Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is why i am soo busy

Its Tisa 25th Anniversary ~!!!!!

So i need to organize a Carnival/Makan-makan

Call here and there. Ask for sponsor. Do a sponsorship letter. Went here and there to buy the coloring contest prizes. And banner and all .. o_O

And alhamdulillah. it all went very well i can say ;)

We went for the Ra-Ra Session.

What is Ra-Ra?

This is Ra-Ra
Tahan kereta orang and give out the contest form and free gifts!

Kacau orang tengah makan and ask them to come to Shell station and give free gift.

Make a havoc tepi jalan and ask people to come in my station!! hahahahha

We also held the V-Power Challenge

Where if you guess the amount of your full tank correctly. We will give the full tank for free! :D

Out of 52 participants. Only one get it correctly and get the free full tank! Yeay!!!

Congrats to the lady ;)

Owhs .. next to me is my ex-temporary TM :) Mr Harris.

He is such a nice guy. Very softly spoken. Everytime i talk to him. Rasa segan-segan. Boleh?

Then it came to the cake cutting ceremony.

we even sang "Happy Birthday Song" to the station. Can you believe it?

Hahahahhaa. It was bloody funny.

I cant remember who started it thought. o_O

How cool is the cake? *pats on the back*
masuk bakul angkat sendiri

Thats the main thing to do that day

Cake cutting

Left to right: Mr Soo (oldest TM! haha), Mr Jeffrey Maran ( our Retailer Regional Manager - Central), Me, My mum and Mr Ariff (our new TM)
p/s: TM - Territory Manager

Its been 25 years!

Yup.. 25 bloody years.

Ups and down.

Its 25 years

My ma always say to me "if you want, we can upgrade. gave up Tisa and take another location"

I'm the one who always argue with her about that

NO.. NO .. NO

Tisa is my other sister. It's been there my whole life

Since i was 2

I wont give her up.


Anyway.. This is our first and foremost TM.

Which is Our Last RRM before Mr Jeffrey Maran

Mr Fong Lai Pong :D :D

And this is our last TM before Mr Ariff. Cik Aziati -_-

27 Feb 2011. Happy 25th Birthday Tisa -_- <3

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