Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Petknode's Riot

Holla beautiful reader

have you guys heard of Petknode's

Well .. This what happen to those who still figuring out whats happen

This cat lovers/owners sent their cats to this company for Hari Raya holiday

Paying around rm 15 above per cat for the boarding

And hope to get back their cat by the time they came back from their Hari Raya Holiday

But what happen??

One of the owner call out and ask them to return their pet

As the company had this pick up and delivery service

And the company tak hantar balik

So the owner cam pelik and pergi kat Kedai company tu

It was closed but they can hear the cats crying inside.

So owner tu pecahkan kunci and pecahkan pintu

and what did they found ..

THIS ~!!!

This is what happen to the cats

5-9 days without water and food

left with their pee's and poo 's

some had died

ada yang baby cat mati

'i cried my heart out watching this video

Kesian dengar suara kucing-kucing tu :(

anyway to all cat/animal lovers out there

"Tomorrow,all owners pleasw be at Bukit Aman, Lake Gardens entrance at 5pm.Also if you support cause to bring Petknode to justice! We will be submitting memorandum to Inspector General of Police. Please join us and set a precedent so that this never happens again!" - via klubbkidd

Come and support .. i will try my best to go there too :(



Etong said...

sedih lah psl ni..x berhati perut langsung dorang tu..huhu

waNny said...

tuhs la .. sedih sangat tgk .. menangis bile tgk youtube dengar suara kucing tu. nampak derang dah trauma :(

Aida Narina said...

sedih tgk these lovely cats kene treat camtu..