Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its been ages

Woah. Its been ages

Too many things happen

Too many things to tell

Let me start with

Down with Dengue!!

I guess thats the most suckiest thing you ever can get lah!

Like seriously

In the morning i had a area meeting at the office

Still ok siap plan gi Lunch with our team at Citta Mall lagi

So on the way to Citta Mall dah start seram sejuk

Then kat chillis dah diam coz i feel weird

Seram sejuk and sakit sangat tulang

then after lunch back to office. Call my dad ask him to do the closing coz i wanted to go home early

On the way back home crying like a lil child and call comet telling him im not feeling well

By 7pm my temperature is 37celcius

then 8pm it goes up to 38celcius

9pm 39.6 celcius

thats when i say to comet "lets go to the clinic"

at clinic the Dr say "suspected dengue as i didnt had any flu. only high fever"

but he say "lets try a pain killer just in case. would u like to take a pill or injection?"

i say "just give me the injection. so i can sleep tonight"

after the injection went back home. was talking to comet and i started to feel something going to be wrong somewhere

in 30minutes i realized both mata bengkak

comet was like a little kid donno what to do. so we were thinking of headed to hospital when i call my mum and she ask me to go to the clinic again coz the Dr know what he gave me

went back to the clinic and yes "ALlergic Reaction" to the pain killer. Volton

Ya Allah. Macam-macam dugaan betul

Then the next day dah cool off sikit. but the day after my temperature naik to 39 balik

So straight to KPJ Selangor. *comet ask me to go to sunway medical. but my mum ask me to go to KPJ Selangor*

It was a not a good choice.

I think because i used insurance, they ask me to take the RM 550 per night room. Because there's no room available in the range of my card limit.

Then the room have no hot water!

Can u imagine a sick person with high temperature and cold room to have her bath with a bloody cold water!

everytime mandi nak nangis sebab sejuk sangat. i even told them but nothing been done. wtf kan?

but nevertheless the nurse is very nice

i only ate their food the first day i was there. then i didnt ate at all

i couldnt swallow any food apa lagi bau

vomit jer kerje

comet paksa minum 100plus.

when u had an empty stomach mana leh masuk 100plus

then he ask my maid to cook soup ketam and paksa makan sampai abis

everytime nak makan i will ask him to "can u put the hospital food outside the room? i feel dizzy"

what i want is only sleep

then i ask from my Dr to check out

my Platelet count drop till 39 if im not mistaken.

Thats the day i ask from my Dr "Can i checked out?"

He was shocked. i told him "the longer i stay in the hospital. the more i feel sick. i need to get out"

then he say "OK.but tomorrow morning u need to come back and do the blood test. if it still decreased. u need to be warded again"

i couldnt be more happy lah! ;)

Alhamdulillah the next day my platelet increased and by 2 days back to normal :)

When i was warded. hari-hari kene cucuk ngan jarum. ada 2 days i kene 2x sehari. and one particular day the nurse couldnt find my vein! wtf

i saw comet was looking at them like a bowling ball where he can throw them and get a strike. hahahahahaha

Seriously. take a precautions now. beli lah ridsect electric tu. i put both at my room and my office now. just in case :)

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