Thursday, August 28, 2008

double work

On tuesday .. lepas dah pegi register Nama for the new business tuhs .. ma ajak pegi umah Kak Nor .. she want to show her something *which is regarding the biznes* .. then after that .. Auntie Mahani ask us to drop by her hse *which is selang 3 rumah dr Kak Nor* utk tengok barang .. hahahaha .. Auntie Mahani not at home .. so me n my mum jumpe the maid and tengok la barang tuhs .

tgh tengok2 sekali dengar bunyi kucing .. so suruh anak die yg kecik tuhs gi amik .. die naik atas then die turun .. bile tanye mane kucing .. dia naik balik .. then turun and ajak aku naik atas sekali .. aku dah gelak *mana boleh* .. then die naik balik pastu die turun .. die cakap "x boleh bawak turun .. kucing berak .. busuk " .. serius kelakar ok .. aku dah gelak2 .. aku cakap 'dah abis berak dah .. boleh la bawak turun' .. pastu die cakap "x boleh bawak turun .. HUJAN " .. walhal dalam rumah je time tuhs :p eheheh .. pas2 mintak lagi nak tengok die cakap "x boleh bawak turun .. die tido" *padahal die x naik atas pun.. hahahahaha .. sangat comel anak Auntie nie*

so after Shah Alam .. we went straight to Tiraz .. its raining heavily .. pastu ma ajak pegi Jalan TAR .. i was like .. ok .. lets ..

Sampai Jalan TAR .. hujan makin lebat .. and kiteorg park kat SOgo .. but then lupe bawak payung .. so ape lagi .. redah je hujan .. hahahah

Dari Sogo .. ke Kedai Bunga Reben .. ke this one kedai which Located next to SSF then patah balik ke Gulatis .. time dari Sogo ke bunga reben tuhs .. mmg hujan selebat-lebatnyee .. masuk kedai dah basah baju .. dah la kedai tuhs Sejuk . memgigil due due orang cari barang .. ahhahahaha

So lepas dah abis beli barang .. kiteorg lalu depan Insaf .. ma dah gelak2 ingat pasal that day .. and that owner pandang we all and ma angkat tangan .. die senyum n angkat tangan balik *xnak masuk .. nanti x hengat dunie ag makan :p *

pastu straight to Sogo .. ma thought of buying Annick Goutal perfume .. die berkenan coz benda tuhs dalam bottle Butterfly .. but then after a while .. bau die sangat menusuk kalbu memeningkan kepala .. so i said *NO* .. ahhahaha .. terus balik :p

On the way balik Ma cakap "Modal tuhs dah boleh draw .. duit ma pun dah sangkut banyak nie .. " aku cam "u huhs .. " .. then die cakap "banyak dah duit ma gune nie .. dah xde duit dah" .. pastu baru realize "ooooo .. nak claim rupernyee .. tunggu bukak akaun dulu .. " die dah gelak2 ..

We really determine to make this new business work .. and i hope it does :) this is for my lil Sis .. Afie ;)

New business

Peepz .. my new business is on the way .. Pray for it to work out well yeah .. already register the name yesterday .. and insyallah tomoro i will open up the account :)

Please pray for me so that the business work and did good .. ~ Amin ~

What type of businesss ? i will post it later .. when all the stocks has arrive .. :) do not worry :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Inter-Secondary School Choir Tournament

Went to subang parade .. afie had a inter-school Choir tournament .. so give her some moral support.. reach Parade at 1pm and the tourney only start at 2 .. only 7 school compete .. but then i guess the best is Her's and SMK Seafield ..

Afie told comet that "the blue is our enemy" .. the blue is Seafield :p hahahah .. What to do .. they always got first while USJ 4 got 2nd :P but its still ok .. still TOP 2 :D

then while waiting for the judge to compute the marks .. there are 4 performance .. the first is banghra .. then the 2nd performance is a Band Performance, then followed by Violin performance and another band *this three is all from SMK USJ 4* .

its kinda funny to be in a high school student crowd .. they are active and gedix *i remember when i was in high school .. im not a popular gurl nor gedix :p .. im always a serius girl .. hehe .. but the gedix came when i was watching Westlife concert :"> *

hahahaha .. well .. congrats AFIE :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bowling tourney with Shell

find me !! hahahah .. the one yang blur tuhs is ABAH .. and the one with white tshirt and thumbs up is our Area Manager Mr Fong Lai Pong :D

