Monday, March 09, 2009

One week issues

hohs .. lame gile tak update blog ..

so many thing happens ..

work .. work .. work ..

GM Shell Malaysia siap turun padang for the Ferrari Promotion ..

So semua kelam kabut .. and siap taruk meja di luar .. to promote ..

Yesterday Tiraz start to put and sold 105 cars !!! *claps claps*

Sangat-sangat berbangga dengan pekerja Tiraz yang tak banyak SONGEH :)

I said do .. they do .. and vice versa :)

anyway ...

on thursday ..

pegi jumpa Area MAnager Central .. to bincang bout handover both of the station to my name .. So after much debates and discussion .. he do agree and said he likes me and my way of bringing myself .. he said my mum teach me well and she did a good job.. so mula la keluar kisah 23 years ago .. *he was my mum TM back then* ..

He ask us to make a letter for the handover and he will present his hardest to get it done .. as to change both name in one shot is quite tough as my age tak sampai 28.. But he do said it could be considered as he know me since im a kid and he know how i help my mum ..

Soalan cepumas dia ..

"So wanie .. how long have u help ur mum with the station ? "
I go "Huhssss ?? *tgk ke arah Ma*
My mum " As long as she could remember la .. She's been helping me since Tadika"

hehehehehe ..

So after that .. dah setel semua .. pegi KL .. setelkan Loans rumah yang dah abis bayar ., drop my mum in Tisa and i went to MMU to send the X-Ray and surat insurance ..

On the way nak gi Tiraz .. Abah call saying he's in Tiraz n i can go home ..

Sampai rumah .. borak-borak ngan ma pasal kamera .. and i said i want to buy one ..

She said "Lets go to Parade .. ma nak beli make up .. "

so terus ke Parade n i bought this camera ..

then kami ke Parkson .. terus survey Bobbi Brown .. Ma beli one lipstick .. i bought two eyeshadow .. Metallic Eye Shadow in Pink Pearl n Bash ..

Then pegi beli cake for afie's and ma buat manicure ..

So on friday ..

Since malam tuhs afie masuk bilik ma saying that her handphone dah rosak*walhal tak*

Ma said she's goin to ask me to buy a new one for her ..

We bought the Nokia 5800 for my 14 years old lil SIS !!!! :p

Coz kami di The Gardens ..

kami masuk Longchamp ..

Ma beli the Bags and purse ..

While me ??

i bought this ...

A limited Edition colour of Longchamp oversize Clutch !! ;)

Then we had our lunch at Tony Roma's .. I gave my mum a treats ;) i pay for the lunch :)

So lepas dah selesai makan sme .. as usual .. kene pergi Kerja :)

Sampai je Office . busy ngan the new garage for the car yang baru sampai tuhs ..

So dah setelkan the garage .. SMS bertubi-tubi from TM .. suruh taruk table kt luar and so on .. so pegi beli table and bitau all staff what they should do .. walhal awal2 bergaduh gax tak nak :p hehehee

That nite memang balik lambat from Shell .. sampai rumah .. mandi2 .. getting ready for Emi's kenduri Kesyukuran ..

Have a blast eventho kami sampai lewat .. Sorry to Emi .. coz kerja .. bukan saja-saja nak datang lambat ..

On saturday ..

Attended Ayu's & Ayam (Amirul) wedding

ME and Aida .. Long lost bestfriend .. last jumpa tahun 2001 :)

And today ..

Ada engagement .. Nadia and Luqman *Man *

Pic will be uploaded later .. :)


nohzhn said...

wani, ferrari kuning tu, mmg kene beli myk itam erk?

waNny said...

a ahs bintie .. mmg kene beli minyak itam .. die nye model sama ngan yang kelabu .. kaler jer lain :)

Shaira said...

Cantik pics, tapi2 smer 7/4/2009, wakkakaak LOL :D

waNny said...

Shitttttt ... Haihs

nohzhn said...

myk itam tu bp RM? pastu, klu bli myk itam tu dpt kete kuning dgn kete merah + itam tu ke?

waNny said...

u gune helix mana ?

kalu helix kuning tuhs .. Helix HX5 .. u boleh beli kereta kuning tuh ngan RM 8.90 .. u dapat scuderia 430 free :)

kalu HX 7 ngan Helix Ultra .. u boleh beli kereta tuhs ngan RM 6.90 free Scuderia 430 :)

i luper la harga baru .. hehehehe .. will inform u later :)