Wednesday, January 04, 2012


We were having our heart to heart talk at the balcony

Our balcony lain sikit. We actually renovate atap porch jadi Balcony so its kinda huge and no rooftop LOL

So .. while having a heart to heart talk at 2 in the morning

I was looking to the sky. ^nak tunjuk tidak kepuasan hati sebab kene bebel*

So while looking at the stars

I saw this one star look kinda pelik

As mata ku memang dah rabun. So i closed one eye to see it properly

while Comet was busy talking still tetibe i go "ehhh . ape tu? tu bukan bintang"

and he goes "where?? "

me "there .. looks like Alien"

he goes "thats satelite"

me "hahs??? can see meh satelite from earth? how u know?"

he "hmmph"

me "ehh .. alien la .. u see ada 2 mata.. kepala besar .. tangan die ke atas.. se die pusing .. siap lengok ke atas"

Him "ye ke?? :

Me "ye laa .. nampak x muka die besar .. " siap berdiri nak tunjuk kat mana ET tu

then i go "ehh .. look situ pun ade .. and there and there .. ehh ada 7 laa"

by that time he was looking at me stangely

i nearly want to shout "we gonna be invaded by alien.. run for ur life" tp masih diam

then i go "ok .. nak google"

he "google ape?"

me "nak google leh ke nampak satelite from earth or if that alien"

and he was like "OK"

end up he's asleep now and i know thats no alien buttttt


" If you look closely, you’ll see a delicate mist or spray of stars called NGC 457. This star cluster is better known as the "E.T" cluster because through a small telescope its two brightest stars look like extraterrestrial "eyes" staring back at the observer. The bulk of the cluster forms a sort of alien torso while two spindly arms of stars seem to reach right out into space on either side of the creature. E.T. is 9000 light years from Earth and contains at least 100 stars."

Source from

kuatkan imaginasi saya

hari tu i thought i saw a UFO in USJ 4 sampai kene marah with comet

but that one seriously like UFO

its round and have lots of lights

Comet pun nampak tapi buat buat tak nampak


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Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hahahaha I wish I can see ET too!