Tuesday, February 05, 2008

3rd Feb 2008

Happy Birthday to Ahmad Zuraimi Bin Abdul Rahman .. Happy 23rd Birthday !!!

So start the day with attended Abang HElmi wedding at Sri Damansara. Did asked my Comet to prepare some extra shirt coz i'll be kidnapping him to somewhere.. And he need to wear smart !! heheheheh ;)

So after attending the wedding, we went home for a while and im getting ready.. first we headed to ma's shell and settel the account and all the monthly work.. then at 630 pm we went to Putra Height to take a look at my new home as my mum said has 99% finished .. So my comet still thinking what I want to do to him ..

Then at 730 pm .. We went to Victoria Station .. both of us ordered steak and have our dinner .. and I gave his present there and then :) .. but he opened it in the car "takot melompat" katanya :p

Then .. sms Iky .. die cakap .. die x sampai ag rumah mie and asked me to lambatkan masa .. the problem with us is .. bile kiteorg makan .. kiteorg mmg hayati makanan and did not talk .. so mmg makan cepat je siap ..

So coz nak lambatkan masa .. i drove to the curve to bought some dougnouts :p kempunan katenyee .. so bile dapat je sms iky said die dh sampai .. aku bawak kete pun laju .. bile ditegur "letih and dh x larat "

so sampai je kawasan umah mie .. die mcm pelik "asal si syed nie park kt depan umah adie ?? " .... "ehhh . asal kete Iky ade nie " ... then time tuhs aku dh bawak mmg laju and terus park depan umah .. so die leh nampak semua orang dh standby kat depan pintu umah !! heheheheh ..


a surprise BBQ party for my Comet !! Thankz to Syed, Preek, KingKong, Ira ,Alia and Iky that help me here and there ..

Thanks to Nicol, Aina, Neppi, Fitri, Lana, Arep, Fira, Ain, Yusze, Faiz, Yuha, Adie, Shuman, Jawa, Sinar, Nyah and Puyau for coming !!

Happy 23rd Birthday Comet .. and Hope you have the greatest this year :)

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