Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When a personal blog became a Advertorial Blog

Ain't that sucks?

Worst is Gossip Blog jadi Advert Blog

Well .. its all because of the money no?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Card

Well .. Tak pernah lak post pasal wedding card kan?

Tempah this wedding card from Family Friend

Dia nye workmanship memang marvelous

Semua pun boleh kata tempah ngan die

From Solemnization card, Reception card, RSVP card and also Thank You card andddddd

my tagged kat pokok2 besi tu

Dia charge murah dan cantik

and the ribbon kat atas tu

my mum taruk with sarvowski :)

sampai boss i cakap "Wanny .. u cakap orang buang je kad kan? tapi macam mana orang nak buang your card if you letak pure Sarvowski kat kad nie?"

I macam "ermm .. u cabut la ribbon tu kalau nak buang kad"

then he say "dont think i buang la your wedding card. simple tapi very nice"

owhs bangga OK!


this how it looks like bile i post the card .. who received the Solemnization card and Reception together :)

Solemnization Card. SOrry yer kene blurkan address.. hahahahahah

Sampul surat ;)

Anyway .. semua card i only 1piece card :)


Monday, November 14, 2011


I know I have this in Black.. But I still want another one :p

Already talk to Comet about this.

And he say to buy another one in Nude :)

Cantik kan?? Kannn kannnn kannnn ??

I want pump too.. Sebab macam cover jari-jari kaki yang tak cantik kan??

But what I'm contemplating now is ...........

Nak beli Balenciaga City Bag in this color

or ?????

Add more Ferragamo Varina to the collection?

For now i have Purple and Red Varina that i love to bits

*thanks Aziati for buat me a new shoeholics Varinaholics T__________T *

So i thought of buying in Yellow Mustard and Black

or Green



or Grey





or Black


ALL OF THEM~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *warghhh?*

So yeah

So ntahs

Discuss ngan Comet

He say "Suke ke Balenciaga tu?"

Me answer "Boleh lah"

Then he say "Then beli la Varina lagi"

Tapi mcm 50-50

IF beli Balenciaga + Loubi ( Boleh 2 items jer)

If beli Loubi + Varina (i think i can buy 3 Varina)





im confused