Monday, May 23, 2011

In perhentian

I'm in perhentian right now

Since yesterday

Will be home tomorrow.

I think I will reach subang jaya by night and the best part my lappie is at my mum house!!


There goes the possibility to blog tomorrow night

So yeah. At 8am will take the fast boat to mainland. 8am!! Bluerghhh

Then will buy some keropok lekor..

Anyone want?? :)

And keropok kering too :)

Today I went for a full day snorkeling and I'm tanned.

Picture?? To scared to bring my camera nor my handphone coz I have the imagination that the boat crashed and there goes my new camera! Haha

Ok. Need to sleep early coz tomorrow I need to woke up at 8am! Yes! 8am. Boring ..
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DaZzlingLilLy said...

cant wait for the breathtaking pic...bestnya u honeymoon kt sana..

waNny said...

heheheee .. pre honeymoon babe. honeymoon i kat bali. x tau bile lagi nak pergi :p