Tuesday, May 29, 2007

final xm is over

huhuh .. at last final xm is over .. for me to take 6 papers its like bringing myself down :p huhuhuh .. but then .. alhamdulillah .. i do take all the papers although some of it without any confident to do so :)

first paper is on 15th of may for e-audit an elective subject then the next paper is Advanced Taxation (16th of may) .. e-audit was like so-so .. but then i covered it all with my tax paper .. heheheh .. :)

then on friday .. my Adv MA paper .. which are a SO-SO tooo .. then on the next tuesdat .. my CF paper (again!!) which i had no confident at all and end up .. i guess i answer it all well ;) hehehehe ..

on thursday my MDS paper .. which i had confident end up forgetting all the rumus .. and last but not least my FSA paper on Saturday .. huhuhuh ..

now im at home .. and waiting for my practical to start .. last nite kemas bilik kul 11pm .. hahahah .. then my dad said im giloz :p happy practical everyone !!

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