Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh My!!!!

Oh MY !!!!!

I just realized i didnt blog about hasanah and Azzeri Wedding


Mimie n Partner wedding

So bad of me :(

Sorry frens

So ..

On 29 May 2010

Its Hasanah and Azzeri Solemnization

Meet at hasanah house around 8am

Then head to Masjid at Putrajaya

Around 12 jugak habis

Then malam tu we meet again for Hasanah Malam Berinai

And The next day for her reception

I was like usherer+committee

Damn tired sebab on her reception berjalan ke hulur hilir

With HEELS !!!!

hahahahaha ..

But have fun .. sebab x pernah kan

Thanks Hasanah for giving me the chance to be part of your wedding :D

Hasanah and Azzeri Solemnization

Hasanah and Azzeri Malam Berinai

Sorry no Photo on reception coz busy :p hahahahahaha

Then on 4.06.2010

Its Mimi and Partner reception

At Dewan Sri Endon putrajaya

I wore my new nine west heels *apakah?*

And went there with Alia

Meet Comet kt situ ..

Baik kan dpt tunang mcm nie *bertuah!!*


Love her Dais :)

Simple .. but lawa :D

Her Dais


All of us SAIKO MODE

Happy for both of u :)

Semoga happy hingga akhir hayat

And love each other more and more day by day :)

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