Friday, February 11, 2011

Critical Illness

On tuesday i met a new friend.

What i meant by a new friend is that

I only get to know her few months back

She told me that her dad have cancer

They knew it one week back

And they was hoping it was only the 2nd stage max.

But its was actually on 4th stage

She say that her dad did not look like having any illness

Nampak kuat

Cuma losing lots of weight

Cancer tu dari lungs

and dah spread to buah pinggang

while i was talking.

i say to her "but obviously its under insured right? Your dad mesti ada medical insurance right?"

and she look at me and say "actually. he doesnt have any medical insurance. he doesnt want to buy and pay things that he will never use"

I was shocked!

I just kept quiet and i say "thats what we Malay will say .. dont want to pay thing that they never use. and before this insurance tak ada savings. so its like you bayar and the money burned"

SHe agreed on that

And the part yang paling sedih is that .. Just for consultation they already spent rm 200

The next day they need to do a Chemotherapy and that will cost them RM 10,000.

And the medicine for one bottle that they requested is RM 40,000

So in one day they will need to have RM 50,000

Let me ask all of you one thing

How many of you have that amount of money right now?

And how many of you think that you can prepare at least RM 400,000 in 20 years time?

We can see even now, those who is very young dah kena all this critical illness.

Dont tell me that "i tak pernah masuk ward so i dont need the insurance"

You never knew what will happen in the future.

Chemotherapy you need to do once a month.

if let say for 4month, u need to spent RM 40,000 and thats did not include the Meds!

Dont say "im too young to get cancer"

Its all on the food we took.

Orang zaman dulu makan nasi+sayur and they get cancer at the age of 56

we ate mcd,pizza,kfc,dominos,manhattan fish market and thats why our age 27/28 we already get all this critical illness.

Why dont we took a precautions?

Just in case kan?

Anyhow. If you guys nak tau more on insurance

You can call my Comet - 019-9800014 (mie)

He's working with prudential.

Im not forcing nor i make up this story.

This is a true story

This girl is my mum friend nye daughter.

Go for precautions. jangan menyesal kemudian hari.

Now all of his children, dia suruh amik insurance.


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