Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sambil-sambil melayan facebook and tengok2 status update nampak status Lady Verde talk about exes ..

And me myself pun cam dok pikir pasal LOVE this few day ..

About how me myself jadi freaks just because of one relationship that DID NOT WORK

Ada orang ketiga ..

I means .. Now i feel like i cant 100% trust my love one ..

Jadi cam freak GILE

Like .. Risau if ada girl call and cakap manja2 .. i will be like "Shit"

hmm .. try to adapt and buang benda tu ..

but bila dah kene .. u know how freak u can be ..

Insecure mesti ada ..

Macam mana u lawan pun ..

And i myself know im not a good girlfriend ..

And i cant gave my 100% commitment as i had lots of other commitment ..

And im not the typical yang manja2 all staff

And im independent

I want anything .. i will work MY ASS OFF


nahssss .. i dont believe that

WHY ??

Sebab .. if let say the relationship did not work out ..

Dont u feel like u owe them anything ???

They spent soo much for u .. and it did not work out

Macam kita berhutang jer nanti ..

Macam me and comet ..

I do bring him to follow me to a designer boutique and all

MOSTLY just so that dia tengok sesuai ke tak with me ..

And .. i never ask him to buy this and that for me

Like my birthday present pun i want to buy the sunnies myself ..

tapi coz dia kata for my birthday baru terima ..

hehehehe .. well thats me

some guys macam if keluar ngan girlfriend dia akan pay for everything

but me and comet .. i wont let him

maybe coz i dah kerja and he still study ..

so why need to ask him to give me this and that .. pay this and that

kalu i rasa nak makan chillis and ajak dia ..

i gonna pay ..

ehehhehehe ..

apa aku melalut dah nie eks ??

lari topic ..

ok .. back to topic ..

Can we trust guy 100% ???

sapa ada experience of been hurt because of there is the other person ?

how did u adapt ?

Memang tak semua lelaki sama .. and tak semua perempuan sama ..

But .. the feeling of insecurity ..


s u r a y a said...

saye la ade experience org ke-ti-ga :) best woah hahaha

SyaZaNa said...

not every guy is like that..but once you get the loyal+sengal type one...consider yourself lucky okay....but for me..i'm happy with my life right now...mmg akan ada dugaan..(girls..etc..and so on..)but if that what it takes for you to have a better life...then so be it...

waNny said...

sue: ahahahha .. best kan sue?? rasa nk tampor2 jer :p

syaz: hahahahaha. .. yup .. mmg x semua .. tp sumtin jadi freak weeeiii

Betty A. said...

so far..I hadapi 2x jer rship...and the 2nd remain until now.

But org ke-3 tu mmg ada jer....jz kne bersabar n kuatkan diri n percaya pd bf.

I trust words "kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana" ;)

gr8 2 c u n ur bf happy...

waNny said...

heheh .. tuhs la betty .. i pun percaya "kalau ada jodoh x ke mana" ..

sometimes trust .. but cannot put 100% .. :p