Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i remember

i remember the first time i meet him .. im scared to even looked at him nor talk .. coz he has this serius face .. i remember the first time i played futsal with him .. he nearly knocked me up .. but end up laugh to me because he saw my scaredness ..

i remember after futsal when we went for a drink .. he sit opposite me and keep on looking at me without saying any words .. and that make me awkward especially when i had i my bf next to me .. and i remember asking him if he ate already and he said yes ..

i remember the 2nd time i met him at sunway sport planet .. i dont even talk to him .. just said hie and i went straight home ..

i remember the 3rd time i meet him .. infront of SSBJ school .. he on his friend bike .. asking me im waiting for who .. and saying that he want to go to the bank .. and he went like that ..

i remember the 4th time i meet him .. we meet at Kirana's and thats the first time i talk to him for a long time .. we talk about anything and everything .. the stater topic is about who's eating alot coz he ate like a pig :p then we went for bowling and after that we went for a drink again .. this time i accidently split all of my drink thats in my mouth straight to his face .. i guess that what make us closed ..

then i remember i meet him to give him a naruto cd .. all of my naruto cd .. then we went to sure heboh together .. with some friend of mine n his .. then after sure heboh we went to mid valley to watch old town dogs and straight to hartamas after that ..

I remember the first time he had a ride with me alone and he said that he feels lonely so i straight take him for a drive around KL and end up at naina's from 12am till 7.30 am .. we been talkin and talk .. and its fun .. and the next day we do the same thing all over again .. i remember the first stuff he gave to me is a sasuke keychain .. i remember went to uptown with him a the geng and i keep on walking next to him ..

I remember i gave him my private blog address and the only way he want to know what ive been up to is through that blogs .. and i remember that i sent him to manila while its been exactly 24hours of without sleep and i had a bad flu .. i remember how i used to wait for him to be online every 9pm from manila and just had a nice chat .. i remember he show me manila cc with a webcam :)

i remember the first time i cried because of him .. because he said that he tried to get away from me to give me time to hang out with that "person" .. and its hurt me cause all the while i put him as a special someone and special person in my life ..

i remember when he said that all his friend asked him to be with me and to asked me to be his girl and he laugh about it .. i remember he went to rio just because im stressed out .. i remember he came to cyber just to brought me food .. i remember the first time i put my head on his shoulder while watching movies ..

i remember i cried infront of him because of that "person" and i can see how pissed off he is because of that .. i remember the first time he brought me to karaoke and we sang like hell although its only 1 hour .. and i remember when we talk on the phone for 2 days in a row when he's in his hometown and it was Aidiladha nite when we talk till 6am in the morning .. we used to talk till 5.30 am .. till i need to get my sahur ..

i remember the first time i had a fight with him .. before we watch the pirates of the carribean 2 .. which the first time im moody with him .. and after thats is all a history coz on that day itself .. we are a couple .. and all this while im searching for someone else .. hoping for someone else .. but i never realize that the perfect person for me is just infront of me waiting for me to notice that he is in love with me ..

and i remember how im happy with him before as a friend and how truly and sincerely happy i am now with him .. i never hope for something better :) thank u dear :D i love u sooo much

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

final xm is over

huhuh .. at last final xm is over .. for me to take 6 papers its like bringing myself down :p huhuhuh .. but then .. alhamdulillah .. i do take all the papers although some of it without any confident to do so :)

first paper is on 15th of may for e-audit an elective subject then the next paper is Advanced Taxation (16th of may) .. e-audit was like so-so .. but then i covered it all with my tax paper .. heheheh .. :)

then on friday .. my Adv MA paper .. which are a SO-SO tooo .. then on the next tuesdat .. my CF paper (again!!) which i had no confident at all and end up .. i guess i answer it all well ;) hehehehe ..

on thursday my MDS paper .. which i had confident end up forgetting all the rumus .. and last but not least my FSA paper on Saturday .. huhuhuh ..

now im at home .. and waiting for my practical to start .. last nite kemas bilik kul 11pm .. hahahah .. then my dad said im giloz :p happy practical everyone !!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


miss nicol.miss aina.miss

another 3 weeks and then we gonna go out ..
im gonna missed nicol yusze n aina ..

