Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Solemnization

Date: 13 May 2011
Time : 3.30pm
Hantaran : 9 dulang balas 11

1. Sireh
2. Cincin + Mas Kahwin
3. Camera
4. Patchi Chocolate
5. Macaroons
6. Al Quran + Telekung
7. Fruit
8. Perfume Annick Goutal + MAC Make Up
9. Chanel PST and Chanel Ballerina

1. Sireh + Cincin
2. Blackberry and Tag Heuer
3. Gucci Belt + Gucci Wallet
4. Gucci Shoe
5. Baju Melayu + Diamond Kacing Baju
6. Quran + Tasbih
7. Macaroons
8. Godiva Chocolate
9. Fruit
10. Ted Baker shirt + Cufflinks
11. Gucci Perfume

Our preparation for the wedding is a year ago

So on the last month before the wedding .. me and my mum more to relax. Everything dah fall to places. all yang need payment dah bayar

A day before the akad ceremony baru la i start nak buat my hantaran. Coz before this xde mood. Then baru sedar that i need styrofoam.. so a day before akad tu siap pergi SSF Puchong to buy few styrofoam and few other extra thing

Lunch at Giant Putra Heights then straight buat hantaran. 11 hantaran it took me more or less 3 hours. Then orang pasang kemah pun sampai.

Bila relex2 .. Pelamin nye orang pun sampai nak pasang. That time dah around 8pm. Orang henna pun sampai.

Nasib baik time tu my friend dah ada berkumpul. my akad's bridesmaid. Aida, Julia and Alia :)

Thank You soo much to this three lovely ladies ;)

And mimie *my cousin* duk buat bunga rampai . yang lain setelkan hal lain *masukkan telur kat bunga telur*

My doorgift pun i dah setelkan petang tu masukkan chocolate. :) The doorgift is made by my mum herself. :) i means the bunga dip .

Doorgift made by Fatimah Satar

Then its time to pakai henna. Julia siap cakap kat i time tu "Wanny .. i suka time u pakai henna. u kene duduk diam. susah nak tgk u duduk diam" -___- seriously?? i think i cramp all over coz i kene duduk jer atas kerusi. xle jalan. xle tengok pelamin. xle buat apa.

but my bridesmaid are the best. why? coz derang amikkan gambar pelamin and show me what happen. how it looks like and so on. then derang keco "laju nye mimie nie potong bunga rampai.. " then nanti dengar derang jerit itu ini. hahahahahah

then we ordered dominos. my bridesmaid siap suap. sebab i berhenna. owhs. i hate that time. sebab rasa cam LEMAH gile! hahahahahhaa. becoz semua orang kene buatkan. dah abis pasang pelamin. they all ask me to walk to see. jalan cam orang baru lepas beranak k. ngan kangkang and slow gile. hahaha. cam dalam pantang. it was the best memories k!!!

sorry for the low quality.from BB. tetiba gambar nie suram kan! hahaha.

Then the part i rasa cam princess gile when Afie and Julia tolong buangkan my henna. Tgk julia siap bersila dalam toilet nak bukakkan henna i .. Aida pun bersila tp time nie die tolong tengok. and Alia lak tolong amik gambar and tolong excited coz it 12 am already!

my henna is freaking red and i love it to bits. Henna by Farlina Henna *u can search her in FB*

Pelamin by Mimi Bridal *u can search them on FB jugak* .. This is a last minute pelamin coz i actually changed my pelamin a week before the event! sib baik kak mimie cool and melayan jer. hahahahahahaha

I slept around 2am that night. and woke up quite late. Alia, Aida and Julia siap pergi beli breakfast and buah utk hantaran and i still in bed. Malas nak bangun siap Julia sound "weh u kawin today tau tak!!" hahahahahha *ok i have like 3 mak tiri's that day k!!*

then when i dont want to eat yet. semua bising2. hahaha. mmg gile mak tiri's k! and i thought im mak tiri enuff! rupernye there are worst. dear bridesmaid. wait for ur turn !! hahahahahha

So on that day. My MUA came at 1pm. My photographer came at 12pm :)

I was soo selebet time photographer datang k. ngan muke toya semua ada. coz time tu dah rasa letih dia. one year of preparation and it will end in this two days. that what i was thinking all the time.

By the time my MUA sampai. i naik atas and get ready. The photographer naik and cakap coz x banyak lagi make up so they want to go for friday prayers first. siap cakap kat my MUA "kak make up slow2 k." hahahahahah .. saiko ok!!!

