosemilia said...

good luck :) all the best!! hebat lh pon study, keje lagi..super woman :)

waNny said...

shy : thanks babes :D

emi : hahahaha .. hebat ke ?? hahahahha ... x kotttt ...

Afieeeeeeeeeee ! said...
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julia @ myn said...

good luck and all the best !

kem slm kat dr.shetty, i windu kat dia..hahaha..

waNny said...

myn .. errr .. dr shetty ? sita ke ? die dh xde laling ...

thanks :D