Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lack Of Update

Sorry for the lack of update

Yours truly is bloody busy!!!

Wedding Preparation is 90% done

House Renovation is 70% done

Tisa 25th Anniversary is 80% done

Team building at Eagle Ranch Resort is 80% done


Soooo many thing!!

kalau wedding jer time nie dah goyang kaki and pergi spa

nak spa pun tak sempat

Julia lets go together!! hahahahahha


ms.freakout said...

you kena pegi spa at least 1x every 2 weeks..dah dekat ni plus i kan suri rumah sepenuh masa so of course boleh teman u..hahahaha...:))

ms.freakout said...

oh, btw i lupa i pakai gmail apa..terus sent je tadi..

it's me..Julia..:))