Sunday, January 20, 2013

Padang Friends

Zarina was so excited to meet up "i even call Aneesa to come"

And the best part its at 8am! 8 bloody am!

Im not a morning person! Hahahahahaha

It was nice tho catching up and talk and talk

I think im the one that change the most i could say

Went to Padang and have picture taken

Cute memories

"mcm mana boleh main bola sepak kt court badminton nie? Dah la kecik"

Hahahahahaha. "situ tempat kita duduk cuci mata tgk org main bola"

"bukit nie tempat luahan perasaan"

Hahahahaah. Love u guys to bits

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/'zi:/ said...

love you too wannyyyyyyy <3 jumpa march nanti ;)