Saturday, September 15, 2007

more moree n moreee dessert :)

yeay !! i tried other cakes :) n brownies .. for the time being only two .. here's the comment :p

Avalanche Chocolate @ Tony Roma's

Went there on Tuesday @ cineleisure with comet .. though of heading for Marche buffet again but then No buffet till Ramadhan .. So i had a beef ribs while comet had a chicken garlic n rosemary somethin somethin ..

but then the dessert is sinfully addective and YUMMY !! gosh .. ice cream topped with choc fudge and topped with another ice cream and crispy chocolate .. RM 19.90 but worth it !!!!!!

Rocky Road @ Starbucks

Chocolaty .. RIch .. Moist .. Sweet ! What can i say ?? Fattening and Delicious !! :D

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