Its been a while since Shell had this sport fiesta .. nak kata fiesta pun tak jugak .. just that coz last minute .. so they only do 2 event which is bowling and badminton .. i played bowling for sentral tiraz .. afie play for Tisa .. abah play badminton for Sentral Tiraz :p ngeee ~

i didnt get the real instruction or memo of where it's actually been held .. Ma only told me its at Kiara .. Abah said opposite of Intan .. asked James .. He dont even know what the place call .. i called the PIC but then he just wont answer the phone .. i actually went to the KGPA ( kelab golf pertahanan awam ) then u turn towards Mont Kiara and actually found Intan .. so as abah said Intan will be on my right and the golf club will be on my left .. so i went straight to KLGCC .. which is obviously on my left la kan ..

KLGCC pun ade bowling alley .. so i thought this is it .. but then i couldnt find any badminton court .. as we reach there .. we thought of playing a couple of game .. by the time nak kuarkan bola dari kereta the PIC called .. and he said he couldnt tell me where is the Golf Club but he is SURE its not KLGCC and asked me to called another pIC .. got the number and called him ..

Abang JOe * the next PIC * told me "Dekat Bukit Kiara Equestrian Golf Club * .. Alamak .. kat mane tuhs .. * bebetul depan INTAN * .. PULAKKKKKKKKK .. So terus masuk kereta and drove towards INTAN .. dah dia kata depan INTAN .. i thought infront of INTAN bebetul la kan .. rupernye INTAN cume INTAN .. no other BUILDING .. so stop asked the Security mane BKGC and he said "tuhs kat bawah tuhs .. seblah Royal Selangor CLub " dah pulakkkkkk ..

Nasib baik jumpa jugak .. bile sampai je kat dalam Club House .. i just realized and told my sis * ehh fie .. kakak pernah datang la sini* .. seriusly afie sakit hati dengar statement tuhs .. dah la sesat barat .. pastu statement pernah datang kannn .. wahhahahahah ..

Sampai me and afie play 1 game and then we just start with the other Shell Staff and Dealers .. semua tanye *mane mak ?? .. Ayah tak datang ?? * .. i thought my dad didnt attend at first .. sekali time turun nak amik picca .. nampak mamat nie cam kenal jer kann .. wahhahaha .. BAPAK ku sendiri :p

I guess i play OK .. more on trying to make my ball going for Hook again .. and Alhamdulillah .. jadi :D yeay !! eventho jari still sakit .. thats where the part "ABAIKAN" comes :D

all in all .. we had a good time and lepas tuhs we went to Curve and bought Cupcake Chic :p ngeeeeeeeeeee~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

200th POST

weee .. i just realize this is my 200th POST :D ngeehehehhe :D

Watch Athletics just now .. Just on time to watch Usain Bolt from Jamaica ran for the 200m and did another world record .. gosh .. he is FAST !!! u see .. if in 100m he actually can "break" from what he really capable of and made a world record but tonight .. he gave all out .. we can see it from the looks and the run .. I wonder what he did to get that strength ? hmmm .. so .. there you go .. another world record for the Jamaican Usain Bolt ..

And there's the 400m Hurdle Women .. another Jamaican won .. Gosh cant really recall her name .. but then she made a new Olympic Record .. Jamaican totally rules the track this year .. She ditch the US runner after the last hurdles .. She's fast too .. Been left behind for the first 3 hurdles and catch up by the 4th and lead by the 7th or 8th .. On the 9th hurdles u can see the flaws from her technique :) BY the 10th hurdles they are still neck to neck but she ditch her around 3m by end of the race ..

