Sunday, November 29, 2015


Its been a while.

Ya Allah.

So many things happen lah.

Just to tell.

After 3 years of waiting Alhamdulillah on Dec 2014 i gave birth to one healthy baby BOY!!!!

Zaheer Rizqi B Ahmad Zuraimi

Confirm last dalam class (ikut kedudukan nama lah)

On the 16th the due date we went for our regular checked ups. Then Dr suruh terus pergi do the CTG, I've been doing CTG since week 37 bila false labour. Then normally it takes only 30mins. but hari tu sejam lebih.

When i went to see the Dr. Muka Dr dah berubah. I didnt look like i can give birth anytime soon and my belly pun x jatuh. I walk like as per normal. BUT my baby dah banyak tidur time CTG which Dr pun takot. He said baby dah too big and i just scared he poop and eat his own poop.

So we say we just follow what he thinks is the best. He even said Dr xnak cakap. If you want to wait you wait. Coz if Dr cakap C-Zer nanti you all cakap Dr nak duit.

But... we are first time parent. And we have been waiting for our own bundle of joy. I dont want to take the risk lah. So i said OK. We go for C-Zer.And asked do i need to checked in now?

Dr said "pergi makan dulu. do whatever you want. esok pagi kul 8 datang serah diri".

I was shaking. Nangis siap. I did not prepared for c-section. All the while prepared for normal delivery.

So the next day at 8am we went to KPJ Shah Alam. Serah diri. Then dapat bilik. Dr Anaesthetic came. Give some talk. Then nurse datang cakap nak bawak turun.

Nak masuk OT room comet, my mom and afie anta. Siap nangis dah. SIap cakap sorry bagai. Gosh full of drama.

Then dh dlm bilik tu tetiba someone hold my head and kiss dahi. Rupanya comet lari masuk jap. DIa xle teman coz we tak mintak permission.

Then i memang gigil. takot pucat semua ada. tetiba nampak my Gynae and he came and pegang kaki i and told me "Wanie dont worry. takde ape lah. Dr ada. Dr buat semua"

Tell you. Terus lega selega-leganyaaa. relex. dah tak risau. I kene push to the prep area. Siap i cakap to one of the nurses "ada toilet tak? i need to go and pee" nurses dah gelak cakap cannot. nanti derang pasangkan tiub. i siap cakap "cannot tahannnn" Dah kene gelak cakap "Puan sabar yer."

When they pushed to OT room terus cam "ehhh cam nie je.. why dalam Greys anatomy lain"

Hahahahhahaha. So Dr anaes datang. inform pasal the injection for numb and the ubat bius is 2nd injection. And dia cakap the bius jarum besar and dia akan inject slowly. Coz if inject laju whole body x rasa. Now i just nak your lower body to be numb.

So first inject is to numb area nak inject jarum besar. 2nd inject i terkejut coz dia nak numb kan area lain and dia thot i dh ready padahal i was waiting for him to bagi info. Then 3rd injection i can feel yang ubat tu numb kan belah kiri dulu. then they ubahkan i nye position for the ubat to go on my right side pulak.

after that. memang x rasa apa. dia letak tiub. and Dr put iodin even cut tak rasa. Alhamdulillah. time Dr letak iodin i was soo excited siap nak tengok thru the lampu. then ada nurse nampak tarik lampu tu.

after that. my blood pressure drop. and i said i nak muntah. and dr anaes datang and suruh one nurse sedut muntah. i start dah nak faint time tu. Dr anesthetics tu good gile he hold my head and said "Puan. relex. your blood pressure dah drop. i takot u pitam. tarik nafas slowly and zikir"

then OK. i said im OK. dont worry.

Then my Gynae tgk i he said "wanie Dr nak start tau"

and i go "OK"

then x lama tu dia tanya "Wanie.. OK tak?"

i jawab "OK.. tapi ngantuk la"

Die gelak and asked "buat ape smlm?"

I told him "balik stesyen kul 2pg"

Lagi dia sengih. and he told me to sleep.

I was sleeping when i heard another commotion

Dr was yelling to his nurse "tolak la kenapa tak tolak?"

then nurse cakap "Dah Dr tapi taknak keluar"

Then i dgr lagi Dr cakap "Halim (i think the anaesthetic name) tolong"

Then i saw the Anaes push my belly dari atas.

And after that one whole OT room diam and sorang nurse cakap "Allah.Besarnya"

And i was like apa yang besarkan (dalam hati)

After that i dgr Dr azan.. And i know "owhs.. my baby is out" terus tengok jam "its 1.35pm"

Lepas tu baru dengar dia nangis. And i saw another Dr outside tgh check on him. The Paed.

Then nurse bawak baby to me and asked me to confirm on gender and put him dkt dada.

My first impression on my baby "Ya Allah. banyaknya bulu"

hahahhahahahaha. so lepas tu Nurse bawak keluar balik dia. Dr saw a fibroids kat dalam rahim i and buangkan everything.

So thats my experience.

Dr whatsapp me that night to asked if i can move my legs and told him i managed to move it around 6pm. and he said good.

Then siap complain "nak minum milo nurse tak bagi coz tadi wanie muntah minum air masak"

then Dr cakap "pelan pelan lah"


I told you. i got the best Gynae ever.

My Gynae is Dr Hj Nazri Hj Mohd Yazid at KPJ Selangor.

So this is my baby.

17 Dec 2014
1.35pm (right after azan zohor)
56cm in length

and in 3 weeks time. HE will be ONE!!!!!!

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