Tuesday, October 16, 2007

two shoes

huhuhuh .. pegi klcc ngan ma .. the main purpose is that ma nak bagi aku birthday prezzie .. so i already told her that i want that designer shoes .. actually spot yang lain .. sampai2 minat yang lain .. hahahahha .. first kiteorg masuk LV and tgk the one yang aku nak sangat .. and the other one yang lawa gilek .. tapi both takde size as kaki aku memang not a malaysian size so susah skit ..

this is the picture of LV sneakers

then gi gucci .. tengok2 kasut gax .. yang approached is that chinese guys yang selalu entertained us .. hehehe .. so dia amikkan size tapi 2 size smaller .. memang xleh la .. hahahah .. :p this is the shoes .. tapi yg nie simple .. i want with monogram and coklat in colour ..

tapi ade satu LV nie die kaler putih cam gucci nie n gold .. yg tuhs lawa gilek .. but then xde size gax :(

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