Well .. i do love the Athletics sport before .. but know nothing much .. but since Comet used to be Malaysian Athletes in 400m Hurdles .. and get to know quite a few people like Iky (used to be decathlon but now he focused on 100m), Zafril (400m and now trying for 400m Hurdles), Amad (High Jumper, Brader (Nazmizan *our 100m n 200m*) and a few other people .. i get to know how much their work and train to become the best .. *do minus my comet as he only start to train this year :P *

Oke .. now there's something i would like to share .. as i was driving back from KFC *bought a supper for me n my sis.. i know im in sin :P * i regularly switching the radio channel till this one song caught my attention .. i thought its just one of the advertisement but then it's NOT .. i just heard the theme song of Doraemon on RADIOOOOOO !!! hahahahahahha .. and the best thing .. someone did request for it .. GOSH .. DORAEMON ???? hahahha .. there goes the memory in high school all over AGAIN :p ..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Ol' Time

Well .. last night went to summit to bought afie's bowling ball plus i had my bowling ball polish .. afie took the Scout Reactive .. its ok for her coz she's a beginner and stubborn :p it's actually hard to teach her to play Hook ..

As usual .. dah pegi summit mesti la beli Hot & Roll @ Wrapz .. so just as we get out from the ProShop .. i see a familiar faces :) Met my senior at SMKSU .. chat a lil .. ngeee ~ one of them i had a crush when i was in Form 4 .. can u believe it .. after a few years .. we met again :)

But hey .. it's just a puppy crush ok .. now im happy with my comet :) dont get me wrong there .. it's just the fling and the feeling that i actually like .. wahahhahaha.. *sorry comet*

We just chat a lil .. all of us kinda awkward .. statement from one of them "wahs .. still main bowlin ek ? " and statement kaver ku "ehhh .. no la .. buying a bowling ball for my sis" .. wahahahhahahaha .. nasib baik my bowling ball dah polish petang tuhs .. kalu tak .. senyum jer :)

coz petang tuhs puasa .. and Afie want to buy wrapz .. so shes the only one that can eat it .. later that night .. i bought 1 for myself and afie as usual .. she always want another one :P hahahahahha

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i want

its not that i want .. i need a mother in law that will love me for me and will always love me . she will accept me in her family and took me as her own child ..

i did know about someone who married without the approval of the husband mother .. they did approve but dislike their daughter in law .. so i know how SUCKS it is ..

So .. i really need a mother in law that would accept me and love me for me .


Monday, August 18, 2008

Yelena Isibayeva

During the indoor season, Isinbayeva set her twenty-first world record, clearing 4.95 metres on 16 February 2008 in Donetsk, Ukraine. A few weeks later, in Valencia, Spain, Isinbayeva won the World Indoor Championships over Jennifer Stuczynski. Both vaulters achieved the same height, with Isinbayeva winning by virtue of fewer unsuccessful attempts.[2]

On July 11, at her first competition of the season, Rome's Golden Gala, Isinbayeva broke her own world record, clearing 5.03 metres. This was her first world record outdoors since the 2005 World Championships. Isinbayeva stated that she had tried so many times at 5.02 metres and was still unsuccessful, her coach told her to change something and so she attempted 5.03 metres.[3] This record came just as people began to speculate her fall from the top of pole vaulting, as American Jennifer Stuczynski cleared 4.92 metres at the American Olympic Trials. Isinbayeva stated that this motivated her to maintain her reputation as the world's greatest female pole vaulter. A few weeks later, at the Aviva London Grand Prix, Isinbayeva and Stuczynski competed together for the first time of the outdoor season. Isinbayeva won the competition, with Stuczynski finishing second. Both attempted a new world record of 5.04 metres. Isinbayeva was tantalizingly close on her final attempt, with the bar falling only after Isinbayeva had landed on the mat.[4]

Isinbayeva broke her 19-day old world record on July 29, in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. She cleared 5.04 metres, her twenty-third world record, on her final attempt.[5]
At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing on August 18, she prolonged her Olympic Title, by clearing 5.05m, her 24th world record.[6]

24 world record has been set by her alone .. 10 indoor and 14 outdoor .. At Beijing she cleared the 5.05m height broke her own world record of 5.04m .. How high can u actually go Yelena Isibayeva ?? Im curios :)

