Monday, April 02, 2007

fmi charity bowl

on thursday kak nana called ..

asked me to play for estrem design sumtin like that ..

for tengku muda pahang ..

and i was thrill ..

the bowling game is for charity ..

and i agree .. so me and put will be playing for them ..

as told .. by 12pm i already reached sunway ..

called kak salina .. and she who incharged for everything meet me up with the other teams members ..

im playing with the company chairman and all the staff ..

theres datok n high manager of tengku muda subsidiaries company ..

for the first game we got num 6 and were all excited ..

the end of game two we got the fifth place behind astro ..

did u know that we beat astro at the first game ..

mesti kak nana marahs :p

hahahahah >:)

so here the pic ..

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