Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya

Lets do some review for Cafe Upstairs Subang Jaya

The cafe is located opposite of SDMC (formerly known as SJMC)

Above Bawang Merah restaurant

first thing you will notice is the ambience of the cafe

Sangat cool and best!!

then you will notice the 'cook'

All MALE !!

Yup tempat paling best utk bachelorette party

Then the food!

Yes. They have limited menu!

Ala-ala starbucks mcm tu ;)

but the food is marvelous!

I means. i can see my friends start to complaint before the food came

then when we start to eat

all of us start to keep quiet

semua macam "damn. sedap gile food!"

i have a Spaghetti Ariabiatta betul ke ejaan nie

Memang marveles!

i gave 4/5 star !!!!!

How much??

RM 9 !!

YES .. ONLY RM 9 !!!

their seafood Oglio Aglio ntah ape nama ah is Only RM 12 !!

And a chocolate drink!

Heaven !!

Sedap sangat.

hehehee ..

And can u see the chef nye muka?

FYI .. he's only 25 !! yes .. 25 !! and owned a restaurant .. and a good cook !

Well .. a catch right?

If he got a girlfriend .. she will be lucky as tak payah masak!



Aziati Wan Haron said...

He has a girlfriend.

HAHAHAHA Saja je menyebok nak bagitau (spoil market)

waNny said...

erk. T_T jangan la spoil kan the mood. hahahahaha. u should baca picture comment kt FB i. dah macam hape ntah ok! hahahahahaha