World (O) 4.82 m Gateshead, England 2003 July 14
World (O) 4.87 m Gateshead, England 2004 June 27
World (O) 4.89 m Birmingham, England 2004 July 25
World (O) 4.90 m London, England 2004 July 30
World (O) 4.91 m Athens, Greece 2004 August 24
World (O) 4.92 m Brussels, Belgium 2004 September 3
World (O) 4.93 m Lausanne, Switzerland 2005 July 5
World (O) 4.95 m Madrid, Spain 2005 July 16
World (O) 4.96 m London, England 2005 July 22
World (O) 5.00 m London, England 2005 July 22
World (O) 5.01 m Helsinki, Finland 2005 August 12
World (O) 5.03 m Rome, Italy 2008 July 11
World (O) 5.04 m Monaco 2008 July 29
World (O) 5.05 m Beijing, China 2008 August 18
World (I) 4.83 m Donetsk, Ukraine 2004 February 15
World (I) 4.85 m Athens, Greece 2004 February 20
World (I) 4.86 m Budapest, Hungary 2004 March 6
World (I) 4.87 m Donetsk, Ukraine 2005 February 12
World (I) 4.88 m Birmingham, England 2005 February 18
World (I) 4.89 m Lievin, France 2005 February 26
World (I) 4.90 m Madrid, Spain 2005 March 6
World (I) 4.91 m Donetsk, Ukraine 2006 February 12
World (I) 4.93 m Donetsk, Ukraine 2007 February 10
World (I) 4.95 m Donetsk, Ukraine 2008 February 16

p.s : O for outdoor .. I for Indoor

courtesy of :

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Down the memory lanes

Tetibe cam teringat .. how i meet comet and what happen between us .. all the hint he gave me .. which i never realised back then .. until that one day ..

First time i met him .. was back in 2005 .. June 2005 .. time tuhs kiteorg semua nak main futsal .. i remember .. closing ceremony of Interfaculty .. and im one of the committee .. so tetibe that guy *my ex* cakap .. there are a few girl nak main futsal and x cukup player .. any suggestion ?? and i said "we can invite the Bkt Jalil ppl if u want .. i can ask Icam to ajak his fren .." ag pun nak main 2 jam kott ..

so we meet at Sunway .. the only person i know is Icham .. Icham introduce me to some of the guys .. which is "Amad, Ail, Comet and aypul" .. keco jugak time tuhs .. To tell the truth .. aku takot tengok comet time tuhs .. coz muka die cam nak makan orang and sangat garang .. *plus kurus*

Aku ingat time tengah main futsal tuhs .. tetibe die lari dari gol post to another gol post .. towards me .. i think i must be pale .. aku mmg cuak sampai xleh nak gerak coz i thought die mesti langgar aku coz xleh stop *he was pretty fast* .. tapi surprisingly he stop and give me a DEVIL SMIRK !! dammit .. *and of coz la rampas bola yang kat kaki aku* .. semua orang gelak :(

So after 2 hours of futsal .. and x bercakap ngan comet *only talk with Icham n Ail* .. we all went for dinner at Mamak Bistro * bak kata comet .. tempat pertemuan .. tempat jatuh hati * .. he sat opposite of me and selama makan tuhs duk tengok je muke gwe .. haihs .. mmg la x sedap duduk .. huahuahua ..

so after a few weeks *tgh depressed mode* pegi BJ to meet icham .. time tengah tunggu .. nampak comet kuar naik motor .. die stop tanye tunggu sape .. aku still cuak2 ngan die .. hahahahahah .. sangat kelakar oke !!

first time borak banyak ngan comet is time we all first time hang out dinner .. Icham ajak dinner .. ok la .. so time dinner tuhs .. comet makan sangat banyak !! Nasi Goreng, Maggi Goreng and Naan .. and he sat next to me .. memang je la aku perati kan .. then baru start borak2 and kuar citer pasal Naruto .. ada topic nak borak kire ok la .. after dinner semua gi Main bowling .. We play Single memule then Team .. siap betting .. kalah belanja air .. hahahah .. and of coz la team we all menang with Perut and LAtip .. so dapat minum free .. Comet with Icham n Aypul .. hehehehe ..

so bile pikir nak dijadikan citer .. time lepak2 tuhs .. aku tersembur air yg diminum and betul2 kene muke comet .. u see .. meja mamak kan slalu empat segi .. kiteorg sambung 2 meja .. aku ujung sini n comet ujung sane .. still kene dia .. macam mana tuhs ?? kene pulak tepat kat muka die .. hehehehehhe .. nak dijadikan citer ..

and pikir balik .. semua orang lain .. they all that want my number .. tapi die .. aku yang mintak icham .. semata nak kenekan pasal Naruto ..

