Monday, December 13, 2010

Shell flying superstar & convention

Hari selasa nie

we will have our flying superstar challenge

and rabu nie

Shell convention and dinner

Dinner kali nie tema is RED CARPET



Red Carpet weh

what to wear?

I wear red for red carpet


owhs banyak kerja gile for flying superstar

baru siap 2 poster :D

another one tomorrow boleh la kan

then on tuesday pagi lagi dah kene ada kat Sunway Hotel

Rabu another one whole day

Nampaknya merempat bilik dealer lain for make up and get ready!


Kate red carpet

So make up red carpet la kan kan kan!!~~~~

Splurge once in a while yeah rite

Sy sangat busy now !!!!

Esok bibik balik yeay !!

and esok juga kene gi MPSJ to setel plan utk renovate rumah putra height

and jumpe contractor

owh. too many things to do and handle.

damn. bilik penuh glitter!

why ??

nanti tunggu abis flying superstar i show

*ehem ehem*


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