Wednesday, April 18, 2007


hari rabu dapat phone call from kak salina .. saying that she need me n put to play for shahzan .. and the best part .. we all kene g sendiri on thursday!! i told her that i give her a call later coz kene pikir dulu .. and i called my mum n told her that they want me to play and i need to drive and amazingly she gave me a green lite and asked mie to follow me there .. she asked me to call abang zani and let me sleepover at his place .. so i said ok .. and asked me about it and he said ok too ..

so on thursday we depart from UPM @ 7.15 pm and reached kuantan @ 10 pm and straight went for training at megamall .. hell i was tired and didnt perform well .. thats the different between u drove and just sleep on the bus .. major different !!! if last year i can perform well but not this year .. the driving do effect me alots since this is the first time to drive that far !! hehehhe .. so lepas training sme .. terus go for dinner and mie bring us to Tanjung Lumpur .. after dinner we search for a hotel for him as my dad asked me too .. die ckp x payah susahkan orang .. sewakan a cheap but good hotel and we find one !! really cheap and nice !!! hotel baru lagi .. so mie is a lucky person ..

on friday .. memule kak salina nak jumpe .. but sebab we all pun x mandi2 lagi .. so x jadik and we go for lunch at mcd .. then balik .. jumpe kak zura for baju shahzan and siap2 pegi opening ceremony with kak zura .. her bf drove us there .. then time duduk kt luar stadium jumpe datok that played with us for Estrim Edge @ charity bowling .. and he'll be playing for shahzan too and die happy sangat jumpe kiteorg .. heheheh .. this year we stay till end of the opening ceremony coz mie nk sangat tgk artis lari and balik with kak eira .. bile siap2 nak tido kak salina call cakap yang we had to play in the morning with datuk CT and kak engku .. and i said ok ..

on saturday the game start .. went for breakfast and lepak with all the astro bowlers .. i can see yang new bowler pandang i n put lain mcm coz kiteorg very closed .. abang bard duk ckp we all betrayer .. n hafiz n melvin .. but kiteorg senyum je .. we know its a joke coz then abang bard ckp tonite kopitiam coz xde dinner :p hahahahha .. so after breakfast terus gi game and my game is quite ok .. ade peningkatan then training .. but then .. still not my usual average .. after the game terus g lunch n balik bilik tuka suar n g tgk game balik for 2nd blok .. tapi lepak kejap jer .. then terus balik n tido .. and @ nite abang zani ajak for dinner .. me n mie .. he want to meet mie .. and astro bowler sme tido n kopitiam for that nite is cancelled .. ngade2 ..

on sunday .. as usual bangun awal .. and terus breakfast .. was hopping to be better but then my score worst .. nak nanges .. but mie keep on asking me to fight .. so i do fight .. and today i played with kak engku, datuk ct and bawang putih .. after game kak ct ade ckp suruh pegi sukpa tgk die main bowlin .. n i said "insyallah" .. but then after lunch .. i lepak behind astro bowler and cheered for them .. dont know why .. the bond with astro still strong kot ;) heheheheh .. then pg closing i drive and after closing pg kopitiam .!! kali nie closing lain skit .. coz ade telematch .. kat kopitiam as usual .. mesti gelak punye .. kudsia kahar pun ade .. with nurul, zila, farhan, diddy, khai, rosma .. happy birthday to rosma !! hehehehhe ..

on monday .. siap2 .. and terus gerak g kemaman .. sampai kemaman terus g maybank nk setelkan akaun mie .. then again orang maybank tuhs slow nk mampos buat keje .. so straight to Paka .. sampai je paka gi maybank and borak2 ngan akak tuhs .. sambil setelkan keje .. kejap jer dah setel .. and mie dh boleh kuarkan duit die .. then gi umah mie for lunch and talk .. his dad looked really pleased and happy .. i dont knw why .. but im happy to see him like that .. he was totaaly different that what mie said ...mie ckp die dulu garang .. tp x nampak pun .. hahahahha .. then we all gerak balik KL kul 5.30 and singgah kemaman for keropok lekor kak nana then straight balik .. masuk highway kuantan kul 7pm and reach KL @ 9pm :p yeahs .. im crazy :p

p/s :- i really want nasik air :(

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Anonymous said...

aritu kn g dah dpt nasi air,
mengidam benar ns air tu sedap sgt ke?
haha bwk mai skit trun cyberia huhu