I remember the first time kiteorg gi Genting .. which is im the only girl kat situ .. and that the first time aku tau die ade gf .. and surprisingly .. a part of me agak keciwa .. which i dont know why coz i was hoping for another guy ..

I remember time i got in for represent Selangor in Women Football .. aku bincang ngan dia .. and die cakap "nak kata xboleh .. x boleh gak .. sebab skrg .. ape yg pempuan main laki boleh main .. ape yang laki main pun pompuan leh main .. pandai2 pikir" .. tapi end up aku tolak coz someone said "pikir about all ur other responsibilities" ..

I remember time aku nak cucuk idung .. that other guy cakap "cantikk .. cucuk belah kanan .. jangan belah kiri " .. when i told him .. jawapan die senang .. a big "NO" .. and i follow him

I remember first time lepak ngan die 2 orang je .. time tuh tetibe die ckp die sunyi .. so terus jalan2 ke KL .. and which is actually supposed to anta die balik hostel .. ade orang siap SMS tanye "pegi mane?"

He's the only one aku abiskan masa nearly 5hrs cari birthday present .. dari Petaling Street ke Sg Wang ke Kotaraya .. esok tuhs terus demam ..

He;s the only one yang aku buat betting xnak jumpe 3 weeks coz nak diet tapi baru seminggu dah huru hara .. die pun ngaku *mencari jugak laa*

HE's the only one that will always took care of me .. kalu aku ade problem .. tak semena .. nampak die kat tempat aku gi .. contoh one day tuhs .. ade problem .. die tak bagi gi training futsal .. tapi aku gi gax .. tengok2 die ade .. alasan *nak tgk keadaan .. takot bunuh diri jer*

He's the only one that aku hangout sampai kul 7pg 2 days in a row .. samapi die cakap die nampak aku 8 .. bukan 1 dah :p

The only person i told about everything time we are friend .. sapa aku minat and why .. but time tuhs tak sedar that die actually ada hati kat aku ..

Time die pegi Manila .. we will chat everyday thru YM and Webcam .. siap aku tak kuar makan coz tunggu die kul 9mlm .. pastu supposed dia balik another day .. tapi die balik 1 day earlier.. time tuhs Sea Games Manila .. katanya .. he and his friend kononnya nak buat surprise kat aku ngan jumpe kat Alamanda time tourney .. tengok2 flight delay .. and sampai kul 11 mlm .. x sempat nak buat surprise .. derang call mintak tolong amik kat airport coz dah x sempat nak naik comuter .. hahahahah .. sengal oke !!

The only person yang aku akan cari time nak tengok wayang or nak melepak tenangkan pikiran ..

The only person that aku akan cari bila nak have fun :)

And will always remember the first time he said that he love me .. i was shocked !!

HE is The only One for me ..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

. wishlist .

Tadi pegi Summit to drill afie nye bowling ball .. so sambil2 tuhs cuci mata tengok bowling ball .. haihs .. i go *gaga* bile tengok this one ..

And bile tengok the weight .. 15.2 .. just nice .. mine .. haihs .. so ingat cam nak target la beli kan .. tapi bile tengok harga go *herrrkkkksss* RM 749 .. or is it RM 799 ?? haihs .. mau sebulan gaji abis .. haihs .. cannot jadi laa ..

before this time lepak2 summit tengok this bowling ball kat proshop ..

Sekali lagi go *gaga* .. tapi plastic ball .. i got mine already yang ijau tuhs .. tuhs pun beli mahal tuhs .. nie pun RM 499 .. for plastic ball .. cukup2 la 1 jer aku beli mahal kannn .. spare ball nie x perlu banyak2 ..

tapi arie tuhs nampak one uncle nie gune this ball .. alaaa .. sangat la santekkkk .. haihs .. tensi ..

tapi kalu yang nie turun msia ..

memang aku guling2 depan kedaiiiii .. hahahahahahah .. sangat la santekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .. kan ???

p/s: wanny .. nak beli bowling ball pasal performance ke pasal santek ??? dua-dua pun bolehhhhh .. ngeee ~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i feel empty

Monday, August 11, 2008

Graduate !!!

