Thursday, January 07, 2010

The thought

OK .. i confess .. when it come to my BIG DAY .. i know what i want ..

For reception .. my theme colour to even my own ring which i custom made :)

But .. I FAIL to Look at this one piece ..



sumpah kelam kabut oke!!

I sms here and there.. contact here and there ..

Even for engagement banyak dah FULL OK

Sampai dah rasa nak nangis ..

But i actually terlupa to Kak Mimie ..

She make up for engagement and wedding ..

so call her up ..

sib baik dia ada open ..

and still free :) hehehehehe

So everything done i guess ..

Food - cik dah will cover
Pelamin n Make up - Kak Mimie
Baju - Dah anta jahit .. hope to get by end of this month coz nak anta beading :)
Hantaran - Do myself .. tunggu la bulan 4 baru buat :p
Cake - tempah kat kawan my ma :)
Door gift - 50% dah siap .. huahuahua

Guest List - On going :)

ape lagi ?????? :-/ any idea ?? ape ag .. so that i tak luper :p heheheheheh

owh .. Ma insist of doing kelantan style .. which is 5 balas 5 .. hehehehe .. ok la.. x banyak la nak buat kan :p baru tunang punnnnn :p


aNiSr 97 said...

saye pon paham kalau bab cincin itu ye ;p ekekke~

cool sume dah settle la kamu~

waNny said...

ye ke? dah settle sme ke ? ade pape tertinggal x?

bab cincin i NO COMMENT. hahahahahah ..

julia @ myn said...

tunang bulan bape laling?

i pulak yg rasa excited.hahha..

waNny said...

hahaha .. i bulan 5 yang :D u biler?? :D

-farahz- said...

wah2.. awal btol preparation for engagement. klo kawin tatau bape lame nk prepare.. klo dah prepare everything ape kata u cepatkn the tht i can attend.. hehe

waNny said...

farah : hahahah .. semua actually dah 70% done .. tapi ..... bahagian mie ah x settle ag .. jangan laling .. nanti my ma SULA i .. heheee .. kata dia nak anak die engage the same date with hers .. heheheh ..

sooooo sorry .. dah put in date baru teringat dekat ko :( haihs .. sedih giler oke !!

-farahz- said...

oo..lpe plak nk same date as ur mom.. tak pela.. proceed in may, aku pasrah jer..hehe.. ala bahagian mie nk settle ape sgt? engagement belah pmpuan je kelam kabut.. diaorg bwk hantaran je la which can be done in 1 day.. :D

nat said...

wanny dont forget to hire cameraman and videoman to record the flow of ur engagement.

every single moments is precious! :)

kalo ko xde idea nak amik sapa, nnt aku bg contact aku k.

PinkJamboo said...

hi Wanny,

Congrats on your upcoming engagement. We do photography and videography services. Would be more than honored to sent you a quote if your interested. Take care.