Monday, November 15, 2010

Aina K bridal Shower

the bride to be ^_^
I always love the number 13 which i dont know why

and Aina's bridal shower i purposely wanted it to be held on 13 Nov 2010

As Aina promise to 'belanja' me for a dinner/lunch for my birthday

And i never GOT IT :p muahahahaha

So i told her "how bout u belanja me this 13/11 .. cukup 1month from my birthday"

But it was actually her bridal shower

Planning with friends to know who wanted to come and celebrate and who dont

And i got 12 of my frens to join.

14 people in total

us. taken by the cafe chef himself -_-

it was supposedly to be a surprised when Aina called me on 12 nov saying "can we postponed to other date as i need to go back to my hometown"

How can i cancelled the plan last minute?

I even booked a placa at Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya for the event *which i totally forgot to tell the owner that we're doing a bridal shower*

I say "NO .. NO .. NO "

She keep on insisting to postponed

end up i have to tell her dont i?

"its your bridal shower la bengong!"

hahahahah .. gosh .. there goes the supposedly to be a surprised bridal shower

I just ruined my own surprised


well .. last week was a hectic week for me

on tuesday i need to record some video for the flying superstar

wednesday a team meeting at shell area office

and on thursday is region meeting at bukit jalil golf

the stuff for aina bridal shower is 0% complete

i only have the invitation and participant and place to eat

other that that??


so on friday i make some calls

i call up for cupcakes booking. thank god she still accept my last minute orders!
the last minute cupcakes and rose bouquet! :p

i edit and print out the Name card with Vector picture

i find a good label and edit names and print them out too
me the shopaholic! :p

all of us!! ^_^

i cut all of the card

so the thing is DONE!

then on Saturday

i went to Balloon buzz to order the balloons

went to pick up the cupcakes at Shell Tasek Selatan

do some editing to the chacky black choc cake by ain

and start to do a diamante jobs on the special edition "The Bride" tee's
the limited edition 'the bride' tee's made by me with the help of Afie ;)

I actually asked all my friend to NOT WEAR ANY PINK

will prefer black and the theme is Rock Chic

which was a SUCCESS !!

i sooo love all of you Chikas !! ;)

by 6pm i went to take all the balloons ( 19 pcs all together ) with alya

have my late lunch at mcd as im freaking hungry!

and went home and get ready

pick up alia. arrive at Cafe Upstairs by 730 pm and start decorating

THANK GOD the Chef is ok and quite good looking *lets talk about that in later post*

ahh .. the cute chef with the bride to be! hahaaaa

And the event went out smoothly and with success

Alhamdulillah ;)

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