Tuesday, July 05, 2011


On friday 17 June 2011. i start to play bowling league again

Lama tinggal all this league and tournament.

So now i joined bowling at Cineleisure every Friday night

The women bowling league

And Alhamdulillah im happy coz surprisingly im on form :D

After a year tinggal bola bowling kat rumah and dah x main hook. that day i used my own bowling ball and main hook balik

my score memang marveles la hari tu :D :D

First game 178. 2nd game 148 and final game 208

Gile weh .. terus excited coz i nye average per game jadi 178


then on tuesday main lagi for post bowl which i score still ok la

1st game 184 2nd game 168 3rd game 146

and friday main lagi. yg tu macam consistent naik turun

owhs and last friday pun i beli new bowling bag coz i nye bowling bag dah hancur!

hahahahahah ..

can i play this week lagi? tp jari nie dah bengkak actually T___T

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