things that im gonna missed :
-yusz lari masuk bilik coz ade kumbang kt bilik aina .. then meraung ..
-nicol lari bile nampak cicak kat luar n melalak ..
-time bday aina kiteorg buat surprise siap die kene tepung and ade pic muke turn off gilek
-time sme tense tetibe ade bersuara ajak naik genting and we all gi ..
-tengok kuntilanak kat luar gune projector jijie then sme dh cuak2 ..
- gi karaoke ngan aina with suar track
- gi makan yong tau foo ngan aina kt depan aloha n masing2 muke indon
- ain lepak kat depan ngan nat ramai agi then tetibe ade cicak and die dh merangkak2 .. hahahah
- tetibe teringin tgk movie .. so nk tgk kabil qushry kabil igam .. pg pun 30min before show start n tunggu pet lagi .. sib baik ade tiket ..
- aina muke kontrol time budak "UKM" tuhs ade .. hakhakhak
- taruk poster aidil kt bilik nicol and die x sedar coz mamai baru bangun tido terus gune komputer and chatting .
- ayat panas yusz "kat genting pun boleh berpeluh" hahahahaha
- nicol: wanie .. aaina suh kejut die nk tgk siti kawin ..
wanie: dah kejut belum?
nicol: dah .. tp xnak bangun2 ..
wanie: aaa .. jap jap ..
wanie gi kat pintu bilik aina 1
aina: huh .. huh .. huh ??
wanie: hahahah .. cakap nak tgk siti kawin ??
aina: sial ko wanie ..
then tgk siti kawin kt tv .. pas2 nampak aina nak tutup kipas n cari2 suis x jumpe .. rupernye salah dinding !! .. hakhakhak :p

hahaha .. and lots lots more .. im gonna missed them to bitz :( seriuly .. really really gonna missed them :(

Monday, May 07, 2007


tetibe jadik sangat stressed .. tak tau kenape ..
sme bende nk kene x betol arie nie ..
kene setelkan the price list for tiraz yg baru je naik harge ..
update and print ..
i means .. kalau ade software then i will not complaining ..
tapi .. kene gune words !!!! MICRoSOFT WORDS !!!
end up updating harga pun dah amik nearly 2 hours for 4 full page of handwritten and
11 page of Words ..
IM tired !!! im freaking tired ..
ngan navigator lagi
macam2 laa ..
x larattttt !!!!
i have a final xm next week !!!
submission this wed !!!

then simba ..
he got 3 stiches for the nanah .. and can see sangat besar ..
then lily bawak balik apartment coz takot die gado ngan sapphire ..
bile sampai je apartment tgk die ..
boleh plak die gi bukak the thing kt leher die yg prevent die dr garu kawasan luke ..
and he was atas kitchen cabinet and x reti nak turun ..
bongok namanye .. dah reti naik x reti turun .. kan dah susah .. pas2 ko lapar ..
then struggle masukkan cap tuhs balik .. and heading back ..

but before leh balik cj terus .. kene g anta hp mie yg tertinggal kat msn ..
then baru bleh balik cj ..
and im tired .. im stressed .. im not in the mood .. tp kene setelkan esemen MDS !!!
please just give me some space !!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


hmm .. balik je dr cyber .. terus straight balik umah before gi KLCC with ma .. then nampak simba duk tido bawah kerusi .. as usual .. so kacau2 die skit .. but then die x banyak move n nampak cam letih n x bermaya .. tot ngantuk sangat .. then gi dapur bibik ckp simba sakit .. and i was like "huhs?"

so terus gi kt die and check .. pipi die naik one hell of big bengkak .. risau gilek .. of coz paling gwe sayang die between all .. so x leh buat ape coz dh janji ngn ma .. so straight to klcc .. then siapkan keje sme .. balik cari die and bawak gi klinik ..

sampai klinik doc pun terkejut tgk .. tot it was rare .. but the she exagerate her feeling .. idiot .. die ckp bende nie normal .. ada nanah kt situ .. so die nk kene operate and simba kene ward 1 nite .. sian simba .. tp nak buat mcm mane .. die x pnah sakit .. so tinggal laa .. kire2 budget kene around 200 to 300 .. xpe ... coz this is simba .. since die ngan we all .. the only time die gi klinik is time nk amik injection cacing and stuff .. then terus x gi and die baik jer .. x sakit and all .. kali nie je sakit ..

Berat badan simba is 4.8kg ..

i wrote at my previous blog that simba is one hell of a cat .. time gwe sedih dulu .. he can know and masuk bilik n gedik2 nk manje .. so die la peneman setia .. huhuh :( sedih tinggal die kt klinik td ..

tot of talking to someone .. but then .. its ok .. been busy .. everynite the feel of talking and letting go the feeling ade .. but then slalu xleh .. so now .. ntahs .. hmmm .. still rindu simba :( muke die serius sedih gilek time nk kene tinggal .. mcm xnak tinggal pun ade .. but xleh .. kene gax .. coz die xleh makan for 6hours before operate .. kalu x leh choke n die .. praying for the best :(