Yeay .. at last convo day !! hehehe .. tapi seriously letihs coz malam tuhs aku balik dari Closing pun kul 230am .. and cuma boleh tido around 330am .. kul 6 dah bangun to siap2 semua ..

Sampai jer .. actually dah lambat .. suruh ma and abah masuk dewan and aku beratur kat luar .. this year semua kene ikut Number .. tak boleh pakai main beratur mcm dulu dah .. BUHSAN ..

So sampai jer .. terus beratur .. jumpe alia, azrai, azzeri and fareez .. then jumpe nicol, typo n ena .. heheheh .. keco kat luar tuhs .. so bile masuk dewan dah berpecah bohsan la sikit ..

Meet azrai new GF dalam dewan :) kurus betul :D so bile dah lepak2 tuhs .. the event started .. memule tak rasa mane .. but then bile dah tinggal 2 row before me .. dah cuak .. hahahahah ..

bile my turn .. memang cuak .. coz my hat seems to like jatuhs2 .. and i wear heels *i dont really like to wear heels* .. so bile nama dipanggil .. cam sangat excited .. ehehhe .. amik jer .. terus jalan turun ..

time turun .. cari2 jugak ma and abah .. nampak !! YEAY !1 derang excited lambai2 .. aku pun lambai balik laa .. hehehehehe .. so the rest is history .. buhsan tunggu lama sangat nak abis sampai engine .. kematu gax la buntot ..

So bile dah last person of engine ..sme dah bersorak .. hahahahha .. as usual .. e-bee ade .. and ade lagu permata dunia .. seriously mate bertakung .. coz kiteorg nyanyi lagu nie time 1st week of orientation and now .. time convo .. serius nak nanges . tapi x cukup feel coz aina buat version lain .. haihs .. kantoi feel betul ..

bile kuar je .. amik ko .. penuh manusia .. sib baik dapat jumpe comet and afie .. pas2 cari2 ma .. jumpe .. terus bawak pegi amik gambar kat studio .. nasib baik cepat .. dapat jugak setelkan cepat2 sebelum lagi berpeluh dan TOYER :p

abis je amik pic kat studio .. gi graduation party dulu .. ngn ma abah afie n comet .. so after makan2 .. ma n abah balik .. tinggal aku afie n comet .. photogedi ..

the rest .. let the picca tell u the story ..


Friday, August 08, 2008



On thursday .. lepas dah pegi KWSP and Bank with Ma .. terus head to BJ utk beli tix Avril Lavigne for Afie birthday presie .. that one from Ma ;) aku dah belikan untuk die bag Le Sport Sac :)

So .. bile dia balik sekola cam tipu kata tiket dah abis .. x sempat nak beli smua la kan .. but time kul 12 mlm .. put the tix dalam Sampul MAS Airlines and bagi die .. die cam confius .. die ingat x buat exam ag dah dapat tiket gi UK .. hahahahah .. bile dapat tiket avril terus jerit2 time tuhs gakk .. hahahahha .. my lil sis .. tau la in the same time agak keciwa coz bukan tix flight to UK kaannnn :p

coz ma and Abah ade wedding on that day .. aku and Comet buat plan nak ajak die n her fren makan .. we went to Italianese for Dinner .. aku bitau waiter yang ade birthday girl .. so die dapat la Bread Butter Pudding .. seriusly time waiter tuhs tanye sape birthday girl .. die terus tutup muka and mata coz malu and dont even want to stand up .. kiteorg nyanyi sekuat hati .. kawan2 die gelakkan die jer :P .. and we share the pudding :) die seronok sangat .. coz she can celebrate with her friend .. sian die Birthday on 8.08 .. ape lagi now 08.08.08 .. semua orang nak kawin laa .. :p hahahahah ..