My make up by Kak Mimi from Mimi Bridal too :)

I love her make up. Natural and sangat la rata. Flawless. And her charges are cheap. x macam all the famous MUA :) Seriously!!! The same person make up kan i time my engagement :)

So after friday prayers la i rasa i was super busy. orang call la. orang tanye memacam. my bridesmaid? sorang kalau mandi mau 45mins sorang lagi mak tiri naik turun tangga. sorang lagi dah makan die laggin. so Afie la jadi orang duk kehulur hilir. hahahahaha

3pm Sharp people dah datang. the groom side ada but tunggu tepi jer. sampai tok kadi masuk baru Comet's family came in and masuk

Look at the picture above! how nervous i am. i was sooo nervous. coz comet TAK TRAINING LANSUNG!!! Dia relex jer. xde training nak akad semua macam mana. dia cakap "relex jer on that day" dia punya relex sampai x le nak pakai butang baju melayu! hahahahahha .. funny k!

on that day dia sms me saying " Hati berdebar gile" at 12.56pm .. thats the first time dia cakap dia nervous.

owhs did u know i took his IC a day before. sebab i takut die tertinggal. so i hold his IC and put it on the table with all the form :)

then bila pihak lelaki dah sampai. i nak turun. but biasa lah ada yang macam cakap "ma x bagi turun lagi" which i was soo confused. end up i turun jugak. i was like "wtf tok kadi dah siap bagi nasihat to husband and wife and i cant go down ke?" *post mortem wedding when i talk with my mum she say she never say that .. she just told her friend do not disturb coz i know what to do*and her friend say that to me. pfftt!!!!

So anyway. My wedding outfit is by Lynda Rahim Kuala Lumpur

owhs i sooo in love with her touch!!! i suka gile gile gile nyerr .. everyone ask me is that my vision of my wedding dress? i say "NO.. i didnt design or give her any vision. i ask her to do for me which she think will be a beauty and will look good with my figure .. i only say i would like it to be baju kurung modern. simple but elegance. thats all "

So she said she want it to be ala-ala Serina Ridzuan baju akad nikah. the veil is heavily beaded and the dress is lightly beaded.

everyone adore her creation. alhamdulillah :)

The baju kurung

The veil :)

Then bila turun i can see my dad is listening to tok kadi tu cakap. about how the process will be. and Comet pun tengah dengar. He dont even realized i turun sampai la die rasa kain i kene dia sikit. but he did not see me.

Time akad nikah tu. im looking at my dad. dia nampak gugup and sebak while comet relex and ready. And comet lafaz nikah macam bullet train. sampai my mum cakap "mie nie.. x bagi chance kite nak sedih. dah sah dah" hahahahahha . it was really funny ok!! seriously. semua terkejut coz senang and betapa express nye kami! hahahahaAlhamdulillah sekali lafaz without the need to test/rehearse or try session dulu i am now his wife :)

The guest pun ramai. semua seronok with the food. lots lots lots of food. too many food my mum ambil. its like hi-tea but food memang banyak sampai tahap terlebih2. hahahaha

My friend or i can say pet-sister from vietnam came down with her husband and son. Dana and ramesh and Dhiren came for my wedding :)

they got the chance to menepung tawar and dana was very excited. habis basah baju i ngan comet. hahahah

owh my kain ada trail. and it really make me stress. sebab duk tarik2 kaiin tu tak nak kotor. siap kene gelak with my boss and comet :p nampak sangat bukan jenis ayu .. tapi alhamdulillah time akad nikah tu duduk ayu and boleh relex bersimpul *usually comet like to sit bersimpuh and i will be bersila! hahahah*

Dana menepung tawar us!

Then when everything settle and done. comet lepak rumah dulu and help out with some house chores before pergi jumpa parent dia.

I slept alone coz Afie tak nak tidur dalam bilik i ..

Alia aida and julia balik sebab rindu parent/bf and tunang masing2 .. hahahahahha

So left me,mimie and afie jer kat rumah tu :)

owhs did u guys know its my 2nd day menstrual on my akad nikah day. i wore like 2pcs of panties takut pape jadi! hahahahahah

and i was soooo blooody bloated!! tsk

but nasib baik it look good in picture! hahahahah ;)

My brother me and Afie :)

My chikas and azrai ;)

us! :D

after akad my face was soo happy and no more pressure or stress! hahaha ;)

the day i became his wife :)

the moment that i will always missed. boleh tak anniversary je nak dia kiss my forehead macam nie! hahahahahaha


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alahai...bila la nk kawen ni...

waNny said...

kaitmengait: hehehe.insyallah ada la time die tu :D