Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Dreams "Love Story"


NO. 9

Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need baju for guy side!!!!! T___T


This Entry adalah untuk Contest "What's Hot is Gettin' Hotter" by CST & LYNDARAHIM KUALA LUMPUR ..

We can choose between this two topic :

1) My Dreams "Wedding". (anda boleh ceritakan konsep wedding yang anda impikan)

2) My Dreams "Love Story". (anda boleh ceritakan jalan cerita cinta yang anda impikan / kisah benar anda)

And Hadiah adalah :

- 1 event full coverage by CST PRODUCTION (Majlis pernikahan / Persandingan / Pertunangan / Aqiqah / Birthday / etc... )

- 1 set wedding Dress Bride & Groom (worth RM4000++) by LYNDARAHIM KUALA LUMPUR.

- Hadiah ini valid sehingga 1 Jan 2012 sahaja.

- Hadiah boleh di tukar milik.

So .. I actually pernah cakap. I dont have any Dream Weddings Sangat. No idea on that

So ..................

I choose to tell my story ...

Well ..




We first met June 2005

Me and my friend were planning to play futsal and booked the court for 2 hours just to realize that we short of players.

SO .. As a month before that i get to know one footballer from Bukit Jalil Sport School. And i call him up and ask him if he and his friend would like to join us!

And he say yes.

So we play by group. Not once I'm in the same group with him (Comet/My fiancee).

And ada one time tu. Bola bebetul kat kaki i .. And i rasa ada orang lari from the other side of the goal post sekuat hati. Time tu memang kecut perut sebab takut dia tak boleh stop. So i scream and tutup mata sebab takut kene langgar.

Bukak mata tengok muka die bebetul depan muke I. Die sengih, gelak and amik bola tu shoot for goals. Memang sakit hati time tu.

After game. Kiteorg pergi lepak kat Mamak. He choose to sit right infront of me. And time tu boleh nampak dia nie duk pandang jer. Tak pernah pandang ke lain.

Pelik juga coz time tu i still with my ex. And me and my ex pun dalam keadaan x best.

So after that game. X pernah lagi jumpa they all until i broke off with my ex. I met my football friends kat SSBJ and time tunggu tu nampak dia keluar naik motor nak gi bank.

To tell you guys the truth. I sangat takot dengan dia. Coz muka dia serious. And time tu dia sangat kurus and muka sangat cengkung. So nampak je dia menyorok. Padahal kereta colour purple dari jauh orang leh nampak that it was me. And badan bukan la kecik sangat nak menyorok dalam Honda Jazz tu.

He stop. Ask me to turunkan cermin. And tanye "Buat ape?" .. So reply dalam keadaan takot "tunggu icam .. Nak gi mana?" DIa jawab "Nak gi bank. keluarkan duit. OK bye"

That's the second time i met him.

Well. The third time is the best part ever.

Kami keluar ramai-ramai. Lepak dekat Mamak sri petaling before a game of bowling.

Time tu dia duduk sebelah kiri and Icam duduk belah kanan. and time tu for me, i rasa lagi senang bercakap ngan dia. it start with terkejut tengok cara dia makan. I still remember clearly. He ate Nasi Goreng first, followed by Naan with tandoori and end up with Maggi Goreng.

Waktu dia makan maggi goreng, i pulak can't stop looking at him. sampai kene sound "jangan tengok macam tu.. malu" .. I say "macam mana leh makan banyak nie?" .. And dia tanye "Maksud" .. PAstu i say " Ye la.. makan banyak .. tapi tak gemuk .. macam mana? " Anyway time tu i was on diet and i tak makan malam. So die gelak. dia cakap "coz heavy training in the morning and evening". Owhs dia Terengganu and MAlaysia 400m Hurdler by the way.

SO after dinner. kiteorang goes for 3 games of bowling. And last game buat betting. Team sape kalah kene belanja minum.

I say OK!. SO of coz my team menang. And he, icam and epul kene belaja we all minum.

Lepak kat mamak balik. And coz kesian kat diaorang i just order teh o ais. And dia cakap "orang nak belanja minum.. order teh o ais. baik tak payah belanja" .. so i called the mamak balik tukar to ICE BLENDED CAPPUCINO

Time tu I'm the only girls. So kiteorang took pictures and all. Until this one picture i amik yang buatkan i gelak ..

