Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just A Thots

This is just a thoughts

Selalu fikir diri nie tak sempurna

Tak kurus

Tak Cantik

Tak have the wonderful body

Jari gemuk and besar

So size cincin juga perlu besar

to compare to others

But then

Terdiam bila fikir all the achievement i had done

Macam semalam bila bawak kueh raya yang buat sendiri ke meeting

Semua macam terkejut coz i can bake .. and it taste good

Then bila masak benda yang tak pernah masak before this pun

it turn out to be good and comet makan macam tak pernah makan

Seriously bukan nak angkat bakul sendiri ..

Tapi coz me myself cerewet tang makan

If tak sedap memang tak akan makan. kira x sesuai ngan diri sendiri la kan

Tapi alhamdulillah masak tu menjadi and boleh masuk mulut sendiri ..

And i have this perangai x reti nak rasa food time masak. I never taste my own cooking utk tau cukup masin ke cukup masam ke cukup pedas ke.

Macam susah sangattt

And then at the same time terfikir gak

I play Futsal

I play Bowling

I play Handball

I play Netball

I play Badminton

what else do i want?

I can Iron the cloths.


Basuh rumah

Angkat barang berat

I can do almost most of the thing. Not everything. but most of it

So why feel shit bout myself kan?

Dari aku kurus keding jari kecik body vavavomm tapi satu hapa pun xle buat

Baik macam nie

Patut la my sis always jealous of me.

Hahahahah :)

Serious bukan nak meninggi diri

tapi untuk peringatan kepada diri sendiri

tak perlu rasa depressed diri nie besar dan buruk

and tak perlu bangga jika kurus dan cantik

Biar besar dan buruk tapi boleh buat semua benda

Dari kurus dan canti dan tak boleh buat apa-apa

Sampai nak kemas rumah pun malas

tu dah PARAH

kan? :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can't Wait

Goosebump!!! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday V 4.0

Happy 4 Month Anniversary Baby :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy like a bee

I'm Sooo Bloody Busy

Just done with my Sports Day Meeting with Cluster Team

Now At office

and then

Pergi jumpe supervisor meeting laks kat Cyberjaya

Esok meeting with Sports Day Committee laks

Owhs at the same time I'm team captain for Netball

Committee for Marching

Assistant Project Manager as a whole

And replying all sort of email/sms/bbm for sports day + weddings + Area thingy

Can I faint now please !! -___-

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well.. I actually wanted to write this earlier.

but then i thought to myself

i have this free time

i need to do my thesis and email to my supervisor

and i did!! yeay .. good for me

hope she's not mad! -___-


Majlis bertandang pada 21.May.2011

Make up by : Kak Nik ( Kuala Terengganu )

Dress : By Tram ( Vietnam ) and edited by me ;P

Comet Baju Melayu : BOSS

Pelamin : I have no idea! haha

Held at Comet house in Paka

A small and simple event :)

Me and my bro and afie went on Friday evening with my bro Gf

My mum and dad and my mum maid came later that night as they need to settle some few stuff at work


This is our first family holiday !!!!!

Yes we last went back to my dad hometown when i was 13 years old! that was the last for whole family

But.. for a holiday. this is the first !!!!!!!

Time nak tido tu kan cam terfikir "wow .. we took 3 rooms. my dad and bro at the other room. me and my mum .. my maid with my bro gf .. " this is once in a lifetime

Time tu rasa nak nangis tetiba .. boleh??

My bro, my dad, comet, me, afie and my mum
his family

Anyway to get married nie bukan senang. banyak benda kene give and take. banyak dugaan. what i did more to "abaikan." "biar orang lain happy asalkan im not to let this happen .. so that this can happen"

"i just want to get this done with so i dont care " tu jer mostly what on my mind.

havoc .. stressed semua ada..

sampai time bertandang pun boleh nak bergaduh


but it all went well.. Alhamdulillah :)

Anyway our outdoor photoshoot adalah di depan rumah comet yer

yes.. depan rumah die is Residence Resort .. Kalau tak de Residence tu ..

Depan rumah dia adalah pantai !!


His friend .. :)
Tukang menghantar ;)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Petknode's Riot

Holla beautiful reader

have you guys heard of Petknode's

Well .. This what happen to those who still figuring out whats happen

This cat lovers/owners sent their cats to this company for Hari Raya holiday

Paying around rm 15 above per cat for the boarding

And hope to get back their cat by the time they came back from their Hari Raya Holiday

But what happen??

One of the owner call out and ask them to return their pet

As the company had this pick up and delivery service

And the company tak hantar balik

So the owner cam pelik and pergi kat Kedai company tu

It was closed but they can hear the cats crying inside.

So owner tu pecahkan kunci and pecahkan pintu

and what did they found ..

THIS ~!!!

This is what happen to the cats

5-9 days without water and food

left with their pee's and poo 's

some had died

ada yang baby cat mati

'i cried my heart out watching this video

Kesian dengar suara kucing-kucing tu :(

anyway to all cat/animal lovers out there

"Tomorrow,all owners pleasw be at Bukit Aman, Lake Gardens entrance at 5pm.Also if you support cause to bring Petknode to justice! We will be submitting memorandum to Inspector General of Police. Please join us and set a precedent so that this never happens again!" - via klubbkidd

Come and support .. i will try my best to go there too :(