Sunday, February 28, 2010

Of Two Weeks

So last week i attend Anis And Dina Engagement ..

Two separate engagement on the same day :)

One in Keramat *Anis*

One in Gombak *Dina*

Runner giler la :D


Anis - i LOVE UR PELAMIN !!!!! :D

Dina - WOW to ur Dress ;) and colour

So semalam ..

Woke up as early as 8.30am

For Azrai & Amy Solemnization

At Klang

I slept at 3am .. woke up at 4.55am to sent MA to airport

Slept at 6.50am and woke up again at 8.30am :(

sangat mengantuk oke !!!!

but somehow .. manage to pull myself out of bed :p

Owh . it really an emotional day for Us .. maybe coz me and alya closed to him .. and .......

He is AZRAI :D

sapa sangka he will get married first !! hahahaha

happy for both of u dear :D hope kekal hingga akhir hayat and take good care of amy yeah :)


ixoratasha said...

cantik la combination orange & black..:) & grey pun cantik kannnn...

btw darling, i dah delete my blog aritu and balik ke pangkal jalan guna url lama i..hehe..

waNny said...

hhehe .. lawa kan ?? :D x pernah orang buat .. so cam terpelik .. but memang lawa :D