The story behind this picture is that actually behind me ada Nabil Mentor. see his (comet) face. he's looking straight at ME! hahaa

So bila i amik this picture. I pass around.

And sampai dekat Icam. He say to us "Ehh .. ehh .. muka aku macam Nabil Mentor la"

And at the same time I tengah minum air. And tak tahu macam mana .. I become like this.....


and Comet get this ...

Air tu semua kena muka dia. Yup .. STRAIGHT TO HIS FACE

and I hear he say "Allah.. abis basah muka aku"

Nak tengok berapa jauh from me to him ??


And the best part.. Kena dekat dia seorang and NO ONE ELSE !!! And all the drink kene tepat kat MUKA DIA !! KESIAN KAN !! ish. Awal2 dah tunjuk diri ini tidak senonoh! T_T

Yes. That's what make me close to him.

Even time tu i close ngan ramai guy friend. But bila ada problem. He's the one i go too.

And SERIOUSLY. I never knew he likes me.

We watch movie's together. We go for bowling, karaoke and even lepak dekat mamak .... 2 days in a row balik lewat!!!!

Kesian dia time tu sampai tak pergi training sebab letih sangat. Sampai cakap nampak i dah 3 bukan 1 dah.

Kira macam nie la dia nampak

Bila dia tahu that I demam but still going for futsal training. Out of nowhere i can see him at the futsal court.

And the best part. He even know who like me and siapa pernah propose to me too!

Siap one time my other scandal tengah tengok i training futsal and he came too to watch me training gak.

And he met the other guy and salam and talk like it was NOTHING.

Padahal dia cakap time tu stress Tuhan je tahu sebab dia rasa semua kacau daun.

Until 1 year after.

Baru dia cakap that he love me.

He tooks his own sweet time.

What make me know that I need him and I love him?

The day he went to Manila Sea Games.

I will wait in front of the laptop every night at 9pm coz i know he will be online.

I dont even have my dinner so that i can chat with him every night.

Then one day on Thursday when i have my bowling league.

He called me .

He say that he thought of doing a surprise by seeing me at Alamanda Bowling alley and support me for my game without telling me his coming back.

But end up his flight was delayed for 5 hours and he stucked in KLIA..

He went with the Terengganu team and the team check in Concorde Inn

He and his friend need to be at their school for morning classes.

I was laughing hard. Happy and excited.

Went straight to KLIA after game.


Thats the first time i hugged him.

Coz i missed him soo!

He always say to me.

The first time he look into my eyes. He fell in love.

The day he went to Manila, is the day when he knew he want and need me

Coz he missed me soo

I always ask him .. Why me?

The answer "Just because u complete me"


The most romantic thing he ever did for me?

He sent me this song.

Well .. That was my "Love Story" ..

Our Real Love Story

p/s: click their LOGO to be directed to their FB page. and you guys can see their oh-so-awesome workmanship. NO KIDDING :)

pp/s: nanti ramai2 tolong vote saya yer if i di shortlisted kan! thanks ^_^


Nur Iman said...

Salam b2b..good luck..

waNny said...

thanks nur iman :D

Aida Narina said...

i loveeeee the entry. and after a few times meeting up with mie, i always had this perception that he's a shy and quiet person. but the way you have described him was just the other way around. which i guess he's just soooo much comfortable with you babe! which is good! and i have that teary eyes once he started singing in that video :) he's seems so truthful to you. all the best with this entry babe :)

waNny said...

aida: hehehe . he's not shy at all. dia suka buat lawak and talkative. if u have the chance to lepak ngan dia. u know how sarcastic he can be!

even his boss say he's a joker. hahahaha

yes. the video make my heart melt :) hehee

thanks babes :D

Julia Lz said...


sweet gila!!

and part sembur tu memang i gelak babe! hahaahah..

you two were meant to be together :) sweet couple!

waNny said...

julia : hahahahahah .. part sembur tu memang tak leh lupa sampai bebila babes :D moment tu .. hahahahahhaa .. semua pandang i cam "apekah? perempuan minum air tersembur begitu sekali"


Diamilikku said...

baru tahu kisah sebenarnya..hehehhehehehehhehe :)...ada sedikit persamaan antara kita....futsal - mamak - gi competition - realize cinta itu ada....hahahhahahahaha :) gud luck wanny

waNny said...

kak sue: thanks kak sue. nanti like fanpage tu eh. leh menang baju utk side terengganu. hahahah ;)

skieyn said...

canteknya gambar tunang tu.. bride to be to nampak mcm erra fazira *serius !
Good Luck..

