Saturday, November 06, 2010

Reception Dress

Went to Karnival Pengantin at SACC just now

And I already booked for my reception dress!

What I need to do now is????

KURUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahs. Wish me luck!!
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Aida Narina said...

go wanny! :) can't wait to see ur dressssss :) im sure it is stunning! :)

waNny said...

hahahahhaaa.. hopefully aida.. hopefully .. ~amin~

DaZzlingLilLy said...

mesti cantik ur dress tu diet jugak,tapi jgn sampai sakit plak nnt wanny..go for a healthy diet k...

waNny said...

hopefully la lilly .. :D

hehehe .. will do babes.. thanks ;)

ixoratasha said...

go wanny!

confirmed stunning tahap goddess cause that LR punya baju sgt gorgeous..even i pun mcm stunned that day, igt tak babe!..hahahaaha..omg! omg! tiba2 i excited plak..:))