Saturday, June 02, 2007

1st day at practical

first day ... very first day .. first dibawa masuk ke tax department although they assign me to account department .. then .. duk bace2 all the IRB rulings .. tetibe die suh pegi account department .. sampai je account department .. got me a table and terus straight kene buat keje .. yeahs .. my work .. to susun and filing all the resit and purchases invoice .. asingkan etc .. the piece of junk is in 1 full big box with all the teraburness !!! in 1 box there was like 15 plastik bag .. and in one bag ade resit from feb, may , july .. its like .. xde susunan .. so my job is to check everything .. the company is selling drinks n food and tapah highway .. but .. ade resit baskin robin skalik ok dlm resit2 tuhs .. wahahahahha .. penin pale :)

one whole day duk buat bende alah tuh je .. kene sambung balik this monday .. wish me luck ..

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