"What's Hot is Gettin' Hotter" by CST & LYNDARAHIM KUALA LUMPUR

waNny said...

skieyn: heheheh .. thanks dear. ehhh .. mcm erra fazira? thats the first time i dgr :D hehehehehe .. GOOD LUCK TO U TOO :D

cutekatak said...

so sweet both of you..hehehehe
x sangka yang abg mie ni romantik gini rupenya..siap leh nyanyi lagu heheheh
tp saya doakan akak ngan abg mie menang contest ni...heheheh Amin...
mesti kak wanie wonder kan sape saya..hehe saya ni junior abg mie masa wakil negeri terengganu dulu..masa time sekolah..heheh

waNny said...

hai there,

hahaha . abang mie nye mood romantic tu ade time. ada time romantic ada time KO romantic die. hehehehe

aminnnnn ~~~ :D
:D thanks .. nanti like yer fanpage tu.. and suruh kawan2 pun like jugak. hahahahaha..

sniffa93_aznil4eva said...

salam sis,
first time datang sini..entry ni betul2 A to Z buat ifa tersenyum je..for me, ini la yg dinamakan jodoh. serious sangat sweet!

ni cst n lrkl baca pun mesti cair..haha

good luck sis!

visit blog ifa keyh..ouh ifa pun cuba nasib:)

waNny said...

hai ifa.

thanks sooo much! hehehehehehe :D

tuhs la.. Jodoh kan ;)

harap berkekalan sampai bila-bila. amin

Makiko Saba said...

So sweet... It is so good that you found your love. Good luck for the contest.

Come read my story :)

waNny said...

hai makiko.. thanks for the comment.. hehehe. amin and hopefully berkekalan ke akhir hayat.. :D

luvia said...

sweeeeet..gud luck:)

waNny said...

thanks luvia :D heheee

Sery Suryani said...

gud luck..=)
do visit mine..

waNny said...

hai sery.

thank u soo much .. and good luck to u too dear ;)

Ainee Cumi said...

OK! Tang sembur tu memang I gelak habis. Kalau I dah terkedu dah. Mau I suruh dia sembur balik air kat I. Heheheheh! Neway, sweet lah babe ur love stori.. ALL THE BEST BABE!

I pun B2B jugak. Have a look on my blog..=))

waNny said...

Ainee: hahahahahah. I mmg terkedu and malu tahap I tak tau nak ckp apa. Lepas tersembur air tu I nyorok bawah meja dulu sebab sakit+malu all at once. Dah la baru kenal kan! Hehehe ;)

All the best to u too babes ;) nanti I check out ur blog yeah ;)

Epa Zarifa said...

wah, menarik~~ good luck dear!!

waNny said...

thanks epa! :D

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Jom exchange vote nk? Mine is no 127. Also nk exchange link boleh? Do let me know at my blog. Tq :)

waNny said...

will do ayu ;)

Apple Sweet said...

Gud luck
saya dh voted

waNny said...

thank u apple sweet. sooo sweet of u :D

Sery Suryani said...

dh vote kamu pnye..
jom like 117 pulak..

waNny said...

hai there sery

done :D

piipo said...

sweet sgt esp part die nyanyi.congrats to both of u.n i dah vote utk u guys.good luck :)

Anonymous said...

--> will help u "LIKE" =)

Makiko Saba said...

I read yours before voting started.
Now I am here again, supporting fellow participants. Voted for you :)

Hope to see you reading mine (#40) and like them as well :)

znh shawls said...

da vote n follow kamu..gud luck!!

znh shawls said...

da vote n follow kamu..gud luck!!

waNny said...

wawa: thanks soo much dear ;)

makiko : sorry time tu i kt vietnam and i cannot vote for anyone! :( vietnam banned FB. sucks giler :(

znh : thanks darling :)