Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well.. I actually wanted to write this earlier.

but then i thought to myself

i have this free time

i need to do my thesis and email to my supervisor

and i did!! yeay .. good for me

hope she's not mad! -___-


Majlis bertandang pada 21.May.2011

Make up by : Kak Nik ( Kuala Terengganu )

Dress : By Tram ( Vietnam ) and edited by me ;P

Comet Baju Melayu : BOSS

Pelamin : I have no idea! haha

Held at Comet house in Paka

A small and simple event :)

Me and my bro and afie went on Friday evening with my bro Gf

My mum and dad and my mum maid came later that night as they need to settle some few stuff at work


This is our first family holiday !!!!!

Yes we last went back to my dad hometown when i was 13 years old! that was the last for whole family

But.. for a holiday. this is the first !!!!!!!

Time nak tido tu kan cam terfikir "wow .. we took 3 rooms. my dad and bro at the other room. me and my mum .. my maid with my bro gf .. " this is once in a lifetime

Time tu rasa nak nangis tetiba .. boleh??

My bro, my dad, comet, me, afie and my mum
his family

Anyway to get married nie bukan senang. banyak benda kene give and take. banyak dugaan. what i did more to "abaikan." "biar orang lain happy asalkan im not to let this happen .. so that this can happen"

"i just want to get this done with so i dont care " tu jer mostly what on my mind.

havoc .. stressed semua ada..

sampai time bertandang pun boleh nak bergaduh


but it all went well.. Alhamdulillah :)

Anyway our outdoor photoshoot adalah di depan rumah comet yer

yes.. depan rumah die is Residence Resort .. Kalau tak de Residence tu ..

Depan rumah dia adalah pantai !!


His friend .. :)
Tukang menghantar ;)

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