As long as she's happy . im happy :) and i hope she's happy :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

HSSE Course

Kene paksa ngan Ma suruh amik the staff awal .. so i woke up at 7am and pick them up at 745 .. guess what ?? we all sampai Academy kul 810am when the course will only start at 9am .. haihs .. tensen .. dah la nantok ..

so 9am sharp semua masuk Hall .. but then the "penceramah" sampai lewat .. around 930 am baru sampai .. dunno why .. and SUMPAH this course is damn bored !! at least for the first 3 hours ..

so after lunch .. lagi la susah nak bukak mata kan ... nasib baik ade mcm benda kene buat .. we all kene buat cam bandage to other people .. how to ikat kepala kalu luke .. buat sling tangan sme .. "HSSE is Health, safety, ntah hape environment :P " .. so penceramah tuhs dari St John Ambulance .. nasib baik abis on time .. we learn CPR too :)

Sampai Holiday Inn Glenmarie around 845am .. today kene belajar cara2 emergency such as padamkan api sme ;P and they show us video .. ade yang sangat scary ok . such as tanker meletup coz the staff gune HP time check minyak .. *GUys .. bile kat petrol station do OFF UR HP and do OFF UR ENGINE* Nyawa korang ag penting ok .. and yes .. HP boleh buatkan minyak tuhs terbakar .. we did not put the NO HP sign for NOTHING.

So after tengok video .. kiteorg kene keluar and belajar cara gune fire extinguisher .. haihs .. boring boring .. nasib baik arie nie HALF DAY :p heheheheheh .. so lepas dah setel sme .. anta staff balik jalan Klang Lama . ingat nak gi Tisa buat account .. tp dah sampai umah malas nak kuar lak .. tido dulu coz cam x cukup tido .. then malam baru setelkan Acc ;)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

1st August

Ok .. since my parent takde .. im taking over the business .. its actually nothing rare coz dah biasa sangat buat keje nie .. but then .. yesterday is like SHIT ..

I did alarm at 730 .. but end up woke up at 830 .. then dah mandi2 .. terus ke Tiraz coz Securiforce coming for collection .. nasib baik semua keje dah buat a nite before .. so sampai je around 10min derang sampai and bagi the collection la ..

So bile dah setel yang tuhs .. ingat janji ngan afie for bowling .. so kejut die and aku pun siapkan sikit ag keje and went to McD drive thru for Breakfast *no diet as im still unwell .. and did vomit 2 days in a row* and we had our breakfast first ..

Sampai jer summit we bought ourselves 3 games each .. but then rasa cepat sangat abis add another 2 games each .. so abis main pun around 12 coz we reach there around 10.40.. I remember that 2 of my staff kene renew their permit so that means had to do the medical check up and x ray .. coz janji after friday prayer relex la lagi .. so after bowl pergi tisa dulu

Sampai tisa baru je nak buat keje my staff called said derang dah siap and duk tunggu .. so terus rushing pegi Tiraz and pick them up .. suruh derang sembahyang kat Subang and i setel some works dulu .. Lily pulak boleh pegi teman my brother pegi hospital on the SAME DAY .. so she's not in from 9am till 3pm ..

So bile derang dah setel sembahyang .. ingat nak g medical check up .. clinic will only be open after 5pm .. and time tuhs baru jer 2.30pm .. so bawak nak buat xray dulu .. the nurse there were very the kereks .. and so kurang ajor .. tapi xleh nk buat xray coz aku lupe amik passport .. so runner balik to Jln Klang Lama to pick up their passport and gi balik Subang for XRay ..

After x-ray i called lily and she's in Tisa so suruh derang setelkan bebudak nie nye picture and medical check up .. coz i need to setel time closing shift .. dah kat subang .. setelkan Tisa punya dulu .. time tuhs dah nearly 5 .. so after collect Tisa nye terus gi Tiraz .. Comet tak pegi keje coz die dapat MC .. so he come and help ..

Sampai Tiraz terus buat closing shift .. siap kerje pun dalam kul 6 and sampai rumah around 6.30 ..

baju kurung yang dikatakan rosak in previous post is NOT ROSAK actually :p pergi balik for alter and rupe-rupenye .. :"> die nye ukuran besar as ikut ukuran lama which means im thinner *perasan* .. hhhehehehe ..

so after Tiraz pegi amik baju yang di repair and terus straight home ..

Dalam kul 11 kene pegi Tisa balik for Daily closing and after Tisa ke Tiraz .. we reach home around 2.30 AM !! huhuhuhuh ... and hari nie bangun kul 1PM coz nak kaver tido :p

tapi semalam sangat la kelam kabuts !! :p