Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its been 31 months ..

Wahs .. its been 31 months .. hehehhe .. i cant believe it myself :p

Comet tetibe jer bagi this choc with boxes .. so sweet of him .. i did not give him anythingg :p

Sayang bagi keta tuhs la kat BB .. ok ?? *wahhsss .. ayatttt * .. sila jaga my ungu violet elok2 .. just like i had been this 5 years :)

Terkejut juga tetibe dapat :p heheheh ... its more on our anniversary actually .. dont get me wrong here :) comet would like to celebrate the V-Day .. i just not in the mood too .. too tired for all of that .. sorry :)

Anyhoo .. coklat tuhs ada yang ada nuts and gummies .. ok jugaa :) something special for special occasion aite :D

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