Wednesday, April 21, 2010


SO we had another 10 days to go ..

What can i spill for the time being ??

let start with my baju :D

I bought the Soltiss French Laces at Gulatis SACC Mall .. As i this HUGE fan of PURPLE .. my laces ada few Purple too .. :p but hey .. ITS NOT 100% purple :p what colour eiii ???? :p

Doorgift .. done for 200 guest .. ada something crystal in the doorgift itself .. :D *xnak nak spill sini kan ? later i took pic and i post la :p *

The hantaran ... My side .. i bagi 5 .. which is tepak sireh + cincin, cake, fruits, baju melayu + sampin and Pulut Semangat *u guys know what pulut semangat is or not?? :P * .. Hantaran pun ada purple purple sikit .. hehehehhehe :p

His hantaran .. he will gave me tepak sireh, cincin, kain laces and chiffon, cake and fruit ...

See .. 5 balas 5 kan :p

YES .. His ring dah SIAP .. YEAY !!!! tunggu tokey kedai Emas kat kelantan post la .. should arrive today or tomoro i guess :p

My ring pun dah ada .. and IM LOVING IT !!!!!!!

My pelamin ?? White in colour .. jeng jeng jenggggg

Food - Manisa Catering .. try to taste if it sedap ke tak :p
Canopy also with her .. :)

ape lagi ?? xde dah kan ...?????

p/s: news update .. cincin for comet .. the Tokey will come here from Kelantan and sent to me by hand .. :D


ms. dz said...

wooot! *excited for u*

waNny said...

hahaha .. thanks eite ;) heheheheh

Diamilikku said...

bestnya dia.....semoga selamat semuanya

dYnA said...

eXcitEd jugAk yOu!
hAv fuN!

Aida Narina said...

wahhh, its getting2 nearer and nearer dah ur E-day :) I'm also excited for you :)

waNny said...

kak sue : thanks :D hehehehehehe

dyna : hahahahahha .. :">

aida : thanks dear .. nanti time u i excited for u jugak .. heheee

ixoratasha said...

bagus la u explained bout the hantaran, i sampai sekarang tertanya2 if tunang nak kasi apa..seriously tatau!..hahaha..

semua on track, tinggal the big E day je :)

i'm happy for u dear :)

waNny said...

ahahahah .. i buat 5 balas 5 style kelantan .. mostly hantaran tunang just bagi manisan jer .. nanti kahwin baru gile2 .. hehehehe .. u dh x blog ke myn ? cant wait for urs too la dear ;) hehehehe