Thursday, September 11, 2014


Mak Aihs gile lama kan tak update.

Well too many things happen la. Thats for sure.

Let's RECAP!

In 2013 i took up a new challenge that been thrown to me.

To represent CENTRAL in HSSE ROTY.


HSSE - Health Safety Secure Environment
ROTY - Retailer Of The Year (lah sangat)

So yeah took up the challenge. Waktu awal2 kene thrown with the challenge memang lah i go "HELL NO!!!"

Gile ko. I means. u can give me a last minute EVENT. or anything to PLAN that is FUN.

But HSSE ROTY is something CRUCIAL!! SERIOUS Stuff which im SUCKS AT lah *____*

So i said let me think. Talk to my Ex TM - Aziati and Ariff. Both of them was like "come on Wanie we know you can do it"

Talk to my husband "its something different. go ahead and try"

Talk to my dad "if you think other people better than you. just think you are 100% more better than other people"

Talk to my BOSS "I already gave your name. I think you should go for it"

So yes i did it. I go for it.

So criteria for HSSE nie is

1. You really adapt to HSSE
2. CSR
3. How to increased your volume with HSSE

I actually came with another ideas which is

1. i want to do a emergency response kt area delivery. Which consist of fuel absorb and pasir in case of emergency or fuels overflowed.

2. to go to SRJK belakang station and to gave awareness on safety at station. Bebudak sekolah rendah nie kan suka berlari. and they will come to my sttn and berlari masuk kedai to pay for their parent.

3. Safety on edges. untuk bebudak yang suka main kejar2 dalam kedai. kan dalam kedai nie banyak gile besi. x pepasal kene kepala dh satu hal kan

4. Tab letak video on bahaya of pakai phone, smoke and on engine while fill in.

So my no 1 ideas kene scrap. derang tak suka. cakap xle pakai. so i come up with something else.

Well cut the story short, lepas banyak kali present depan Team on November i kene present depan GM and NSM.

FYI. i hate public speaking. i sucks in that. coz nervous gile nak mati. macam leh nangis.

and best part. cabut undi. mine was the second last !!!! SECOND LAST wehs.

Ada 6 representative - Central,east coast, northern,southern, Sabah and Sarawak.

Gosh. time tunggu tu memang la sangat sangat sangat sangat nervous.

I am an Introvert tapi semua tak percaya wehs like watafish kan!!!

Then time tengah present tu lepas present kene soalan bertubi-tubi.

So ada one time tgh jawab soalan tetiba my Boss (Regional Manager) sengih siap bagi thumbs up.

Boleh tak aku tergelak kat situ terus lupa nak jawab apa. bangang gile.

So dah setel benda tu ramai datang and cakap something different and orang macam anggap leh menang.

BUt i dont think so sebab nak menang kene ada increased in volume. mine tak wehs.

gile kot in 4months mana sempat kan~!

So kesimpulan. memang tak menang pun. hahahahaha. tapi happy lah sebabnya something different kan aku buat. and the stress tu Tuhan je tau heheheheheh

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