Monday, April 25, 2011

Countdown to my big day

Gosh. macam baru je semalam bertunang. And a day before couple.

But nope.

We've been together since 2006.

And dah nak setahun bertunang.

I always say that i tak nak bertunang lama.

Setahun. Thats a long way to go

Ramai cakap "ala.setahun. pejam celik pejam celik. dah setahun"


tapi dugaan nye

Hanya Allah yang tahu.

How many times i cried

How many times i nak END ALL OF THIS

Just stop

Stop it right there

before things getting worst

i have this one perangai that

selalu pertikaikan

selalu cakap "i WONT GET MY HAPPY ENDING"

and how many times i asked my best friend

"am i doing the right decision?"

"will i be happy?"

"will this be forever?"

Dalam masa setahun. So much up and down!

And when i feel like " Dah la. Dah tak larat. better stop here than menyesal nanti"

And i sit quietly

and think

and say to myself

"Where can i find a guy who love me soo much that can handle my ego. his ego is sky high but mine! planet pluto !! "

"who can actually handle my temper. and he been doing so for this past 4 years plus"

"where can i find a man who love me for me. and be there for me. tadahkan telingan when i PMS. let me be when im angry. keep quiet coz he know if he say anything when im mad, its just make the problem worst"


YES. Dia ada kelemahan die. HE IS NOT ROMANTIC!

YES. Dia ada kelemahan dia. He is NOT RICH.

YES. DIa ada kelemahan dia. He cant give me a CHANEL FLAP BAG.


I need someone that can give me all of his LOVE.

Thats all i ask for.

And yes. He's working hard to give me everything that i want.

And yes. Everytime dia dapat gaji. I will only ask him to belanja me makan.

Thats all.

I did not ask for a present.


bila merajuk or angry. i just want him to hold me

thats all.

I need him to be there with me. All the time. I wanted his attention all the time. I want him to love me. All the time

Then i fikir. why should i ask "if he the one?" "can he make me happy?"

YES. he can make me happy

He make me feel free

And yes. I'm marrying you in 18 days.

You .. My Comet


Aida Narina said...

18 days seems like 18hours babe! I can't believe that you are getting married in less than a month!! I'm so excited for you, for your future :) InsyaAllah..

waNny said...

Hahhahah.. Kannnn ... Pejam celik dah seminggu... I takuttttt ... Babe cuti jumaat !!!!! And tido rumah i ... Hahahahha

heaven's for A & J said...


i yang bukan comet pun rasa macam "aawwwwwwww"


waNny said...

Hahhahahahahhaha .... Ngengadeeeeee

aritlia said...

im lovin this sentence...

Where can i find a guy who love me soo much that can handle my ego. his ego is sky high but mine! planet pluto !!

am so excited for you beb...mmuahhh xoxo

I.Q.W.A said...

Cari laki yg boleh melayan kite tambah2 time kite PMS.. xsemestinye laki kaya je bleh bagi kita kebahagiaan
Semoga berbahagia

waNny said...

alya: its true kan. everytime tanye Afie "abang mie baik ke? " x pikir panjang adik aku terus jawab "BAIK GILE!" hahahahaa

IQWA: YES. I'm Thankful i met him :)